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  1. Dick's Sporting Goods in Horseheads have put their display fishfinders on clearence. 50% OFF. Lawrence Mark 4 $40, Mark 4 pro, Mark 5 $80, Mark 5 dsi $150, minkota 581 gps combo $175, Hummingbird 560, 170, & 150. I asked our Lodge Manager if all DSG stores were doing the same sale, he was not sure if other stores were doing it. Great way to add that second finder on the back of the boat. Tim
  2. I work at Dick's Sporting Goods part time. They are having their end of the year clearence for every department. They are getting ready for inventory and trying to move as much as possible out of the stores. There are really great deals if you look for them, they are not always on the clearence tables. I bought my daughter a pair of gloves for Laccross for $1.45 ($39.99). Got my son a new hockey stick for $8 ($149.99). Just before Christmas they had their hunting coveralls and bibs 75% off. People were grabbing these by the arm fulls. I am currently trying to get corporate to carry trolling equipment in the Horseheads NY store as they do not carry a very good selection of fishing other than bass.
  3. I am looking at targeting lakers on the Niagara Bar beginning in March. I see there is a ton of information out there and on here regarding fishing for them. Question that I have is, are you drifting with a 3 way swivel or trolling when your out on the Bar? Any information is appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  4. Not sure if they are called a seth green rig or not. I have fished with them for over 30 years in the finger lakes. Its a 16oz sinker attached to the mainline with 5 swivels. You add or remove your leaders using spring clips as you let out /bring in the main line. This way the main line with swivels stays on the reel. I have a Penn international but thats like using a winch and the Penn 49's are not capable (they get the job done with a lot of frustration) of handling the weight even if there are no fish on.
  5. Question for those of you who run rigs along the finger lakes. What type of reel do you use, that is capable of handling the weight of your set up? I have used Penn 49's for years and they can not handle the weight to the sinker and leaders even without a fish. I thought maybe my reels were old and purchased 2 new ones which were not much better than my older ones. Any insight that you can give? Thanks Tim
  6. Thompsons are known for floor rot. The odd thing is there is no drainage from any of the stringers. the foam was dry however, I was shocked at the lack of it. There are only 4 globs about 3ft long in the entire boat and only by the fuel tank (probably added suport and not for floatation. I think if this would have ever had a hole in the hull she would sink very quick. i have seen more foam in a row boat than in this. I will be using marine grade plywood. I am trying to do this correctly do I never had this problem again. I will be epoxying both sides and seams to all boards. after floor is installed am probably going to have the entire interior sprayed with a bed liner.
  7. Kooter, The fall king fishing had been difficult the last couple of years out of the Oak. I believe this mostly comes with currents and water temps being all over the place the last 2 years. One day you can fill the boat and the next day a rod will not move no matter what you do. July was a very hot month for the Kings this year and after that it really slowed down with a couple of hot days. I always start early for the kings and then head for the awesome steelie action that the Oak provides. Biggest this year was 17.04# spring loc steelie winner. I remember just a few years ago have 30 fish days for the fall kings however, the last couple years your throwing everything at them for a hit or two. Some people will tend to think it was just them however there were several other captains who had the same luck as us.
  8. I am aware there are several posts regarding floor repair however I have a different type of problem/question.. I am replacing the complete interior of my 25ft thompson. All of the floor suports and bulkheads are in need of replacement. When the boat was made, they had used 1" plywood wrapped in fiberglass for suports. The only thing that is left from the orgininal flooring is fiberglass shells (which are all broken) as the plywood inside had desinigrated. The entire floor and front cabin fit in 4 large garbage bags (this is what I mean by nothing left of orginal flooring).. The issue that I am pondering is how to attach the new suports to the hull without wrapping the entire thing in fiberglass (not willing to attempt to use screws into the hull). It is not as simple as using 2x8's or 2x12's like a deck as around the fuel tank there is 20-30in from top of the support to the hull. My thought was to use 2in angled alluminum, fiberglassed to the hull. Then use 2- 3/4 marine plywood (screwed together) due to the 20-30 inch distance and bolt the alluminum to the plywood. Then use 2x8's for braces between the stringers for added suport and strength for the floor. I had thought about stacking 2x12's however I think the weight will be to much.. The only section that I have found that does not have any issues are the bilge and engine suports. Any ideas or thoughts? please let me know.
  9. The water at 10 am was only 2-3 inches below the top of the wall and they were estimating that the river will cret another 1-2 ft by later this after noon. This is much worse than the flood in 2006. I work in a state office building it has only closed down 3 times since it began, 9/11, flood of 2006, and today. Not ure if we will be open tomorrow either as they have directed us to call the emergency hotline tomorrow morning..
  10. I just saw pictures of the Gander Mountain in Binghamton NY and they will be closed for a while as the water level is up to the roof! They just reported that the susquahana river just went over the wall on Court Street..
  11. I have made several purchases from there. They have a good selection and great prices. They are a great people to deal with.
  12. Gotta bite, Thanks. the rigger was a digitrol II so no warranty. I do had a spare rigger with a bad motor, so I will retro-fit it to a digitrol.
