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  1. Thanks for the info....how deep should i run my riggers....dont have down speed and temp.....what anout surface speed......how fast... Thamks again for the info.... Woody5442
  2. Going out in the morning with the kids....any sugestions on were to start...havent been out in 2 weeks....any help would be appreciated... Woody5442
  3. Wanted to know if its sold....i see someone sent u a pm... im intrested in [email protected]
  4. Yep a thanks from me too....going out in the AM out of Bear creek.......
  5. Going out in the morning with the boys....anybody got a starting point were I can start for kings....dont have a down temp so a starting point would be good....want to put the boys on a few kings befor I have surgery on my hand....let me know...I seen that purple was good yesterday so going to start with that color and go from there....thinking about starting in 120 FOW and head north....figure 60 to 100 would set my riggers at....figure 2.5-2.7 surface speed....any help would be appreciated...Thanks for the help in advance.... Woody5442
  6. Aint that the truth....new day new adventure......and what pissed me off about the whole thing is the cop was just being a total ass about it too.....walked around the truck, around the boat, looked inside the truck, looked inside the boat....He ran everything everything came back ok....I think he was just in one of those moods were damit someones going to get a ticket.....told him I must have lost it on the road somewere....so besides going to pugslys for a belt....I have to go to Lyons to the DMV for a new plate.....aint it grand...... Woody5442
  7. I got home early todayfrom a Dr appointment....was told have to have another surgery on my hand next week so Ill be done fishing for the season and decided to hook the boat up an go out for a little father son time with my oldest... told him no Ipod and No cell phone....He rolled his eyes at me....and reluctently said ok dad....well gotthe boat in the water and reached for the bin that i Have all our fishing gear in and its not were I told the 16 yr old to put it.....ooops sorry dad......ok so back to the house to get the bin.......on the way back to the launch got pulled over by a trooper......oohh no licence plate....were the hell did that go.....ticket for no plate......down to the launch we go.......back her in get her started,,,,,,pull rods out hook everything up....hey alex pick out 4 spoons you want to try.......uuummmm weres the spoon box......well dad thought you got it.....nope told you to put them both in the boat.....load everything back up and head back for home.....got the spoon box...back to the launch....everything ready to go....pull out and wham.....alternator belt blows.......somebody just didnt want me to go fishing today......only bright side was glad the altornator belt blew 50 feet from the dock and not out in 300 FOW......loaded everthing back up....home we went dropped the boy off at a friends house...went home tried to peice together the belt so I could get another from advance auto but no luck there either so to Pugsleys I go tomorrow.....maybe i can get out tomorrow arternoon....I really hope tomorrows a better day.... Woody5442
  8. All, Ive seen the anchor at hughes but never knew that there was a wreck there.....Ill have to go to youtube and look at the wreck video.....guess it might be bennificial for me to invest the 100 bucks into a navtronics card for my GPS...... Woody5442
  9. Yep thate were I was....I went due north to 30 FOW and started due east......Glad to know that there is a wreck there.....Thanks for the info.....I was at the back of the boat when It happened setting a rigger when it happened so didnt see my screen..... Woody5442
  10. Yah...not sure if it was a sunken log or what.....but its gone now....I did see a fraken tree....a whole tree maybe 75 ft long a foot around floating out there....didnt see it till I was almost on it....that was the first ball that I have lost but getting ready to go to bass pro here in a few.....so new ball....new cable....new release....and new terminal accesories....100 bucks.....going fishing on the Big O Priceless......
