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  1. Keep in mind a four stroke engine's crankshaft rotates 2 times for each rotation of the camshaft and distributor. The timing marks have to line up when the engine is on the compression stroke. You can do this by way of watching the intake vale open as I said in an earlier post, or if you can bump the starter with #1 plug removed, you can feel compression coming up with your finger.
  2. You have to stop guessing. Turn the engine over until top dead center comes up on the pulley on the compression stroke. Also watch what way the distributor rotates. Once on top dead center, drop the distributor in so the rotor is pointing at #1. Then make sure the firing order coincides with the direction the rotor turns.
  3. Do you know which direction the rotor turns? If it's clockwise the firing order is correct. If it's counter clockwise, the firing order is wrong.
  4. Rotate the engine in the proper direction. Watch for the intake valve opening. Once it opens, then starts closing, continue rotating until the top dead center mark on the crankshaft lines up with the timing mark plate. The distributor rotor should now be at #1 cylinder. The missing shim shouldn't affect timing, but it could cause irregular wear on the cam or lifters. All this cam and distributor timing is pretty basic mechanic stuff. Nothing high tech about it. If the engine ran half decent with the bad cam, you shouldn't be having these problems if the job was done properly. I'd have to question your mechanic's abilities. Some motors oil pumps are driven off the distributor. If the distributor doesn't drop all the way in, you may have to rotate the engine some for everything to line up. Once it does drop all the way in, rotate the engine again to make sure all the marks line up. You will have to rotate the crankshaft twice to bring the distributor back to #1.
  5. They sell a jack plate that will allow you to raise that motor the 5 "s you need. It will set the motor back some, so you need to be sure your steering, throttle and shift cables are long enough. Here's a link. For a little over $100 bucks it's your simplest solution and you don't need to screw with the boat or motor. Everything stays stock. http://www.wholesalemarine.com/t-h-marine-hi-jacker-fixed-jack-plate-jp-4fa-dp.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwpZO_BRDym6K_nMye7cEBEiQAVA7RaKt7lEhbC8lm0o9MhII54JdhXvtXRPF0qMjx-vOeez0aAqmX8P8HAQ
  6. A bad cam is usually the result of the surface hardening wearing off. Once past the hardening, the lobes wear off very fast. Been quite a few years now, but I remember replacing a number of cams in small block Chevy's. Not sure on a compression check. What could happen is if the intake valve cam lobe is bad, the cylinder might not get the air in it to build compression. I guess it depends on what lobes are worn off. Wouldn't hurt to try a compression check. If it's good, I wouldn't hesitate to put a cam in it. You could pull the valve cover off and see what valves are affected by the bad cam. If you aren't getting any lift on the intake valve, then the compression check isn't going to tell you much.
  7. Huh? Yesterday you call the guy out, and today you post that you received payment two days ago.
  8. You probably have to reinforce the area under the track. It's probably only 1/2" plywood. Hopefully you can put an aluminum plate or another layer of plywood from underneath..
  9. I had a new 998 that was crashing on start up. I disconnected the GPS antenna and the unit started up and worked fine for sonar. H/B sent me a new antenna, and it's worked fine after that. Make sure your battery is fully charged, and wire the unit with a fuse direct to the battery. Electronics are very sensitive to voltage, and fuse panels, multiple connections, and such are susceptible for voltage loss.
  10. Have you disconnected power to it? Not shutting it off with the power button on the unit, but disconnecting the cable collector from the back of the unit. I've had H/B units go stupid on me due to low voltage, and they had to be disconnected from the power source before working properly again.
  11. This is more from an ad I saw about the tourney. Pay*Outs: Payouts will be calculated based on the number of teams that participate, roughly 1in 5. Entry fee for the i1 Baits Oneida Lake Walleye Open is $325 per team. This covers the main event and Lunker pool. Big Fish Friday is a separate paid event as are all Calcutta style side bets. Boat launch fee is not included in either price, however it may be added if necessary. *****$5000 first prize and $1000 Lunker Pool is based on fifty teams participating.***** $325 entry fee and up to $5000 payout. I was curious if it was legit, and what the final payout was. Haven't seen anymore info on it.
  12. That's why I asked about the results.
  13. 2016 Oneida Lake Open Anybody know anything about this tourney, and the results? Hello Walleye Fishermen. I have scheduled an Open format, team walleye tournament for Oneida Lake, Syracuse NY for May 21st, 2016. This event may be the single largest payout walleye tournament scheduled for Oneida Lake in 2016. Also planned in a "big fish Friday" for tournament anglers and several Calcutta side-bets will be available.
  14. If you are wanting a 4 stroke, don't compromise. Been there, done that. Landed up costing me more to upgrade to a 4 stroke afterward.
  15. Do you realize this post is almost 10 years old?
  16. They are Scotty extensions right? I'd like to have them and would gladly pay for shipping. Thanks, Ron DUH, I just saw "Scotty" molded on them!
  17. Someone told me 2007, but you had better check with Navionics to be sure.
  18. I have a Navionics Hotmaps Premium East SD/Prem-E3 VO6.19 SN000600491502 1GB This is a standard SD card and not one with a microcard. $75.00 TYD US
  19. You can tilt the outboard or I/O drive up a little, then push down on it to see if there's any flex in the transom. Obviously if you see some movement, that's not good. But no movement doesn't necessarily mean the transom is rot free. Best to hire a surveyor.
  20. I have 4 Penn 209 reels in very good to excellent condition for sale, boxes for 2. $115.00 shipped in the US. Paypal or USPS money order. I also have 4 Okuma Magda 27 line counter reels for sale in very good to excellent condition, with original boxes and extra handle. One reel has a tiny screw missing for the handle nut cover. $115.00 shipped in the US. Paypal or USPS money order. I would like to sell them as groups of 4. If I get a couple offers of 2 each, I may separate, but the shipping would be $15.00 a pair. Thanks, Ron
  21. I sure hope you get some good news soon. I had a new slide in truck camper that was a mess with water leaks and trim coming off. All I got was a bunch of excuses. Rather than send it back and have them repair it, I took it upon myself to fix it. Obviously welding an aluminum hull isn't a do it your self job. I've dealt with Bowers and always had a good experience. I'd almost think that if Bowers thought the factory was going to blow the damage off as owner inflicted, they would have explained that Tracker isn't great on hull warranties to you before shipping it back. The woman you spoke to sounded like a real doozy though. Hopefully when Bowers calls, she will have taken her meds that day!
  22. Has Bowers been able to provide you with any information regarding repair or replacement of your hull? Did Bowers pull the motor before they sent it off?
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