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  1. it's all about preference they all work and it's not like you will catch more fish with one unit over the other. i don't want to drill any additional holes in the boat so i went with the DR and it works just fine. As for how deep each goes...who cares once you go below 150 you really don't want more than two or three riggers deeper than that or you'll be asking for tangles, so we will keep the prob up a little higher in the steelie range.

  2. i have the hds10 and love it. The company did have a minor problem with a few of the units at first but just make sure that the unit is updated. I believe lowrance held back the hds 10 and 7's and the problems were with the smaller units that didn't get the update. As for mine i haven't had any problems with the unit, it is very reliable, it is very user friendly and i think you would be very pleased with it. As for maintenance, just unscrew the knob and bring the display in during the winter and you are good to go. As for service you will hear tons of horror stories about the company. I personally have dealt with them twice in the past, and haven't had a single problem in fact it was my fault one of the times as i dropped an older unit and cracked the screen and they fixed it for free, maybe i'm one of the lucky ones who knows. A friend of mine bought his unit through cabelas and says it's a good way to go because they will take care of the problem for you. Hope this helps

  3. There are a lot of holes like the one you are talking about in the ausable river up near lake champlain where i live and the only time i've gotten these giants to bite are at first light or last light, they are very picky. With these big fish it's all about hitting the spot when a hatch hatches and being able to match it. hope this helps a little

  4. This is something we made our self and it's easy to make and cheap. The reel mount is a scotty downrigger gimble mount with the plastic mounting plate tacken off that is mounted upside down bolted to the hardtop with a plastic cap on top, and the big jon reel fits perfectly on it. The pulley mount is a stainless steel base with a 1 inch stainless tube thats capped off. The pulley is mounted to the tube with a stainless steel U canvas strap holder that is bolted through the pipe.

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