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  1. If you are prepared to dump 4K in an older boat, have it surveyed by a professional. Better to lose $400 and find out the hull is bad, rather than have 4K in a junk hull.
  2. Personally, I think I'd let Bowers do my talking until there comes a time you aren't satisfied with the outcome. It's the dealers responsibility to be the go between. I know you have to be anxious, but unfortunately this is probably the factory's busiest time of year.Some dealers would leave your boat sitting for a week or more for a service call. So it's not unreasonable for them not to have looked at your boat yet.
  3. Hope they take a look at it it and say, "Scrap bin, pull a new one off the line and ship it".
  4. Just curious, is it legal to keep the rack? Pretty sure in PA, the Game Comm will take it from you. You could pick up road kills, but had to turn the rack in. That was years ago, don't know if things changed or not.
  5. Buying it in Allentown leads me to believe you bought it from an independent dealer rather than BassPro. I think you have a lot better chance of getting the best outcome. The independent dealers livelihood depends on good customer service and return customers. They will fight for you if needed. With BassPro shops, that's usually not the case. Your dealer has already dug into the matter, BassPro would have probably put your boat in a corner and waited for a factory rep.
  6. Lowrance LMS 522 sonar/GPS for sale. Internal antenna. The transducer has been epoxied due the flange getting broken. Works fine, a little ugly. It takes the 200Khz model with the blue connector. I was using it with my Xi5 trolling motor ducer. I've got Garmin at the helm and want to simplify things with a Garmin up front. It's got a Fishing Hot Spots card in it. Not sure if it's just the east or whole US. $200 or B/O to your door in the US.
  7. I've got a Garmin Echomap 70DV, a 70S, and the GVC-10 box for side view, all networked together. They are touch screen and have the Lake VU mapping built in. I also have the Blue Chart chip for coastal waters and an Ontario Inland lake chip. With the new software to create and improve my chips, I'm good to go with Garmin. PS. Their GPS is second to none. Locks right on in my garage, where my previous H/B or Lowrance units would require me to pull the boat outside.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the Blue Chart models are US coastal waters, and the Lake VU are US inland waters.In January Garmin is releasing new units capable of creating and improving maps by recording your own waters. Free software upgrades will be available to certain older units to do the same thing.
  9. The cavitation plate should be even or close to the bottom of the hull. If in fact, you do have an extension kit on it now, it might also just have an extension on the driveshaft. You may not need to buy anything.
  10. A member has contacted me with one for sale. Thanks!
  11. I have a Cannon easitroll downrigger and need a swivel base. I had a WTB post up for a Cannon base, but the fellow that contacted me said his base had a 4 inch square bolt pattern. My base has a 2.5 inch bolt pattern. Plus my mounting bracket is only 4 inches wide. Looking at a Big Jon standard mount plate that I have, I would be able to drill my Cannon base to fit a Big Jon swivel base. So if anyone has a Big Jon swivel base for sale, please PM me with a price. thanks, Ron
  12. Shift interrupt switch? It kills the power to the ignition momentarily when shifting. As Hank mentioned, the shift cable sticking, would cause the shift interrupt switch problem.
  13. Thanks, I've got some of them. Didn't know if anyone was pulling spinners and worms.
  14. I'll be fishing the river on the Canadian side, from the bridge west to Gan starting Thursday. Anybody care to share what you are running off your BB's?
  15. Here's a source for spindles, and any other trailer parts you might need. http://www.easternmarine.com/Trailer-Axle-Spindles/
  16. I've got a Mercury Quicksilver prop 13.75x15 3 blade aluminum. It's as new, only had it on a motor once. It's a 4" flo torque hub model. I'd let it go for $100 plus shipping. PM me an email addy if you want some pictures.
  17. I have a 55# 54" shaft model om my Alaskan 1600. I think you should consider an 80# model for a 20 footer.
  18. I've used them, great product. If your D/R's have a clutch knob like Big Jon's, set it so it will pay out cable if you get snagged.
  19. I have no problem paying the fee as a seller. As a buyer and sending money as a gift, you have no protection at all. How many sellers would like to send the goods out to a buyer without getting paid ahead of time? Kind of the same deal. No protection that the buyer will send the money. I personally have sent goods before payment, and also received goods before payment. But there has to be trust involved.
  20. Thanks for all the replies. I'm going with the Convectors.
  21. Anyone have first hand experience, and which one you would recommend? Thanks!
  22. Is that the one for a 45 degree angle Sport track? The boat in the picture seems to have the 45 degree angle track, but the bracket isn't attached to the track, and the other side of the bracket looks to be a 90 degree angle? I have a 2013 Lund Alaskan with the 45 degree gunnel, so if you have any info on the bracket that shows it for that model, I'll take it.
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