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  1. ti / crown point is large mouth bass territory while up north in plattsburgh or up towards champlain is more your small mouth although you can find both al over the lake..i don't really target bass all to much but what bass fishing ido is in plattsburgh area from 12 to 25 fow on the drop offs and humps around the islands and off the points you'll see the drop offs and humps on you depthfinder

  2. that would have been me iceman... saying to shorten it to BW and that was only to get around the fact that they don't want big weenie on the sheet. If they don't want it on there who cares...BW still gets the point across and people will know who it is ... Why do you care anyways whether it says big weenie or BW its the same thing and gary will still get the recognition he deserves

  3. gator i'll send you a pm either tonight or tomorrow, i fish the main lake and not the inland sea so i'll have to get ahold of a few buddies for specifics but the fishing has started to turn on real well for us so you hitting it at a good time.

  4. Dave thanks for the response, although it may seem to not be the ideal situation for some, I know you guys do a lot for the series and would like to thank you and the entire tournament committee for making what I consider the best tournaments on lake ontario possible.

    For those you are on the fence about participating in these events don't let these random outburst cause you not to participate, believe me these guys put on a great tournament, which is obvious by even those who don't see eye to eye with the directors as they come back year after year to compete!

  5. if your using mono with them then no need to, if your using braid or wire then i would use one... i know many don't use them at all but i like that added assurance especially with a line that has no stretch

  6. I'm sorry to see you leave tom but i don't blame you one bit...i usually keep my mouth shut on most issues with the pro/am because i love them so much and would love to see them grow even bigger...as we all know once you participate your hooked...however i can't see the reasoning behind this one maybe someone feels left out not being sponsered...but i know i've never felt that way in fact when i see our name ahead of an atommik team or any sponsered team for that matter as i know it was a job well done to be ahead of them!

  7. Welcome to the site, you’ll find a great bunch of guys here…for your trip in the fall I’d highly recommend staying in Port Ontario. Oswego is by far my favorite port but by September you’re better off fishing in front of the Salmon river. We usually stay at port Ontario lodge and hit up the little salmon river boat launch which is close to the motel. Flasher flies, mag spoons and j plugs should all work that time of the year. Once again welcome to the site!

  8. For the first couple years that we ran copper I would bring in the dipsy before putting the copper out again because i ran into the same problems as you. Once i got sick of that i learned that if you allow like 100 feet of backing out with the copper before you put on the board then it shouldn't tangle. Once you get a feel for the copper you'll be able to put them out in any order it's just trial and error unless you don't mind taking the dipsy in if the copper goes off.

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