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  1. Are you trying out of Sandy Creek in Hamlin or near the Salmon River? The Sandy in Hamlin is littered with lakers.

    Cowbells and Spin n glows or peanuts is the number one producer for lakers. Spoons and flashers and flies will work but it will not out produce the proper art of dragging cowbells.

    "Littered" is the perfect word Brian👎ðŸ¼ðŸ˜†

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  2. Thanks for the reports guys. Heading out tomorrow for an afternoon trip probably. Glad the flies aren't bad still they were killing us the other day😡Brian I missed you on Wednesday I saw a boat heading south when I was setting up in 200 but you were to far off to recognize it was you. Almost sent you a text that morning too. 😡🎣

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  3. Nice going there Tom!...found all those kings everyone has been running over on the way to the Flemish Cap..lol!..100 boats will be inside of 60 FOW tomorrow. Haha! J plugs time!

    Cent frum my notso smart fone

    Thanks Mark. Not sure I "found" them as much as they found me :lol: . There was a few boats today that all seemed to stay inside but It was totally different today. It was ice cold and no fish around, for me at least. I worked the same area and never moved a rod other than from one holder to the next :P. Trolled out to 220 looking for some fish and all I marked were fish sitting on the bottom :doh:. Off the water by 10am

  4. Decide to fish the derby since I have had 2 fish that prob would have won me $ but wasn't in the derby over the summer. So I had a couple people throw me some tips last night. One was Brian Gamble who told me the browns were in tight 20' of water and try in there maybe get on the board and the other was Lucas Falkner who said he a great night the day before in 300-400' straight off wautmoa shoals. So we decided we would troll the 20-40' water down to the shoals and then head out deep.


    Got 2 smallish browns and then the rest was a great king kinda day :yes: Never went deep (the ole saying "don't leave fish to find fish" stayed in my head :lol: ) we stayed inside 45' the whole morning with 37FOW being the best. Riggers at 14,16 and 30 with lines back 75-125' took fish as did the 5 color which took 2 fish including the biggest one that almost spooled us of our backing :o  


    Ended up with 5 kings 13,15,21,23 and one that almost made the board at 25.8 when we weighed it in about 3 hrs later. Lost one decent brown but other than that it was a great morning of fishing.


    All these fish were caught on Bobby Fullers Finger Lakes Tackle Spoons that work great and hold up unbelievable to the beating they can take. The  AK 47 UV Glow, Ice Cream Sandwich Glow UV, Bank Breaker Chartreuse  HV and the Dragon Fly all in the standard size took fish. These things took a beating today. We had 2 of these kings that had the entire spoon in their mouths and they looked like they hadn't been touched.


    Out again tomorrow solo looks like though so that should be some fun netting :shake:


    As evidenced by the last photo it was a blood bath :lol:







  5. I observed for the first time this weekend.  I did it both for the experience and to help out a buddy who has given me some great fishing opportunities.  My pay was perfectly acceptable, covering my gas and expenses for the weekend with enough left over to pay my share for the upcoming Sandy Creek Shootout, grab some BBQ on the way home Sunday and have a little extra spending cash.  You will not get rich doing this.


    What was invaluable was getting to meet a great bunch of guys, watch them fish together as a team and compare with my previous (and limited) personal tournament experience.  I've fished last year's Shootout with Jolly, this year's Wilson Harbor Invitational with Silver Fox and I observed Make the Turn at this weekend's Oak Orchard Open.  I've learned quite a bit from each of them and appreciate having been given the chance

    Same reason's for me Bob well said :yes: :yes:



    On the other side ....back in the days of missing plugs,stuck horns, and pink towels,I have heard some stories of sick observers and the mess they leave behind...he he ..so the guys with nice boats and big money on the line want someone who is reliable and has sea legs....Kinda like to oll" ya get what ya pay for"...but most teams will let observers pre fish if they have tight lips so yer fishing on a boat that might cost ya 600.00 plus for a charter,,, so maybe the observers should pay..........just kidding ....a lot can be learned in a weekend..

