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  1. I have 2 Cannon Mag10's with 48" booms, dual rod holders and swivel bases. Each have new cable and releases. Asking $275/each or $500 takes both. Both are in good working condition. Just removed them from a boat I sold. Call me at 315-521-3817 or PM. Greater Rochester area.
  2. I have three (used) center rope tube style fenders, with ropes. The color is royal blue. All in good condition. $25/each. I work in Penfield and can make arrangements if you are interested. 315-521-3817.
  3. I looked at an old 65HP 3-cyl. Mercury Outboard this weekend. Mercury tells me it is from 1974 based upon the serial number found. The cooling system seems to be operating properly. A strong steady stream of discharge water, however there is a tiny amount of water seeping from the heads through the opening where the spark plugs are threaded in. This happens only in the top two spark plug openings. Is this typical of these older engines? Is this something to be worried about or will cost me alot of money down the road? I'm assuming that water is not getting into the cylinders, otherwise the engine wouldn't run, correct? Just curious. -Aaron
  4. I have 3 of these: 15 degree tapered rod holders with PVC inserts, open bottoms. Stainless Steel for 1-1/16" OD rail Can be mounted on horizontal rails or vertical rails. $50/ea Call Aaron at 315-521-3817 or PM me. I live in Phelps, work in Penfield. Can arrange to meet nearby or anywhere in between.
  5. I have two of these: Cannon Mag10A downrigger's with 48" booms. Swivel Bases New cable and releases (Black's type) - 2006 Double Rod Holders on each $250/ea Call me at 315-521-3817 or PM me. I live in Phelps, work in Penfield. I can meet nearby or anywhere in between.
  6. Hey Yankee... not so good news for keeping up with the fishing. It's bumming me out... but I gotta do it. I'm pretty sure I just sold the boat this afternoon. I didn't think I would sell it so fast. Good luck this coming weekend in Oswego. I'll see you in a few at Sodus.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, nobody was cutting me off, so don't worry about it. Hope you can get it fixed! How did you end up doing Friday night? What were you using?
  8. I'm usually monitoring 9 & 16. I did notice quite a strong current. I was in a white 21' center console. I noticed only 2 other boats in my area.
  9. Had the opportunity to get out after work until sundown last night. Headed north out of the channel to 130ft and worked that to 170 ft. Went 0-2 off the riggers. The 2nd nearly spooled all the line off - couldn't slow him down. Tightened up the drag just a little bit and pop, took everything with him below the swivel... a chrome/green e-chip with a howie fly, and a NK glow froggy slider. I have to beleive he went after the slider. I had to do alot of reeling to catch up to him. If somebody else catches him, there may be a bonus These were the first hit from a kings that we have taken on our boat after 2+ years of trying this. Felt really good, and was definitely worth the trip out, even if we didn't get anything to the boat.
  10. For Sale: 1995 Sea Ray Laguna 21’, Center Console Fishing Boat I hate to sell her, but it only makes sense due to the family commitments and renovations to our house that I am (supposed to be) working on. This boat is an excellent open water fishing boat, with lots of room to move around. Also perfect for inland fishing. This boat’s deep V-hull can handle the rough waters of Lake Ontario. I have had this boat in 5 foot waves on the St. Lawrence River and felt comfortable doing so (got wet, but got back safely). This boat has only 310 hours, well maintained fresh-water only. Specifications Overall Length w/ Bow Pulpit: 22’-8â€Â
  11. Congrats Rick on your Pro win!! Nice Score. Looking forward to being part of your team for Sodus... keep up the good work!
