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  1. SO........................Let me get this straight................If I am catching fish on a #2, 150' out on the port side, I need to go home, measure my line, compare it to my counter, replace/adjust my backing, re-spool my wire, make a chart, find my old chart, develop an alge-a-brayic formula, calculate the product, calibrate the reels with each other, then set the starboard dipsy?

    ..............retired plumbers have way too much time on their hands, I just put the other one out at 150 and troll in a "S" line!!!

    Carl that makes too much sense. So if I call somebody else out fishing the same area and he's catching fish on his wire out 210 lets say on a #2 and I set mine at the same thing and also catch fish then both our reels are off the same amount?

    Carl can you strip all the 1 year old line off my reels when you redo yours and buy the new wire too.

    Ray :P:*

  2. brain was a little foggy.


    As evidenced by calling people "Ray" instead of their real name :lol:

    Carl nice report glad to hear you got into them. I actually had the purple nurple in my hand at one point but Shawn only likes to run sissy a$$ Baby Blue colors on his boat now :o;) thought I would be mocked if I ran something with the name "Purple Nurple" or he would just throw it over board when I wasn't looking on the FISH FX boat :D

    Jeremy when you gonna post the pic of your boat on the water that "Mr. Kodak Moment" Shawn was taking and getting in my way while I was trying to re-set 3 lines on my side of the boat and the "Moon was rising" :mooning:

  3. One of the old time guides from Canada used to eat garlic sandwiches. Yuk, but it works.

    Maybe just rub some garlic on your ankles?

    The pink thing might work. Mark told me they don't bite his a$$ when he's out with just his 2XL pink g-string undies :lol:

    bought myself a therma cell to give it a try next time out I'll keep ya posted.

  4. :wait: Who the hell is Ray :wondering: ? His name is Jason :nod: but your close they both have an "a" in there name. What were you :smoke::beer::drunk: or was it the gas fumes you were smelling

    The "Richard Simmons" didn't get in the water for very long and should we talk about the sissy a$$ baby blue thing you were running :thinking:

    The Pinky Tuscardaro that Bobby Fuller painted up for me :yes: did take a fish and another shot then Mr. anti pink Shawn decided to help me get a line untangled from wire after we landed a fish and then it mysteriously fell into the water :( oops :wondering: If you are looking to have some lures painted Bobby did a great job of matching mine up for me :clap::clap:

    Carl to darn hot for a hat ;)

    Great day on the water :yes::yes:

  5. Anybody ever try this stuff http://www.greenheadfly.com/Greenhead.html?

    Is this product only for Greenheads?"-NO!

    Even if you don't encounter the "Greenhead Fly" in your particular area (count yourself as lucky) our product will be just as effective on whatever insect you DO have. It works great on Stable Flies, Mosquitos, Fleas, Ticks, No See Ums, Deer Flies, Chiggers, Gnats, and more! Remember, because of their large size and weight, greenhead flies are just about the MOST resistant insects to ANY repellent. The fact that our insect repellent is so effective on the "worst" insects (greenhead flies), should indicate how how effective at repelling insects our product really is. Nothing that we have tried previously has ever had the slightest effect on them. This is why many of the coastal municipality governments have purchased it from us (and the coast guard as well). Feel confident-if our insect repellent works on these greenhead flies, it will be just as effective on whatever insect problem that you have in your area as well-Stable Flies, Mosquitos, Fleas, Ticks, No See Ums, Deer Flies, Chiggers, Gnats, and more!

    I was gonna get it and give it a try :wondering:

  6. Nice fish :yes: I saw you out there in 220 fow and we said that guys nuts. I had a neighbor that lost his brother unfortunately to the Big O while out Kayaking years ago ;( . Never found him ;( Sounds like you are very careful. Be safe out there and I will keep my eyes out for you. Let me know when you are going out again and if I am out there at least we can keep in contact :yes:

    By the way shoes are ok with me

  7. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: FISHINMAN





    Time on Water:6AM-12:30PM


    Wind Speed/Direction:

    Waves: NONE :yes:

    Surface Temp:


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 15ish

    Total Boated:10

    Species Breakdown: small kings, ho's, 1brown, 1 laker :devil::wait: needed an Atlantic for the super slam


    Trolling Speed: 3-3.5

    Down Speed: 2.2-2.7

    Boat Depth: 115-350

    Lure Depth: 30-70 true blood




    Wiped the dust of the boat and headed out with Shawn (FX) to do a little fishin off Sandy today on a gorgeous day :yes:

    Decided to set up in 170 and troll north and before we could get the 4th rod in the water my 70' rigger fires :clap: but we came to find out we had sticky drag issues on this rod ;( and after a minute the fish was gone. felt like a decent fish but who knows with the drag problem. We get that rod back in and Shawn's 55' rigger fires too and well we drop that one too :o;(

    Ran 6 rods (2 on the riggers - 2 wires - a 450 copper and a 5 color core off the big boards. The MOONSHINE Orange Slice off the core out 4 colors flew 5 times today with us landing 3 decent size bows.

    Shawn had the fish off the day getting a bow of the 70' rigger that literally continued to jump all the way to the back of the boat it was a nonstop belly slap.

    Ran a new combo off the wire get ready for this......THE RICHARD SIMMONS :lol: it's a Purple Death spin Dr http://www.dreamweaverlures.com/shop/tr ... /sd70709-8 with my custom tied Pinky Tuscardaro ITO fly IMG_1001_1.jpg trolled behind it. It is pink flashy and dances around :lol::lol::lol: I'll Post a pic of this so u all can get a laugh. Shawn didn't even want to touch it :o Well this took two fish coho's :thinking: if I remember and we lost another one set out 120 on 2

    Took another bow on a rigger set at 40' on a MOONSHINE RV Agent Orange. Shawn's 50' rigger took a lousy laker (crapped all over my boat and tackle box :@:@:@:@:@ on a pink and black NK with a glow ladder and we dropped one a a lure that I can't even explain (maybe Shawn can ;) ) Had one really good shot on the 220 wire but hit and gone :@

    Grabbed a skipper king off a 125 copper and and finished with a brown off a rigger in 115"

    A lot of green muck on the water especially in those skinnier waters 100-130 with patches of it out deeper mixed in with some other debris. Had a lull around 10:30-11:30 but all in all it was a nice day to be out with a slow but steady at times pick :yes: just couldn't find the bigger fish :(

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