    What is this throwing up stuff you speak of :D :grin: :D :grin: :D



    I observed this past weekend for the 1st time for the Oak Orchard Open for Lucas (Make The Turn) on Scott's Silver Fox boat and having fished a couple Pro Am's back in the day (Team L.O.U.S.E.R.S :puke::rofl:) and competed in the inaugural Sandy Creek Shoot Out, I am not sure I would ever want to observe again. It's TORTURE!  You sit there and can't help, touch a rod or a fish... nothing. I found my self squeezing my hands to make sure I didn't grab anything :sweating:. As much as I enjoy watching others catch fish on my boat or with others on their boats, to not be able to do anything is just crazy :doh: . When we were done on the 2nd day I stood up and Scott said " OK Tom you can grab a rod and reel in it in now"  :D  :D  :D  :D .  I did learn some stuff when It comes to cut bait fishing having done very little of it in the past so that was a plus. Having known Scott for a couple years now but having never fished with him, meeting Gary Begy and learning some stuff from Scott and Gary was a bonus on top of what I was paid.


    Scott and the rest of his guys were more than accommodating to me knowing I had a daughter giving birth at any moment, having to work all night sat after observing all day and then be back on the boat by 5am on Sunday knowing I would be tired and making sure I was comfortable on Sunday when It was colder than we all thought :rock: :rock: :rock::yes: .  I would say being on a boat with a lot of room to move around and much more comfortable was nice.


    As far as the tournament goes, GREAT JOB! The meeting the day before was quick and covered everything needed. The weigh in was quick. The fact that you fished until 2pm but didn't have to be in line for the weigh in until 3:30pm was nice too so you didn't have 37 boats all rushing the pier heads all at once and if you wanted you could travel a ways a away and not have to pick up early and screw back in.They had computers with a large screen monitor so you could see what was going on during the weigh in which was something I remember I didn't like the way it was done at the Pro Ams I participated in.

  6. Ray that's funny


    Chris, no I am NOT annoyed with "details" if it pertains to reporting on the fishing, just seems like it's getting a little ridiculous on here at times with the useless stuff like I deployed my>>>>> enter rigger/line/rod/reel brand stuff that doesn't need to be posted in the "FISHING REPORTS SECTION" . Put that stuff in the tackle section if you wanna talk about how good the stuff is!! I know being a rec. fishing guy that has less then stellar top of the line equipment at my disposal like as $150-200 reels and $1,000 downriggers and crazy a$$ expensive track systems and that's what we would pay not the "NASCAR errrrr guys plugging all that pay and YES I do realize charter guys really can't get by with LESSER STUFF because of the wear and tear they put on their stuff year in and year out compared to a guy like myself, but I have also been fishing this lake since the early 1980's having flat lined for browns with ANDY REEKERS (plug plug :lol: ) in 14 foot row boat back in the day (while holding onto the fishing rod with my hand) to having hand crank riggers to my "new" electric scotty's (that were 6-8 years old when I got them like 10 or more years ago :o and when I needed a part for it the guy at Scotty said "wow those are old ones" ) When we go onto this site looking for some info when maybe you have not been out in awhile or are planning a trip soon and want to know things like where, and what's working as far as lure, speeds, depths and those things and that's really all we are looking for and we get all the needless (in my humble opinion) info as to what riggers, type of copper/wire/ brand, reel/rod manufactures ect. ect. they used is a needless. If that info was needed to help locate/catch fish it would be have been put in the top part of the post by THE MAN CHAD aka BLUEEYE ( http://www.BlueEyeDesign.net THERE YOU GO CHAD :lol: ) with all the other stuff. I don't want to see just the as you stated the "fishing is great 20-22" (which would be a great day by the way :yes: ) That's the kinda CRAP (again in my humble and most others I have talked to) opinion that is being posted on the useless tweet instant report page a lot > most of the time :no:

    The actual fishing tackle such as lure brand,color and size, I am all for :yes::yes::yes:. That's the stuff that helps us out and if you wanna tell a little story as to how the day went then that's a bonus and usually a good and a lot of times a funny read especially when I am out tangling lines :$:lol: go for it.

