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  1. NEIFC- North East Ice Fishing Circuit

    The tourney on Honeoye this weekend is on. Any questions feel free to ask or check out the website, forum page and facebook.
  2. NEIFC- North East Ice Fishing Circuit

    I have and will be fishing them all. If you didn't make it to Silver, Honeyoe isn't to far away. lol Along with the cash first place will be awarded two Striker Brand floatation ice suits. Valued around $450 a piece.
  3. Pro/Am Challenge Cup???

    I was told that Bob Cinelli collected them early in the season last year.
  4. NEIFC- North East Ice Fishing Circuit

    The tournament on Black Lake weekend is a go.
  5. Rich, Ill help cut up some fish again.
  6. NEIFC- North East Ice Fishing Circuit

    I just may need a partner for one. Ill let ya know.
  7. NEIFC- North East Ice Fishing Circuit

    If anyone is interested in fishing any ice tournaments this year check out the North East Ice Fishing Circuit. You wont be disappointed.
  8. West end pro ams

    No Niagara! Could it hit anymore of a rock bottom?
  9. Pro-Am Tournaments in 2013

    I don't know if i could handle a full day of Casey.
  10. wayne pro/am and open!!!

    There is nothing easy about putting 12 fish in the box. We only managed to catch 21 fish for the two days. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. Got to slippery sinker in Olcott. He should have them. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  12. Wilson Harbor Invitational 2012

    i know the event will stay at one day for now but I would like to see this event go to two days in the future. You guys say to keep it one day and be on your game. Someone can get lucky and find 6 fish for a one day just like they can find one fish for big fish friday. Obviously its not as easy as one fish but we all know it happens. Whats being on your game more then doing it for two days in a row?
  13. Man, why am I always the one getting thrown under the bus in the videos?
  14. best chance too

    It appears toe that almost everybody does NOT want open comm! My question is why was the rule implemented? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]