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  1. You can stop by on Saturday to enter...cr1 pm me your information... there are going to be enough docks but due to the high water it's going to be tight so we r placing boats into docks the week of the tournament Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. 2017 Sodus Pro/Am We are now just 3 weeks away until the Sodus pro/am. Just a reminder, teams need their entries in by July 1st if they want to be entered into the drawing to win their entry fees back. Mother Nature seems to have finally given us a break and let the water recede a little, allowing the point to dry out. Despite a rough start to the summer, local businesses have already contacted us to provide sponsorship and are looking forward to your business. We all know these businesses can use all they can get. With their gracious support we will once again be able to pay out well over a 100% like usual. Fishing has fantastic all along the south shore from Oswego to Niagara, and should only get better as the thermocline continues to set up!! Can we see record catches this year? I think so!! These salmon are HUGE and mean this year. We've already seen numerous new teams send in their entries, which is exciting. We continue to have great participation each year, and we would like to thank each team that has supported us since taking over the Sodus pro/am. Like last year, we are offering the 1k/day Wednesday thru Sunday and the Krenzer Marine 3 fish challenge, to go along with our main event. Teams have had very positive feedback about these events and we expect the same this year. Entry forms can be found on our website at sodusproam.com. If anyone has any questions give me a shout or drop a text @ 5185697218. We look forward to seeing everyone there.
  3. Sodusproam.com Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Bruce I talked with Tim at Krenzers today and we will have plenty of docks. Unless the lake continue to rise to where the point closes, we will be a go. We've had numerous businesses and volunteers come forward to help the tournament during the difficult circumstances. I know the businesses are looking forward to the tournament coming to town too. With the way this year's fishing is shaping up, the catches for tournament could be epic! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Greg let me know if you get enough teams interested and I'll do something special for you guys Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. ​​2017's dates are now set and once again this year's event is shaping up to be an exciting one. Sticking with our moto we will once again be adding exciting new ways to win money while keeping the main event the same for consistency. As always give us a shout if you have any questions. Dates: 1k July 12-16 Pro/am 15 & 16 Please visit our website for more information @ soduspointproam.com or sodusproam.com Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Congrats to team Thrillseeker, the winner of the 2016 Lake Ontario challenge cup. They put together a very impressive day 2 box to hold off cold steel for the win.
  8. On behalf of the tournament committee I would like thank everyone who participated last week. Congrats to the winners: Shark Tank and Roll With It, who put together very impressive catches despite the challenging conditions. We would also like to thank our very gracious sponsors who help make everything possible: Captain Jacks, Atommik, Co-op deck, Krenzer Marine, Northshore Oil, Arney’s, Pit stop, Pelican, Lake Ontario United and Bay Street Tavern. We will continue to keep the rules the same along with the dates (July 15 & 16, 2017), for the sake of consistency. Once again thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!!
  9. Two teams have emerged as the favorite leading into the last day. Thrillseeker currently had 754 and cold steel has 744. With one day left, the bonus points for the win could decide who the winner is!
  10. We have a close race heading into the final leg of the cup. At this point the top three teams are neck and neck with Thrillseeker at 658, cold steel/dirty goose at 642 and oh baby at 637. Rumor has it that after the big wind Sunday the fish have moved into the Sodus area and should make for a very entertaining final. We will update cup points before teams head out on the water Sunday to see where teams stand leading into the final day.
  11. We are just 4 short weeks away from the start of the Sodus Point pro/am. Just a quick reminder that teams need to have their entries in/post marked by july 1st to be entered in the early bird drawing, which will be drawn at the captains meeting. We have a steady flow of entries coming in and we’ve already seen a handful of new teams which is exciting to see. The way things are looking we will see the biggest am participation in the past 7 years! Also, we are shaping up to see an increase in participation for the 4th straight year since we took over. We look forward to seeing everyone soon. Have questions, use the contact us tab on our website or email me at [email protected]. 2016 Dates: 1K/Day : July 13th-17th Captain Jacks Shootout: July 15th Captains meeting: July 15th, 6pm at the Sodus Point fire hall Krenzer Marine 3 Fish Challenge: July 16th & 17th Divisional Bracket: July 16th & 17th Main Event: July 16th & 17th
  12. Pete, As long as the team remains the same or the boats your using is declared ahead of time your good to go. Also if a team has a mechanical issue I don't foresee the committee saying you can't fish, just need to communicate your issue to us
  13. Payment for the cup will be kept low this year at $100, the hope is to keep costs low to get as many teams as possible to enter and get consumed in the chase. All teams need to have their money in by Friday before teams leave the dock, I have offered to house the money for the committee and will pay it out to the winners at the Sodus event. We still have hope to nail down a substantial sponsor soon. To say thanks for all the teams entered and for including Sodus in the Cup again, The Sodus committee will throw a special event for all the cup teams that should add some excitement and a chance for extra cash. It is something new and creative that all the teams should enjoy. Rules will be kept relatively simple: each team will be limited to two boats, The captain will have to be on the boat for all three tournaments or three of its team members. Payouts as of now will go to the top two boats, Any questions give us a shout and we will see everyone soon!
  14. We appreciate the heads up.... after playing around with things tonight I believe I fixed it
  15. For now use Sodusproam.com, the other site should be up by tomorrow, I'm being told that there can be a couple days before changes take effect
  16. people were still using the old site so over the past few weeks we bought the old one and linked it with the new one causing a brief down time, but everything is now up and running and entry forms are available online, sorry for the inconvenience
  17. RD I think you hit it on the head, do what brings you success and take advantage of each hit and you guys will do fine. The Lake Erie boys have been doing great for a number of years on the west end, and I'm sure once you experience this event you guys will be hooked
  18. The Sodus Point Pro/Am hopes everyone had a good holiday. Over the next couple months we will be busy getting everything together for what’s shaping up to be a very exciting year. As always we strive to provide anglers a unique experience with multiple ways to compete during your time in Sodus. This year we are excited to announce another way for teams to compete for an additional $1000. During the two days of the main event, we will host the Krenzer Marine three fish challenge. For teams not familiar with this style tournament, the object is to weigh 3 fish in 2 days with the heaviest 3-fish catch winning. The uniqueness of the 3 fish challenge is that it calls for strategy as teams can elect to weigh any number of their 3 tournament fish on day 1, however any fish weighed and counted on day 1 cannot be exchanged for a bigger fish caught on day 2. The best part of the Three Fish Challenge is that it will be absolutely FREE. The Dates will be as followed: Entry for free tournament drawing: Registration must be post marked by July 1st 1K/Day: July 13th-17th Captain Jack’s Shootout: July 15th Captain and Observer Meeting: July 15th 6 pm at the Sodus Point Firehouse Sodus Point Pro/Am: July 16th-17th Krenzer Marine Three Fish Challenge: July 16th-17th
  19. Thanks for posting nick! I was just about to do it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Congrats to blue sky with their 22.14 pound king Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. Today's winner was team krenzer marine with their 25.06 king. Congrats gentlemen Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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