    To tell you the truth I like the pics that Carl Bish has been posting of the Moonshine tackle he's been using partly because I don't know the names of most the Moonshine stuff and it helps with a visual and partly because it helps others like myself that are to stupid (in my case :o:$:lol: ) to remember all the names of the lures all the time and what they look like. Big props on that :yes:

    Great site and love goes out to all that post reports and HELPFUL info on here :*


  7. One thing I should have started out my report with should have been "I would like to thank"

    Ray I'll try to answer some of those questions in hopes that they put fish in your boat too:

    Not sure of the brands of clothing worn by Andy but he was wearing a light sweatshirt with a zipper and had the zipper unzipped at the beginning of the morning when the bite was hot but did remove it and the bite slowed :wondering:

    Rod holders were TITE LOC, for the rigger rods and I did move them a few times into the actual SCOTTY DOWNRIGGER holders and the down and out rods were BIG JON the dual ones not a triple or quad.

    Hooks very depending on lure manufactures and some that I have changed out. Shawn aka FX and I have noticed that the MOONSHINES seem to have really sharp hooks right out of the package (how was that Carl :yes: ) I have been sharpening them more and more though but I am not sure what brand the sharpening stone I have been using is I will try to find out :yes:

    The 9 volt batteries I use are either DURACELL or EVERREADY brand. I have had luck using both. The Ray (K) O Vac brand work well too

    As far as the fish I believe they were all US stocked because they were not stupid like the idiot blow boater that had a big freaking Canadian flag flying from his P.O.S

    Briefs were FRUIT OF THE LOOM tighty whities and I was having great luck with the white and green lures, but with that being said I have heard that Mark aka SKIPPER19 wears VICTORIA SECRETS PINK G STRING ones on his boat and they seem to work well :lol:

    My bad Matt I didn't know the rivet brand we used but I am positive it made some sort of a difference. Other brands may have stuck out a bit more and caused some drag and turbulence that would have had a negative affect on the fish.

    WWII they are not free range. They are nasty, dirty, piled on top of each other and fed low doses of mercury :lol: .

    One last thing that slipped my mind (it was like 2am) was that the kicker motor was tuned by "the boys back in the shop" Hank of L&M MARINE REPAIR (sorry Hank :( )

    Fishing reports = winning NASCAR driver interviews now :lol:

    Anything else I can PLUG (and not get compensated for with free stuff) that WILL DEFINITELY put fish in your boat just let me know.

  8. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: FISHINMAN




    Date(s): 7-11

    Time on Water: 6:30-11am


    Wind Speed/Direction: 7-10 west

    Waves: 2 foot down to 1 foot

    Surface Temp: 72

    Location: port of sandy to nose

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 17

    Total Boated: 14

    Species Breakdown: Kings, steelhead and ho's (not the ones Skipper19 meets at the truck stops either :o:lol: )

    Hot Lure: NK super Glow NBK (mag) NK white/green w/ dots (as a slider), Moonshine Carbon 14, DW moon cricket ( as a sliderslider) (gotta give all the companies a shot :lol:) Flies: ITO Kj special and Disco ball also took fish

    Trolling Speed: 3.5

    Down Speed: 2.5-2.75

    Boat Depth: 110- 145 (best was 115-125)

    Lure Depth: 45-75




    Took a total newbie that works for me out to give it him a shot at fishing. When I say total newbie I mean never been on a boat other than a cruise ship and had never been fishing :o:(