  13. You will never turn a profit by fishing, The cost to catch this fish out weighed the potential winnings. fuel $450 4 moon shine lures $40 Lodging $260 food and beverages Who knows And last but not least a Cannon Digitrol that shatter. I was standing next to the rigger and all of a sudden it sounded like a shot gun went off. The rigger broke in half. The housing around the wheel broke in half and it went into the water with the boom. It took 2 of us to hold the boom and one person to wind it up. I thought at first we had hit bottom but we were at least 20ft off the bottom. I believe that there was a crack on the base frame and it just decided that it was time to come apart. Like one of the guys on board said boat stands for Break Out Another Thousand. I said I must have the upgraded version of Boat. I must have the BOA 5 T Oh well if we were doing this for a profit we all would be in line for soup...
  14. Thanks guys, The odd thing was we hit those 4 fish within 15 minutes. We ran to the weigh station and return back in the same hole and never had another rod move. Return back there the next morning and went 4 hours until we hit our first fish. Had 3 break offs and one grabbed copper and fly ripped out and let go.
  15. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: reel awakening ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 4/30 Time on Water: 43 Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 20 Total Boated: 16 Species Breakdown: steelhead, browns, coho's and lakers Hot Lure: moonshine/stinger Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: Here is the picture of the leading steelhead. I posted the fishing report in Tournament talk. Very short summary. We hit the shallows early and took a few browns and cohos. Moved out deeper and hit 4 fish quickly. landed 1 8lb laker. then hit a double of lakers. rest set the rods and the this steelie hit the rigger and took off. After a brief fight he hit the deck and we raced to the weigh station. Offical weight was 17.4# ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
  16. After dealing with engine troubles Friday (didn't think so much can go wrong with boat in storage, IE plugs, thermostat, impeller, fuel filters, and still not running up to full power), we were able to get out on the water first thing saturday morning. Decided to change our orginal plans and fish close to port as the boat did not want to get up to full power. We hit the shallows just west of the Oak and just trolled along the shore. Hitting a few coho's and browns nothing too exciting. decided to head out deeper for the kings, when another captain called me to let me know he just hit a 20+ laker (no one on his boat was in the derby, so it went back in the lake). I head out there and didn't have a rod trip for an hour. Then hit a laker around 8 lbs, reset the rod and took a double on 10 lb lakers. Reset the rods and the rigger popped and pulling hard but not stripping line. My mate had only caught a couple small coho's so I handed him the rod thinking it was another Laker. Just as I handed him the rod, it came to the surface and took off screaming. When I first saw fish, I said nice king. once it got closer I noticed it had a nice red stripe on the side of it. Holy Crap that is the biggest Steel head I had ever seen. Got in the boat and put it on the BOGO and it weighed 17.8 pounds. I told the guys that was money and lets head to the weigh station.. Offical Weight was 17.4 pounds @35".. This fish just came out of the creek in the last few days. He was still dark with the red stripe, hooked jaw, and milking.. I will post some pics once I get them emailed to me. I was the one who took all the pictures on the boat and for got to take one with my camera.
  17. with no boat and wanting to fish for salmon, I think you are out of luck until the fall when they run the rivers. You can fish now of peirs and shore lines for browns.
  18. Not sure if anoyone had posted this or not. Many of us over the years have known Joe and Shirely from their website www.attheoak.com. I know I have used their site for the update fishing reports. I know many of you had the extreme pleasure of meeting these great people. Their family are in our thoughts and prayers. As posted on At the Oak website. Friday, April 8, 2011 It is my sad duty to inform all of the "At the Oak" readers that Shirely has passed quietly to meet Joe on their new Searay Amberjack. I am sure he has been waiting for her to drive the boat over those big salmon they will be catching for all of eternity. You will both always be in our heart and minds. I will do my best to continue to provide you with the most up to date fishing information at the oak in Joe and Shirley's honor..
  19. Floatfisher, I had heard that a stream between ithaca and elmira will be getting thier fish on monday. You can always call the DEC and become a volunteer to help with the stocking and they will give you the scheduled dates. Captain Tim
  20. We need the trail blazer because it seats 7 (5 kids and its paid off). With a state hiring freeze neither my wife or I can relocate closer. We both could work 10 miles from home if we could transfer. Oh well What can we do.. I really hope those don't know crap politicians do not act on the miliage tax. If that happens we both may have to quit our jobs. Combined we drive over 100,000 miles per year and that is just to and from work. I got my car inspected on 9/1/10 and it had 111,000 miles, currently I it's at 159,000 and still going. Like I said I am looking for a 4 cyl just to get back and forth to work. I do not want to add on a car payment. tim
  21. Thanks Paul for the info. I have a couple of guys who want to fish it. I guess we will be going for our first pro series.
  22. Can someone tell me what the entry fee's are for the 2011 Pro-Am. I look at the site and all it gives me the additional $150 for the east/west cup. Thanks in advance.
  23. I am looking for a cheap 4 cyl car. Does not need to be fancy, but must run. I am tired of these gas prices. My wife drives 160 miles and I drive 150 the other direction. The old trail blazer is drinking way to much fuel. We are now hitting the $1500 per month range just for the cost of gas. Let me know Thanks Tim.
  24. Thanks I will take a run down there. My father will actually be in town this weekend.
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