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  1. skin so soft works wonders for me
  2. looking at going to owasco tomorrow anyone have any reports
  3. nice boat look will like this baby she can handle the big pond
  4. thank you gentlemen i'll relay everything to him tomorrow
  5. a guy at work last yr replaced the water impeller on his boat. he say that when he trolls the therom still climbs and reads hot i know when i had this problem 2 yrs ago when i replaced the impeller solved my problem. does anyone have any suggestion.
  6. thats good as long as you have that slip on you at all times
  7. hey dont get caught using those minnows in cayuga if there from another body of water. with the vhs disease running around the dec asking ppl where they got there bait from and you need a special tap from the bait shop where they was bought at
  8. i went 6 for 6 today, all lakers, trolled spoons and couldnt get any to fire. switch the flasher and flies and then the fish started hitting tommy g and no see um worked good. had to go deep, deepest rigger was down 92 ft shallowest 75 ft. running about 2.3 mph at the ball.
  9. sawbellies will not be in most baitshop until the end of may when they start spawning.
  10. when is this tournament can i participate
  11. i came across this site today www.gpsdiscount.com from what i seen they have some pretty good deals. i was just wondering if anyone has ordered anything from this site. i'm looking at getting the garmin 398 sounder/gps. want to switch to a color graph.
  12. thank god i have a good wife. every time i look at a fish rod she tells me to get if i want it 10 trolling wait take that back 9 had a salmon ripe one off the boat this yr 4 dipsy 2 lead core 6 noodle rods 4 fly rod 4 ice fishing and a snoopy rod for the kids i take out when we go bobber fishing that does not include my wifes rods.
  13. i have a 20' starcraft i/o i run a 9.9 mercury 4 stroke with a short shaft. pushes my boat good. i run it in the finger lakes mainly. use the big motor on the big pond.
  14. i had great sucess with the sharks this yr what i did was paint some black on the top of one of the sharks where ever i put that weight i took most of my fish.
  15. i have the black box and i use it to neutralize my boat. i feel it works better for my aluminum boat. my friend with his fiberglass boat does not like to use it. says it does not work.
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