    Met him wearing my TOMMY HILFGER SHIRT, LEVI BRAND SHORTS and NIKE SNEAKERS at the lot in my GRAY/SILVER 2009 TOYOTA TACOMA WITHA 6 FOOT BED at 6:15 and launched about 6:30 :( . Headed out of port and could see the waves way out in the distance because I was wearing my RAY BAN GLASSES with LENS CRAFTER LENSES :o and since I saw the DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE newspaper paper and every other lousy wave forecast report said "a foot or less" I was a little shocked to see the 2+ foot rollers coming from the west and with my little 1994 BLUE AND GRAY 19.5 FT SEA NYMPTH WITH A 90 HP EVINRUDE MOTOR or as Ray K would say "Tin Can" I ran about 1/2 throttle out of port a little northwest and gave him the wheel and told him to just keep it straight which he did :yes:

    Set up in about 90 foot of water and set out my DIAWA HEARTLAND ROD and DIAWA SEALINE REEL with MALIN WIRE at 240 and my SCOTTY DOWNRIGGER at 75' where I found decent temps on the MOOR SUB TROLL 900 and put out the NORTHERN KING NBK and the white/green w/dots as a slider using SPRO SWIVELS. I had decided rigger one was gonna be the green side :) . As I was getting ready to put out the TRILENE 30 LB BIG GAME line on the other SCOTTY DOWNRIGGER, the 1st SCOTTY DOWNRIGGER fires and I grab the 8' EAGLE CLAW ROD and hand it over to Andy who I remember at this point is left handed and after watching Shawn/FX friend in his boat last week who was a lefty I realize this might get ugly :lol: but he did a great job all morning (a little jerky/twisty) and we get a teenge king HIS FIRST FISH EVER :clap::clap: on the NBK. I reset that rigger again and move to the 2nd rigger just as that gets down and I am grabbing my 2nd wire rod to connect the LURE JENSEN DIPSEY DIVER the rigger 2 fires with the MOONSHINE carbon 14 and we get a decent 4-5lb steelie on the slider that had SEAGUAR 20LB FLUOROCARBON which was on the moon cricket. Reset again and the "green side" fires again! Well this took place back and forth for about and hr+ after checking the time on my APPLE I-PHIONE. ANDY going 8 for 8 :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: and ME going 0-1 ;(:$ (had a steelhead do 2 somersaults and spit it :devil:) After finally getting the 4th rod in the water we had made it about to the nose and started to head back over that area and the wire finally goes with a nice steelie of about 8lbs on a ITO KJ SPECIAL FLY behind a DREAMWEAVER green dot spin dr. Lake had flattened down to the 1 or less at this point and we picked a few more fish but it had slowed from the constant, set-hookup-net-release-reset we had been doing.

    We trolled using my JOHNSON 6HP kicker running on HESS GASOLINE into about 65fow and I am pulling lines and as I am reeling in the wire with the ITO DISCO BALL I get a steelie to hit it as I am reeling it in. Never had that happen before on the wire. We no sooner get that fish in the boat and the final pole left in the rigger hits and as we are fighting the fish there is a blow boat heading directly west and I look over and notice the damn thing is about 30-40 feet from us and the dope driving is not actually driving it he's got his back to us and sitting to the side not even near the wheel. I start to yell at the f-ing moron and he jumps up and runs to the wheel to turn away a bit this being after I had turned my boat north.

    The craziest thing that happened was me talking to Brian aka Gambler who had come out a bit later to fish with his wife and said he had "come out and started farming" :rofl: I talked to him when I was heading in and he said he had stopped farming for the chickens because he couldn't get them to go :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o words I never thought I would hear :) Talk to Brian Skipper19 he's become an expert on them :lol:

    Well I have done all my plugging of equipment on the south shore "FISHING REPORTS" page! A lot of that useless info should help you get fish on your next trip.


    This is the steelhead that whacked the wire while I was reeling it on. Had both treble and trailer engulfed in it's mouth and bled every where spraying blood all over my boat as you can see it was like a murder scene in my boat




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