  12. I'd like to thank Yankee Troller for the awesome day of fishing. Did a half day charter with my father, Wayne and his son out of Wilson. Had alot of doubles and some triples too. Kept us on our toes, that's for sure. We kept 9 fish total, probably released just as many. Watch yourself around the kid. He has a tendancy to steel the pole right out of your hands! Double In The Net Nice Steelie!! The Keepers
  13. Made it out on the water by 9:30am, got set up heading west out of the chute, towards Maxwell. Fished 6-15 FOW making several rounds. Couldn't get anything to fire. First tried sticks off the boards and spoons off the riggers, concentrating on bright colors. Then decided to mix it up a bit when I started seeing clearer water. Switched to black and silvers, watermelons, etc. Still couldn't get anything to bite. HELP ME PLEASE!!! Anybody with some experience that is interested in going out of Sodus Bay on my boat to work with me on my equipment? I haven't been able to get much of a program going. On my third year of this type of fishing. Hands on help would be appreciated. Please PM me if interested. I'm available this Sunday morning (4/29) or other weekends in May. Thanks in advance!
  14. Anybody out there know how the ice condition is out of Sodus Bay? Looking to drop the boat in this weekend for some spring brown action.
  15. I hope this isn't anybody we know! From the Monroe County Fire Wire http://www.mcfw.com Lake Shore Firefighters Responded for a boat stuck in on the ice with two people on Buck Pond. The call originally come in as Round pond about a mile away from the actual incident. 2C-170 was on location with two people in a boat stuck in the ice about 200 yards of shore. Both people were removed from the pond with the assistance of two water rescue team members from Lake Shore. 2C-30 was command and 2C-50 was operations.
  16. Call Fowlers Marina. They also own Island View Marina, right next to Connely's Cove Restaurant. They have basic slips at Island View without power or water. I want to say that I paid somewhere around $650 last year for my 21 ft.
  17. I once caught a motorcycle or snowmobile windshield while fishing for bass in Irondequoit Bay in front of Seabreeze. Was several years ago, still a kid in my dad's boat. I couldn't believe that it made it up to the surface without breaking the line or the pole!
  18. It's gonna be Sodus Bay for me. I hope to venture a little farther east to Port Bay and Fairhaven too.
  19. Hello, my name is Aaron Newton and I live out in Phelps, NY. This will be my 3rd year of sportfishing on Lake Ontario, primarily out of Sodus. I have a 21ft. Sea Ray Laguna center console set up with planer boards, downriggers and dipseys. I haven't had much luck yet on my own, but learned alot last year fishing with Yankee Troller in the Sodus Pro-Am. Can't wait to go again this year. I love this site... lots of good information for me to put to use.
  20. Well, with only 6 weeks of winter left, I've got to get my stuff out and get ready for spring. There are a couple of things that I'd like to get opinions on. 1. Is there any special techniques or tools used for sharpening hooks? My initial thoughts are to use a flat fine file. Are hooks generally sharp enough out of the box? 2. Line recommendations for planer board setups. I may decide to get dedicated planer board setups so that I don't have to keep switching line from spring to summer. Would you use the same setups with riggers in the spring for shallow water fishing? Thanks in advance! -Aaron
  21. I've got a 2004 Ford F150 Ext Cab 4x4 with the 5.4L. It tows my boat, about 6000 lbs loaded, very nicely. I also towed by brothers 19ft. bayliner, fully loaded, from South Carolina to New York, through the mountains. Did very well on gas mileage for towing (about 15 mpg). I've never had a problem with the Ford and have no complaints about the service I've received. The 4x4 is great to have, especially on those wet, slippery ramps covered in seaweed.
  22. Anybody out there (on the board) in the Phelps or Newark area that does drywall work? Shortly, I will have 2 bedrooms and a hallway to be finished. Walls and ceilings. I'm thinking I might hang it, but I certainly wouldn't try to finish it. I've tried that before. PM me if interested.
  23. I'm a project manager for an architecture firm in Penfield. We specialize in healthcare architecture and do alot of work at the local hospitals. I am working towards obtaining my professional architecture license. By night, I am an active volunteer firefighter with the Phelps Fire Department.
  24. I'll have to find some way to rig up a tripod mount on the front of the boat, for my shotgun!
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