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  1. Nice job Pete. Excellent video Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I pm'ed you 5/31. It is eleven feet long. Calling me easier 585 734 7839 Bump TTT Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. $5 pick up in Canandaigua or you pay shipping 585 734 7839 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Went out of the north end to to jig and met blue ghost at the launch. They were done we were just heading out at 11:00. He said pretty good north currents between German Bros. and Pumphouse but he managed 4 bows. We started near pumphouse in 65 fow current gave a drift so we had hard time staying vertical. So my son said let's troll. I put out 3 wire dipsies two with flasher flies one with a spoon. Also ran 200' and 300' coppers on boards with spoons. Surface temp was 61-62 did not set up rigger board so no subtroll. We trolled south on west side from pumphouse to German Bros. Some scum and weeds and when I turned east towards middle of lake past German Bros to head away from the weeds the 300 copper started ripping. I got the board off and handed the rod to Liam but he had a lot of line to bring in so I helped him taking turns on the rod. Finally boat a laker which we fried up with French fries and Buffalo wings. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I went out at 11:45 to 3:30 with my son and a friend and his two kids. Set up just north of Menteth and ran 3 riggers and two wires trolled south to Onanda switching colors as we went. Turned east and went out over the middle then headed north from Long Point past Pelican Point slow day fishing but beautiful day on the water. Managed 1 lake trout on cowbells and gambler rig down 95' over 135'. Met a guy at a party who perch fished Canandaigua Saturday and he shared his bounty with us and I fried up the trout with crushed town house crackers as breading and we all enjoyed the fish even the kids. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I like jigging I have to pick calm days so I move less. No electric trolling motor to keep vertical. The water was perfect for it plus I was on fish. Yeah the express train hitting is fun. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Hit the water at 6:15. Set up in 90 fow on east side. Lots of marks but we were setting in very low light and ran into all the weeds the lake could throw at us. Cleaning lines became cumbersome and we trolled out in to middle between Thendara and Tichenor. We then stayed west toward Menteth lots of switching and finally popped a nice laker down 135' on the old Italian 11" flasher and a glow squid. Managed two other bites but smaller laker and rainbow that never popped 10 color and the laker took the gambler rig on a rigger. I dropped the boys off at the dock at 11:30 and then ran to Seneca Point to meet family and friends. I stopped in 90 fow in front of their cottage and jigged with 1 oz white jig and white minnow. Let it hit bottom and just reeled up as I was instructed by chuck527. I kept repeating the motion motor back out to 90 fow and repeat. So then I am reeling and wham just like he said but I did not expect it. Almost like ice fishing for lake trout back in UP. I finally get a nice 7-8 lbs laker over the rail. I released her for another day. Repeated the process and got bit again. This one was a real fighter and kept running and I would battle her back and then finally came off. I picked up the kids and we tubed and aquaplaned (a water ski/ knee board precursor). Then they jigged and Liam could not get bit but Q did get one and we kept it. This one took the black jig and chartreuse minnow. Nice 4 lbs male. Good times on a beautiful weekend. The jigged fish were nice size. I have tried it unsuccessfully before but I did it Saturday and a kid named Q did it too so you have got to try it. I have all the trolling gear but watching that kid reel a jig pole and get bit like that was cool. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Do you mean the drop off at the south end? She comes up fast, been there.... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Nice job Paul great day for fishing. Good numbers for Canandaigua but you always produce, well done. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Launched at East Fork Marina around 1:00 pm. Met Brian Gamble and his son Brayden. My son Liam played with Brayden while I set up the boat and waited for the launch to become available. Kurt 33canuck met us and we got out through some rollers as motored out to 140 fow and went all the way to 380 fow. We set up trolling northeast with riggers 110', 120' and 130' and 2 wire divers at 355'. Gator spoon took a fish, mag NK black and glow with gold cup took fish, but green dot spin dr with reel hooked up fly and green dot spin dr with atomik hammer fly on wires were our best producers at 355'. We had a great time and got some good grilling size fish and one 8 lb and one 15 lb fish. All kings 5 kept, tossed 2 back undersized and lost 2 on the wires. Liam got to reel in his first king 8 lb er made me very proud. Kurt was so helpful and he always has delicious boat snacks of venison slim jims and venison salami, cheese and crackers. So great to be out on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. With my wife and son and my mom niece and nephew it's not like we got an early start but I searched for some marks before we set the lines. They were anxious and before you know it and before I knew it we were in 55 FOW with balls dragging and dipsies banging bottom we were hooked up. Nice bow and laker on the first north troll with the waves. As the eclipse approached the wind lied down and we hit another laker on a rigger. Trolling south but again wind had stopped. While we brought the third fish to the net a laker on rigger the 200' copper on a board started peeling drag. I grabbed it and knew it was a good one. The kids all had a chance so I gave the rod to my wife and let her bring this one in to the net. We ended up 4/4 over 3 hours the last bow was 3.8 lbs and hot around 1:15 just as eclipse was beginning. We swam after to cool off and and watched the eclipse with welding goggles (13 protection). It was a sight to see, without the goggles we would not have seen anything. We could really look at the sun for a few seconds and see the eclipse and then look away for safety sake. We panfished during the eclipse and could not get bit. Heard crickets and cicadas as we were close to shore when swimming during the eclipse it was evident there was something going on. Sun was less intense and it felt cooler. Awesome day spent with family. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Nice boat Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Mark Adams Six Valleys Storage, Naples, NY 585 330 6119 585 374 6119
  14. I came across a diagram of these lights and cannot find an answer as to what it is in my internet search, so in the spirit of Longline's fun quizzes, I thought I would propose the question to the LOU members. Thank you for playing along.
