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  1. sorry mike didn't mean to imply you were jumping on him, i just don't liek when someone asks a question and the first thing someone says is that the season is closed...i know lake champlain is open year round...i tend to always catch a few big girls when fishing with boards early in the season...although i do throw them back to so i can catch them come ice fishing though

  2. lol i hear you on that one yankee my ol' man keeps more attention looking back at the rods than looking ahead causing a lovely zig zag but it sure puts fish in the boat! lol hope all is progressing well with your dad and go win one for him!

  3. Ya we decided to make the move Rod...it wasn't an easy one but we are looking forward to competing against the likes of free spirit, cold steele, screamer and yankee to name a few. I hear ya, i missed screamer being in the mix last year as i love the compitition but thats what lead us to make our decision to move up, that and the addition of our new team member.

  4. To all the LOU members participating in the scotty this up coming weekend good luck! Wish team oh-baby was fishing but we are doing a lot of changes to the boat so it's ready to compete against all you pros, so good luck and we'll see you guys in Niagara for the first pro-am!

  5. First if my math doesn't fail me it's more like a 30 degree angle and thats saying it will dive 5 feet per color with a flasher which i doubt and it doesn't include mono leader which won't continue to dive, the mono will more likely level off and making the angle practically nothing and it won't affect the flasher at all. If you think about it a wire dipsy most likely has an even greater angle to only a 10 foot or less lead and we all know flashers work just fine off divers . so i say don't worry about it.

  6. I've used them, caught one fish lol im sure with more testing i might be able to get them to produce but when dreamweavers, moonshines and stingers out perform them i'm not going waste my time with them.

  7. I was in florida this past week and i stopped in to a marina near tampa that was recommended as they set-up hundreds of auto pilots every year and the guy recommended the simrad 24 and the sitex sp 80. You know it's a small world as the head rep use to live in Point breeze. Just a quick note on raymarine the guy said he doesn't recommend them right now as they are unsure about their future, so looks like they weren't totally truthful with you stinger

  8. tried it during the oswego scotty last year...i didn't have any problems with it but when you get a hit and the fish comes off your going to want to bring it in to make sure there wasn't a tackle problem. So i found it to be kinda useless for us as i can't think of the last time i had a dipsy that didn't trip, good idea though

  9. The pro/am committee does a great job with the tournaments and i hate to see how it gets bashed every year due to one rule or another. I for one did vote for no communication and wish it would be changed. However, teams still need to catch the fish and a lot of things can go wrong. A good example would be this year during the oswego scotty, many teams ran to the "promise land" were one team hit the motherload of fish, however the fish turned off and left many teams with few or no fish including thrillseeker.

    It is very sad that we have lost teams due to the rule change and if a rule change would bring in more boats why not change, but with the market going south and people spending less money i would think that would be that major reason for the amount of teams entering these tournaments.

    2 questions i have are:

    what is major reason why this rule is being pushed this year compaired to the past?

    Also in response to rod's response what's the road block with the amatuers?

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