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  1. Walker electric downrigger. 30 inch boom. Low profile swivel base. Not pretty, but good working order. This unit has the faster motor. Good cable; Black's release. $140 TYD. Dave: 215-527-3552.
  2. Looking to sell Moor subtroll set up with Mag 10. The downrigger is mounted on a Berts 4 inch swivel pedestal. The rigger has the 5 ft. telescoping boom with the Moor coated cable and antenna on it. The probe is in good working order as is the speed/temp readout. Full disclosure: I am not sure if the coating on the downrigger cable is completely intact--it might want replacing. Also the bracket to mount the Moor read-out went with the boat I sold--easily fabricated from sheet metal. $400 TYD Dave: 215-527-3552
  3. Two used 18 inch trolling bags. Very good condition--no rips or punctures. Little use; stored indoors. These worked very well on my 22 and 24 ft. boats. Both for $50 TYD. Dave: 215-527-3552.
  4. I have a track mount swivel base that I would sell. It is 4 inches high. The mounting plate on top is 4x6 inches. $75. TYD Dave 215-527-3552
  5. I have a pair of Big Jon otter boats for sale. Good condition. $120 for the pair plus shipping. Call Dave. 215-527-3552.
  6. Selling a very nice Penn 49 (I rate it 9 out of 10)--clean and shiny. It is spooled with approximately 250 yds of 30 lb. braid, 330 ft of 45lb copper, and 40 ft of 30 lb leader. It comes with original Penn box, manual and Penn tool. $45.00 plus cost for cheapest shipping. Dave. 215-527-3552.
  7. Selling a set of yellow Riviera collapsible planer boards. Good (used) condition. $50. plus shipping. Call Dave 215-527-3552
  8. I'll be fishing my last trip that weekend, and it will be at the Salmon River. If we are lucky, there will still be some active fish in the thirty-foot water!
  9. Try the fishing reports on www.nauticalnet.com.
  10. I picked up a couple used Walker downriggers and need to get 2 more 12" extensions to lengthen the booms. Anybody have a couple laying around the garage that you are willing to part with for a reasonable price? Dave: 215-527-3552.
  11. One good used EZ Steer. Outboard to outboard model. Adjustable arm, two connector brackets, and four stainless straps to attach. New from Cabelas $230. Used from me, $130 plus shipping. Call Dave 215-527-3552.
  12. I replaced my Alpha drive with an SEI unit. $1200 delivered to my door! Installed it myself. Nice unit. Completely interchangeable with Merc parts.
  13. Advice? I am considering purchase of a 225 Outrage. This particular boat has a 4.3 liter v6. I am concerned that the boat may be underpowered. Haven't had a chance to try it on the lake. Anyone have any experience with this unit? Will it get up on plane with three or four guys? Thanks.
  14. I will be fishing this week, thursday to sunday. I'm staying in Mexico and have a slip reserved on the Little Salmon. I have been wondering if it would be better to trailer the boat to Wrights Landing in Oswego. Are there good numbers of fish in the bay, or can I get on them better from Oswego? Thanks for your thoughts.
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