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  1. 13 hours ago, greenhornet73 said:

    Wow, youve been getting them pretty consistently out there now.  All on DR’s or running copper or leadcore?  If I can’t get someone to go out for salmon this weekend I may try a solo trip for ‘eyes.

    trolling like i would do on Oneida,snap weights on braid,the tough part is finding the fish,

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  2. Fished from 6 am till 1130,3 keeper eyes,3 smb and 2 sunnies,caught all 3 eyes within a half hour,with a double on the same rod thrown in for entertainment purposes only,,the eyes hit a purple spoon and purple flicker minnows..the smb really love spoons,,called quits ,saw a school of something,,dropped a moonshine. Jiggin rap and the sunnies it was,,and so long 4 now:john0831201309.jpegMessage_1598871951031.jpeg0831200640_HDR.jpeg0831200620_HDR.jpeg


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  3. 2 hours ago, whaler1 said:

    Was out with Justin and Paul this morning. Pretty morning, that storm that came through looked pretty ominous!IMG_1510.JPG

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    i thought the eyes would turn on before that storm hit,so i just rode it out

  4. Fished from 515am till 1030,32 foe using planer boards. And in line weights,caught 5 eyes and 3 keepers all hit on stick baits wouldn't touch a spoon,so some amazing marks near the bottom in 34 foe reeled everything in and started jigging blade bait and moonshine,,to say the least I was surprised at an 18lbs carb,thought I had a catfish,,,and so long 4 now,John,,ps,smashed my trailer on a floating log I did not see while backing up my trailer in the dark,,,broke the fender,,next to get out and look0817200554.jpeg


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