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  1. I have a $100 Traxtech voucher I won over the summer and am looking to trade it for $80. I don't have any Traxtech on my boat and didn't really find anything I wanted or needed.


    Can only be used through Traxtech Corp. only http://www.traxstech.com/

    It expires on Dec. 31st of 2016 and the voucher is for merchandise only, tax and shipping separate.


    If interested call or send me a text at 585-354-7700 (Tom)


    Deal must be done by Christmas day or I'll find something to spend it on I guess.




  2. Did decent out of the oak in March, but got skunked on Saturday. Word is it has been good west of johnsons creek.


    The northeast wind this morning didn't do you any favors. Northeast always stinks but it seems to be even worse in the spring.

    Been out 3x and we did well down at Johnson's and just west each time. Stayed in that 9-12 FOW too. Brighter colors have been the way so far, natural color stuff hasn't taken a fish yet. 100-115 feet back seemed to have been the ticket but that's been in the stained waters too which hasn't been there the last few days either. Laker trout have been hot in the 40-50' range with bells down 30' and more and that will keep the kids happy

  3. Had this same issue (as I'm sure most have) last year with a boat that was up from Michigan of all places and they had 4 guys (none of which were driving) but all facing the back of the boat and even after catching my board with there board (that were made with 2x6s I might add :thinking: ) they were oblivious that they had hooked my board :headbang:  and even asked " having any luck" :devil:  they tangled my lines so bad that one got sucked into my prop and cut the seal that I might add was brand new ($200)


    Just have to really pay attention, make sure they see you even if it means yelling or getting on a radio and remember there's more water after you pass them :yes:

  4. I haven't been there in along time but I remember in the mid to late 90s both of the ramps were barely long enough for me to launch my 18' boat and it dropped right off. Had to be very careful to not let the wheels go off the edge. Is it still like that? I used to catch some nice largemouth in that area.

    Yeah the ramp is still the same I have a 19.5 boat and it drops right off and takes a bit to get it back on. Still get some decent LM but with local bass tourney there (every week I believe) now and a lot of pp fishing it these days it's not what it once was. Seems like the weeds certainly aren't what they used to be either. :shake::doh:


    What about speed when trolling for the toothy critters? I think we stayed in the low side around 1.2 - 1.5mph

  5. I live on the canal in Palmyra. I don't fish it anymore since i got musky sick but i used to. Between Palmyra and Newark is pretty good for pike. You will catch more bass than pike for sure. I never trolled for them. I just stayed close to shore and cast. Both sides are good. There is a brand new ramp in Palmyra but no dock. There is a nice ramp with a dock by the Ford dealer near Newark. Wait til the season opens and good luck.

    Yeah I have fished that stretch a bunch of times. Fishing is not what it used to be out there with so many people fishing bass now down there.

  6. Me and a buddy did a bunch of trolling last year in the spencerport stretch of the canal. Most of the pike we caught came on large swim baits or rapalas and right in the center of the canal didn't matter heading upstream or not.

    That's where i saw the other people in the boat trolling in the stretch between Spencerport and Brockport. they were zig zagging back and forth. Managed some nice smallies but no pike but I never ran straight up the middle either.

    Thanks for the info much appreciated gives me another option when the Big lake is rough or the fishing is slow out there :) 

  7. Lousy terrorist really screwed it up for us. Back in the day we caught as many as 97 browns in one evening between just 2 of us. We used to tie our own flies and jerk them through the water and they would just hammer them. We even got a few walleye over the years. It was crazy, there were guys that would wade out there in their fishing inner tubes and sit just off the current.


    Damn terrorist :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

  8. I can tell you I did, and that's not like me. These guys know I have no problems talking, but that camera rolling leaves me speechless.


    With that said I guess we really need to keep a TV camera on the Yankee Troller at all times :lol:


    I know having been an observer on Scot'ts boat once there would be plenty of footage needing to be cut in the editing room :lol:   


    I watched the show for a full season and it got pretty bored after about 3 episodes. I see these guys getting all jacked up over a 13-15lb salmon or even worse yet a lake trout the size that Brian catches by the dozen in about 15 minutes on the water is pretty lame. I'm trying to figure out who watches the show enough to keep it on the air :wondering: ?

  9. I'm in and will try to get back to the top spot I owned the 1st 2 years. My brother boomhouer and his friend jujujanie will also be back. I'm sure. As long as this dummy remembers to change and set his team we will be good.


    I just want to help the rest of you out and give you all a little tip....Take Michael Waltrip for every race :yes::P:lol:


    I have a league set up on FOX too if anybody is interested. Little different than the yahoo one


    League name is HATE THE 48

    password is 1414

  10. Nice boat, I have a 93 that has the aluminum floor also and live well in the front too but behind the seat instead of next to it. Threw a trolling motor on the front a couple years ago and it's nice to be able to bass fish out of it when the Big O is a little to bumpy :puke::lol:

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