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  1. Me too Used to fish in front of Ginna all the time back in the day. That's actually where I first trolled with my buddy for browns in his 14' boat with oars and then a 7.5 merc on it (that I still have on my boat) and at night we would anchor right in front and hammer them all night long catching as many as 80+ trout in a single night along with some eyes on occasion. Damn terrorists ruined it Great report angle
  2. did I miss Muskybob here?
  3. Happy Birthday Howie have a great day
  4. Thanks to both of you for helping out with the choices since there was so many to choose from but I did manage to grab a few on my own
  5. I always buy a derby ticket Those r some pretty orange 2" ones too, heard they might help land a few big steelies gotta get with you on something too give me a shout sometime when u get a few minutes.
  6. LOTSA spent on the ITO flies was what I did today there. It was very nice to meet Ryan in person. His selection certainly made you feel like a kid in a candy store. The color, texture and size (peanuts, 2",4" and 6") selection was over the top. Every thing you could ever want in a fly and like Steve said he will tie you some custom colors if you let him know what they are or like I did send him a picture of a spoon that you have had luck with and he'll match it up in a fly like he did for me on the spur of the moment even as he was trying to get all his stuff done for the LOTSA show he still took the time to tie this for me Spoon is a lot more pink in color than the picture shows The Tuscadero Spoon The Tuscadero Fly My ITO fly purchase Hey Steve whats those flies on the bottom right 1 hint: Hoss, Little Joe, Adam
  7. Happy Birthday Glen! Hope you have a great day
  8. That boat is used to catching those mud chickens!
  9. Happy Birthday Tom Hope you have a great day with your family (say hello to your father-in law)
  10. Your not boring us Chad but you are confusing Ray K and Stan. When you tell Ray there "servers" he thinks there's a waitress somewhere and then you mention it's gonna be moved to Virgina and Stan probably thinks he's gonna have to move there now to be able to view the site And thanks for keeping us "up to speed" both literally and figuratively
  11. Carl maybe if you stepped up from this: Should be due for an upgrade from Alexander Graham Bell with another 80 year commitment
  12. Scott no luck needed here Hank let me refresh yours and all the other Landshark type losers memories (after all you are getting up there near Muskybob in trips around the sun ) I would be the power auger-less guy that is a former 2 time champion and you won it when ....... Keep in mind you bunch of Dale Earnhardt Jr's that just because the #48 didn't win the NASCAR Championship last year doesn't mean he won't be a factor again this year, SAME GOES HERE WITH ME
  13. Perfect for those days when the blow boats are around or the famed "combat trolling" at the river mouths
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