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  1. PM Muskybob here on the board. If anyone can give you some good tips he would be the man. ;)

    MUSKYBOB on here but also known in Oswego area as "MUST -GO-B-FISH_-BOB " he's the man you wanna talk with. I encourage you to send him a PM ;)

    He's a legend even has been known to do seminars at BP in Auburn.

  2. I read the article in the D&C today about this and he said all the right things except he was lying :o . Really he thought Bufalo was a nice place to live ? He would rather live in Buffalo than Houston? That's like saying I would rather live in Rochester then Miami. Come on he came to Buffalo for one thing why didn't he just say it? They had the most :cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash: to throw at him! If he really wanted a chance to make to the SB he would have stayed in Houston, if not for injuries to their QB and arguably the best WR in the NFL they may have just made it there.

    Good signing for the Bills though because it could bring in more players. I still can't freaking stand them :devil: though even though I am from Rochester I "have to like" them

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