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  1. In fla when the wind and tides are just right the weeds pile up and it smells just like home....their is a lot of life in those weeds (small critters) that give it that wonderfull aroma like" Fishermens" (Tom) cookin..

    Who's this "fisherman" you speak of Ray L? It's FISH"IN"MAN :headbang::headbang: !!! I couldn't cook anything to make it smell that bad unless it was your undies :mooning: and if it smells "just like home" :o:wait: you might wanna hire a cleaner :thinking:

    Sandy Creek had a bunch of algae floating on it when I was there Tuesday but DOES NOT stink like the Oak. That was brutal when I was there Sunday :puke: No one wants to say it but is there a chance maybe some of those cottages are dumping sewage into the creek :wondering: hey before anybody jumps on me, it certainly wouldn't be the first time something like that took place.

  2. I will be careful what I say here because my experiences with downriggers and factual comments have been censored in the past.

    I used a Certain brAnd of dowNrigger for 25 years aNd watched as the cOmpany weNt from a made in the USA, stand behind what you make machine shop to a total big corp sellout. (IMO)

    I tried Big Jons for half a season but "I" did not like them (nor did I enjoy ordering parts for 1 month old riggers)

    I switched to the toasters (Scotty's, they look like a kitchen appliance but it ends there) and have had them on the boat for about 5 seasons and I like them. When you approach 1000 hours you should keep get a spare counter on board other than that no problems at all. A big plus for me is that they are "Stupid easy"!!! (Even replacing the counter)

    Carl what exactly you trying to say :lol:

    I have some very very old Scottys and other than a switch and a brake handle that broke (not sure what the heck it hit :wondering: ) they have worked like a champ. Easy to repair if anything should break like a switch or brake handle. Their customer service is TOP NOTCH :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: also. Won't buy any other brand. No power used to put them down and come up like a well tuned sports car :yes:

  3. Great job Brian once again removing 2 more lakers/chickens from the lake :clap::clap::clap:

    Took the time to upload the pics of your fish for you Brian :lol: No need to thanks me :clap:



    Tom, that ain't right, just ain't... LMFAO

    clearly you have way too much time on your hands


    Yes Jack there are times I have to much time at night maybe I need to spend more time at night fishing maybe for walleye in Erie who can I go do that with :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

  4. We had 3 hits on Carbon 14 Moonshine on a 70' rigger but could not keep them buttoned up

    Just a thought:

    You sharpening them there hooks. Don't know if you do it but, check them before you put them out. I've been doing it a lot this year before I send them down, makes a world of a difference. Sometimes 1, 2 or all 3 barbs are dull as all heck. One of those things ya gotta get in the habit of doing if your not already :yes:

    good luck :yes:

  5. Murphy" was hiding in the boat somewhere.

    I didn't realize Tom changed his name. :thinking:

    Easy there ice auger repair man :lol: I've been on for the "most part" the last few trips :yes:

    Shawn pretty much explained that first 30-40 minutes to the T :D

    I understood his frustration from the entire week :( and didn't give him a hard time. He did have the hot fly sent once noon rolled around and he finally got his wire in the water to stay :rofl:

    I did mention in passing that we should have gone back in used the Ray K theory and stripped all the wire and backing off. Then measure the wire by holding it across the parking lot and marking it every 7.29 feet then multiply that by 6.385 then divide that by how tall Ray is (4'6") and subtract the thickness of the spool plus the number of letters in the reel manufactures name then add the total numbers of the date in which we were doing this times the year the reel was manufactured then figure out how many inches of material were used to make Mark aka Skipper19's pink G string he wears while fishing total all that up and we would get the number of feet down to wire out ratio and then head back out so that we would catch a fish. If we had any line break we could have gone in and done it all over again then too. As it turned out we only had 18+ bites that morning netting 15. :thinking: Damn it we should have gone in back in Shawn :lol:

  6. :wait::thinking: Actually Ray I didn't that was just the guy setting the wire and rigger on the other side of the boat. Not sure what the problem was I just tried to ignore him :lol: and get my side set.

    That was a beautiful fish, it's ashame it didn't have the rest of it's tail :( might have been why it fought so darn weird couldn't "kick"

    great day om the water again :yes:

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