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  1. Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I know what that trailer looks like because I seen it there for a week. I never forget it. Now dealing with the insurance and state paperwork sucks. Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Right price and I'll part with my 28ft baha with twins 305.
  4. No gatlen was on vacation he had no clue who it belongs to. Already did the investigation with who all left that day. I was thinking it was someone who waa upset fishing sucks and left town early. There are no cameras. I was more pissed I was not left a sorry note then I was my truck was damaged.
  5. I would to thank the individual who scraped their empty boat trailer along the side of my truck at enrst lake breeze marina and causing 2000.00 worth of damage to my new f250. Here is the sad part. All you had to is go into the office asked who's truck it is and they would have called me and I would have told them to move the truck because I leave the keys in the truck just in case of situation like this. It was a older white cream color trailer with 2x6 bunkers. The plates said Ohio as the trailer was sitting there for a week. I will give a nice reward to to anyone with the info of the owner or if the owner reading this please contact me by pm.
  6. They stopped working about a month ago. Save your money
  7. 30lb maxima works great to combat fleas
  8. Well run tournament. Had a blast with team reel hooked up. Thank you to all the veterans who participated for your service. Job well done.
  9. Throw the temp out the window. I've taKen all my big kings this yr in the warm water. Smaller kings in colder water. You need to know down speed. Buy the probe.
  10. The good fishermen know when to move back and forth between the 2 lakes. I can remember 3 to 4 yrs ago when all the Cayuga guys were over on Seneca because the couldn't catch anything on Cayuga. Now that Seneca has practically been fished out and Cayuga has rebounded hope you don't believe guys are not smart enough to go find fish. Only the guys with none trailer able boats are stuck on their home lakes. We learned our lesson couple yrs ago and stopped post reports.
  11. All my bigger kings came on small spoons and all little kings came on mags
  12. Actually the kings are taking smaller spoon.
  13. I was out that night west of you in front of the pump house in 180 fow. Kings and cohos on the temp break. Hot spoon green dolphin glow tail and white green dot spoon.
  14. I know the feeling. Happen to me 2 yrs ago sucks big time.
  15. I eat banana, then cut one up on my corn flakes.
  16. Gator, white spoon with green dots, moon cricket, salmon viagra, glow tail green dolphin
  17. Just give me a pocket fishermen, some sponge and a can of beer. watch out boys I'll show you how to stream fish like no other. Watch out suckers here I come.
  18. I have ran copper up to 400 on the 22 boards with no issues. To the 44 are a big pain in the butt.
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