  15. Thanks Captain Rick, it's been a long time. I learned so much from you and your father and brother, some good times had with you guys. Now I am sharing those good times with my son, it's pretty cool!
  16. Breadman this is the better picture of Sunday morning. I took it while I was waiting for you. You did not see it because you were probably still riding down route 332 or warming up in the Sutter's bathroom.
  17. Hey Great Lake Lure Maker, what size are those KW's? Also do you mean black and purple in your abbreviations? Also who came in first place by the way? My money was on Iron Duke.
  18. Breadman and I went out in my boat for a quick morning trip at 7:30. We wanted to jig for lakers but the wind was howling out of the south so we trolled. Set up near the pump house, trolled south to Menteth. We had one hit on a wire diver near the white Wegman's house but that one came unbuttoned. We turned north at Menteth and hooked up again on a wire diver. Small laker but a keeper around 22" and skinny. We headed north into the wind and only had a another wire fire around german bros with a small bow around 17" let him go. Pretty colors starting, pretty rough water the whole time, back at the dock at 9:45. We had the south wind blowing giving a following sea at our back on the ride in. I was WOT and hit some big waves that made it fun. Although I did slide in close on the west side to ride the rest of the way in in some slightly calmer water. Did not see another boat until on the way in, there was blow boat race near the yacht club and some bass or perch fisherman in the shallows of the north end.
  19. Hi Paul I waved to you when you came up to Pelican Point, I was in a Sea Ray with a blue top. We trolled, tough bite, fleas, weeds, blank screen from Pelican to Long Point, Menteth to Black Point. We reached the condos and turned out to the middle to go back north and ffianlly put a 6 lber in the boat on wire diver. We had another one on heading north near Long Point and one of our guys dropped it.
  20. The manufacturer webpage for your vessel shows track mounted on the gunwale. http://starcraftstarweld.com/showroom/1800-series/1800-pro Check out Traxtech layout pics, putting your riggers forward of your transom will make it easier to work them. Kneeling on the seat or box at rear to work a rigger mounted to a board could be a pain. http://www.traxstech.com/Page_26.php
  21. I took my son Liam out this afternoon. We were on the water around 4:30 and it was so nice out there. We trolled three riggers with flashers, 47, 57 and 67 feet down. We had good marks in the north end on the east side. Switched colors a few times and Liam picked out a a combo from the box and wouldn't you know wham. He got to reel in his first rainbow. It wasn't big but it was fun and he agreed to release him to grow bigger. We were back at the dock at 7:00.
  22. Headed out with breadman for an afternoon trip. We set up 2 riggers, 2 wires, and 2 coppers. We started in the north end heading south on eastside we passed sk8man around 2:30. Flasher flies on the wires had been working for breadman for awhile so we had some of his favorites out there and I ran spoons of the riggers and mix of spoons and stickbaits on copper. We got our first fish on the eastside on wire 125' out with green dot pro troll with mirage fly around 3:20. We kept east circling back north to our waypoint and ended up finding the dragon wall hump. I haven't hit it in awhile and breadman had never seen it. Depth there on the hump is about 26' when you are trolling in 65'-75' before you hit it. We didn't lose anything but spent some time cleaning my lines and my balls and reset everything. Switched to flasher flies on the riggers now and the coppers. We circled west and then headed north again when we got to another hump west of Rocky Island again 23' of water under the boat and no where near the Dragon Wall. We were marking fish and bait 35'-45' down and 65'-70' but after two mishaps with the structure we moved west. The fleas were bad as mentioned by sk8man and fbog, lots of cleaning out there but we were marking fish. We head south on the west side from German Bros. to almost Tichenor Point, think we saw fbog trolling east away from Tichenor as we worked south. Gave up on west side with the blank screen and headed east again. Popped another rigger as we headed northeast at 5:00 on the wonderbread flasher mirage fly combo. Al worked the rod but the fish got the best of him behind the boat and came unbuttoned. We reset 13' back and 55' down and continued east. We began heading north on eastside again marking bait and fish 35'-55' down. Rigger goes again with wonderbread mirage combo. Now it's my turn, and we flop a nice 6 lb. lake trout on the deck. The time was around 6:15. I kept telling Al about the best solarlunar time was while we were fishing but I ended up having the time wrong but we did well regardless. I need to pick up a couple wonderbread spin doctors for the cloudy days out there. Wind picked up out of the northwest around 6:30 and rain by the time we had the boat back at the dock by 7:15.
  23. Nice fish on a jig, congrats!
  24. Lively1 you need to to take a day out with another fisherman and watch what they do. I have been reading this thread and you need to see how someone else fishes.
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