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  1. There's another wreck just east of pultneyville that's in 120 that will take out your riggers
  2. Only on the east end ray... Time to listen to the participants
  3. 12 fish only 1 laker and only up to 4 atlantics on a side note if you get into a spot where you get more than 4 atlantics in a day I want the coordinates lol fun fish to catch for sure
  4. Nick your coming up for the fourth to fish right? If you haven't mailed it just bring it with you and drop it off at krenzers.... Although I'm sure if it goes out today we will have it on time
  5. Looks like we've had an explosion of interest that last few days and will have a good turn out for both division so if your on the fence about giving it a try come on down there will be plenty of people to meet, lots of sponsorship goodies up for grabs and as always the best port atmosphere around.
  6. Cash deadline in Sunday before and I'll only be collecting the money at the Oswego pro/am....or if your local by this Friday you could bring it to krenzers. If that doesnt work out pm me and i'll see what i can do. Ams won't be fishing in small craft, which I doubt you would want to anyways in a 17 foot boat. So what that means is for what ever amount of time you fish that day as long as its over two hours will count and then the next day will count too. Hope this helps.
  7. Friendly reminder that Mail in registration needs to be in by this Friday!
  8. Hey guys in need of an observer for the Oswego pro/am. Please pm me if interested
  9. 2thdoc you obviously haven't been on this site very long and should maybe think before posting?... For anyone considering the boat Rod has been a very helpful member for many years and have brought out many members on this site to fish.... I've personally have fished a couple tournys out of this boat and she is certainly a fish catcher.... Good luck rod and can't wait to see what lucky enuff 2 will be
  10. If only if could be found Vince.... Plus I doubt they would give it up lol..... And Tim yea I'll take the money at the captains meeting if that makes it easier for everyone.
  11. As July approaches I'd like to remind everyone that the mail-in deadline will be here before we know it. We’d like to encourage those who plan on attending to send in the registration as soon as possible as it will help us get everything finalized and help everything run as smooth as possible. Registrations are now coming in on a daily basis and we would like to thank those of you who have entered already. For such a late start, gaining sponsorships have been very successful and we would like to announce that with their support Sodus will be over a 100% payback tournament regarding cash and will have countless prizes to give away also.
  12. vinny, yes each team will receive confirmation that their forms and money were received.
  13. After many talks between Oswego and Sodus we have decided to do an overall east end cup. It will be $300 for the pros and $150 for the ams. To keep things simple it will simply be your overall score added from both tournaments. All interested parties can send checks to me with team name in the memo line. Address is: Matt leclair 798 jersey swamp rd West chazy, ny 12992
  14. Alright guys the rules have been finalized and will be posted on the website after the weekend when rod gets home from fishing Jon's brown trout derby. We've talked to a ton of teams for their input and the majority has ruled overwhelmingly. Here's the structure: Pro - 12 fish, (salmon and or trout) no communication, and mandatory observers AM - 7 fish (6 salmon and/or trout with one 1 bonus lake trout), No observer The pro/am series did our anglers an injustice by opening communication and getting rid of the am division. We will now reunite with Oswego and put eastern Lake Ontario on the map for competitive fishing tournaments. We are currently working on an eastern cup (aka closed comm. cup), and will have information out soon. Also we will bring back a much needed Am division with the rules that the vast majority have been asking for many years now.
  15. Hey guys we are in need of an observer for both west end pro/am's. Pm me if interested.
  16. Alright guys after tomorrows meeting we will post the rules and have more details to come.... Rest assured we are working hard and it will be a great event again this year, Let's get the word out and get this to be the biggest pro/am event!!! I know i can't wait to to be at the only port were you can literally park your car the day you get there and not have to start it back up til it's time to go home on sunday! Not to mention the great diverse fishing and the night life with multiple live bands!!
  17. Good luck this weekend guys, wish i could be there to compete. Jon puts on a fun tourny for sure
  18. hey guys, jeff zimmer (timeout) and I have talked and everything will be going on for sure. We will be talking to troy this weekend and either help him to make sure it happens or take it on ourselves. It will definitly be a can't miss event as sodus always is. This is my favorite port by far and we will make sure that this tournament continues. As for registration give us a week or so to get it up and running. We are currently decided whether to do an online payment thing (extra fees) or do a mail in type deal. More info to follow shortly but definitly have it on your calander.
  19. ya i figured after thinking about it...sure had me excited though lol
  20. Did Hell freeze over? as i look at the rules i see " Tournament boats are prohibited from all open water boat to boat contact unless it involvs law enforcement or an emergency."
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