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  1. mags were working well for us in the beginning of the season but over the last few weeks we noticed they wanted smaller spoons.
  2. got quite a bit of hull damage that is below the water line and at the moment it looks like its 50/50 for saturday and definitly no prefishing. For fish finder we have raymarine rl 80 c i believe. It came with the boat and so far i have been very happy with it. We marked a lot of fish in the 45-65 foot range but nothing deeper although we pulled fish below that
  3. unfortunately the new boat is getting repaired due to a faulty trailer. Not sure if it will even be fixed on time for the pro/am
  4. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 5-23 Time on Water: 6am-1pm Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: west and east of wilson LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: over 40 Total Boated: over 30 Species Breakdown: kings coho and steelies Hot Lure: big weenie mountain dew spook, artic blast, last brunch, warrior green oreo, puke frog and uv mixed veggie Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.7 Boat Depth: 80-325 Lure Depth: 35-110 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Banged in sick today from work and headed to Wilson to bring my buddy and his groomsman out fishing before he ties the knot this weekend. Hearing the dismal reports the last week or so I wasn’t expecting the day that we had. We set out around 6 and headed slight west were the plan was to set down in 80 fow and troll northeast until I found them. Well as luck had it we sat down right on top of them and for the next hour and a half we pound kings and coho’s until the screen started to shut down around 8. Our program most of the day included two riggers. one rigger had a big weenie mountain spook and spinny and the other had a warrior green oreo(which was a stud today), two 300 coppers with a warrior uv mixed veggie and a warrior puke frog, a couple dipsy’s pulling spinnys and big weenie last brunch and artic blast. After the screen dried up we headed north east with a slow pick the whole way out to 325 where we found the mother load of kings coho and steelies. The bite last all the way til 1 where they wanted to head in to grab some food and rest before hitting the bars for some drinks this evening. Out deep we found that the big boys were coming 35 to 55 down and anything below that were skippys and nice steelies, a first for me as I’ve never experienced getting steelies and coho deeper than kings.
  5. Due to a new job our observer back out for the niagara and orleans tournaments If anyone is interested please pm me.
  6. see this boat every year i'm in wilson. it will make someone a very nice greatlake boat. Good luck billy
  7. Kevein, Are we getting anything in the mail regarding tee-shirts and extra food tickets this year?
  8. Like the others have said it sounds like your good to go with your equipment. Only thing i would add is big split shots or 1 ounce sinkers to get your spoons down a little off of the boards as the day goes on, especially out in the 20-40 fow range. I would mix it up with one side being bright color lures and one side being neutral colors and let the fish tell you what they want. Anywhere from the little salmon to oswego will most likely be good just cover water until you find them. Anywhere from 10 15 fow to 40 fow will be where you want to target. 10 would vary leader length from 50 to 150 feet back. If you can find some stained water off the little creeks or around the points it will most likely be holding some fish.
  9. I would definitly have a passport on hand after going through their BS last year. I would also call customs before you leave the dock if you plan on heading into canada, i believe yankee has posted the number a couple times here in the pass. Believe me you want to cover yourself from having to pay grand to have your boat released.
  10. And thats the reason my friends why the old boat had to go......
  11. lol the new boat will be revealed at the WHI
  12. Observer needed for the WHI . If interested please PM on this board. We pay 100 for the event. Thanks
  13. Al, I took a look at many of these boats a couple years ago. For fishing and comfort they were a decent compromise.
  14. A big thanks to tim and company once again i had a great time!
  15. up until a few years ago our team was an am team...although we did well we never won the challenge cup or a tourny for that matter in fact our best finish was third a couple times, yet in the last 5 pro/ams on the pro side we've placed in 3 of them...it just goes to show that any team can compete. With the boxes many of the am's bring in i know for a fact they would be in the money. When it comes down to it the tournament committee has done a great job leveling the playing field to the best of their ability so every team can be competitive and have a good chance to get a check during the weekend. For the am teams... You guys can definitely compete you need to be confident in yourselves and be decisive with your decisions. some days you will definitely get your butts handed to you but that happens to everybody. Plus with the new rules you can go out the next day and redeem yourself and still get money out of it. For teams that pull out now it’s not a fairness issue …its just an excuse.
  16. Thanks guys... I plan on putting it atleast on walleye board i was surprised at the amount of cherokees out on erie. ~matt
  17. With a bigger boat in mind we are sadly putting the Oh-Baby Cherokee up for sale. This boat has performed flawlessly the last three years and has taken everything Lady O has thrown at her, I'm sure Rod can attest to that with the 70 MPH winds we experienced in St. Catherines. The boat is 27' with a 9'4" beam. It has a mercruiser 350 mag IO with a jack shaft which opens up the back of the boat for fishing. This engine will top out around 31 to 33 mph and cruise nicely at 27. Oil has been changed every 50 hours and only the best oil is used, Ams oil 100 % synthetic. We will leave the boat fully rigged, which includes: Lowrance HDS 10 with airmar thru hull transducer. Fish-hawk x-4 3 scotty downriggers propack eletric downriggers Raymarine vhs radio Clarion am/fm cd player 6 berts rod holders, 3 each side. 4 cannon rod holders along the back Beaver trol hydralic trolling plate, nothing like the cheap ones for sale these days. This slows our trolling spped down to 1.4, and allows you to control your trolling speed by a tenth. Great lakes planer adjustable rocket launcher. Trailer specifically for this boat's hull included which was totally redone this year. and more Price: 39,900 for pictures Email me at [email protected]
  18. I have to say since we went to fish hawk this year 10 times better than the old depth raider...i hope they didn't go out of business
  19. I think by looking at the poll results that this is pretty much a view by a few and not the majority. I have to ask however, is this complaint coming from local guys? Because this rule wouldn't level the playign field, it helps the local guy out who knows every little bit of structure that holds fish even during crap weather....ie the east winds we had.
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