  11. Was on the lake at 515am for the brown bite which was almost non existant....went 1 for 2 with a 15 lb brown....lost another while we were fighting the first brown...gave the poles to my 2 boys....the 11 yr old was fighting the the brown and the right rigger went off...so I gave the other pole to the 10 yr old and he thought he had to set the hook....he does alot of pond fishing with his grandmother.....well that fight was over as soon as it started....was done by 830....dam flies were horrid and it was starting to heat up.... Both fish on riggers in 30 FOW down 15......one on NK28 Watermellon, and the othe on NK28 Monkey Puke....went out a little deeper and found good bait at 40 and 50.....didnt mark many fish.....Might be out tomorrow depends on if I can get my right rigger fixed.........lost a ball....release and about 100foot of cable not sure why.......was in 30 fow and that rigger was down 20 and I look up and see the cable almost strait out.......tried to back up but didnt wat to wrap it up in the prop and have to go swimming so I elected to cut the cable.... Woody5442
  12. Rad, Nice fish... Just got my boat fixed so I will be taking my boys out first thing tomorrow, going to start on the browns...From what Im reading they will be in 30 fow....then once the sun comes out heading out deeper and stat working for kings...Havent been out in 2 yrs so if your out send me a text at 585-519-5175....We should really try to get all the guys that fish out of bearcreek together for a meet and greet...I can remember about 5 yrs ago or so that it was either on a monday or wednesday night everyone would get together and see who could catch the biggest fish...for bagging rights of course.....and its like anything you do it gets easier the more you do it....have fun and be safe talk to you later.... Tracy Woodhams AKAWoody5442
  13. Ok from what Im gathering from reading some of the posts most of the people that are hunting are not hunting in the apple orchards here in Wayne County. I stopped hunting here in Walworth about 4 yrs ago due to the fact that the Apple farmer across the street shoots deer all summer long and then takes the deer down to the corner of the apple field and burns them..Now I have asked to hunt on his land and he has told me no on a couple occations that I have asked. I have talked to the DEC and they have told me that what he is doing is totally legal and it pisses me off to no end because there are truely very few deer here... So I can see his point. I now go down to my parents house were I grew up in Stueben County around Wayland and Dansville. Down there I saw 35 deer opening day and shot a 125 Lb doe. Saw two big bucks fighting out in a field and had a great time. My next door neighbor has 100 acres and he saw one yearling all bow season and (1) 4 point that he shot and 2 doe all gun season. Now thats just one farmer just think what all the other farmers are doing. I do not agree with this Nucence(sp) permits that the DEC are giving out there shoud be a stipulation on the permits that state that if you dont let ppl hunt on your land then you loose them. But that is just my two cents
  14. My Triducer went in my 840...anyone got an extra for sale had it tested and its shot...Thanks Woody5442
  15. Ok, we will see you out there my radio isnt working right give me a call on my cell 585-415-6965. Good luck tomorrow... Woody5442
  16. Hey all, Yep we will be down at the south end tomorrow...We went out there this morning and there was nobody there at 6 am...We went 2 for 10 today lost alot of fish today all came from 70 down to 100 trolling at 1.8. Most of the bit cam befor 9am and then after that it shut down. Both were nice fat lakers one 8 lbs and the biggest was 28 inches and 12 lbs. well we will see you our there my boat is the see ma and give me a call on my cell 585-415-6965 since this is only the 2nd time I have fished canandaigua Lake... See you all tomorrow Woody5442
  17. Ok guys here is my tail of whoa...I have been hunting with these 2 guys that I thought were my friends, fished with them this year I talked to one of them 2 weeks before deer season to make sure that we were good for deer season and he said yep were are good to go...he said Ohh by the way I moved your 2 treestands to better spots...Since He did the scouting this year due to me working alot...well called him last week and no answer... called the ofther one...and no answer...well after calling and texting no answer...so I went to there house were the no longer live....Went out to the property in Chili, treestands are gone and come to find out I no longer have permission to hunt there. So my 2 treestands,and my Marlin .22 that I lent them to go squirl hunting are gone. So if anyone needs a hunting partner in the walworth area, hell ill drive werever I can to hunt now. I have a 4 wheeler and all the hunting equipment minus treestands... So if anyone needs someone to hunt with let me know...Drop me a line here or at [email protected]
  18. I just pulled my boat out of the water from Pultneyville. I was told that you need to get to the car wash to get the slime off befor it dries or it will turn into cement and you will never get it off. Went to the carwash in williamson and cant get the slime to come off. By the time I got it home in Walworth the crap was dried on, what do I do now? Took my power washer and tried to get the crap off but the bottem is stained need some help form the allmighty LOU people. Woody5442
  19. Had another reel break tonight, the clicker doesnt work now, really starting to piss me off... Woody5442
  20. Went out tonight started fishing around 6:15. Set up in 100 fow and trolled north. 1st fish came in 215 fow down 60 on a green glow frog, it was a small 10oz, (yes ounce not pounds) fish didnt even release. trolled out to 300 fow marked alot of bait and alot of fish. Turned around and trolled back south hit 290 down 70 green and yellow pirate and rigger goes off, fish on. Had a newbie in the boat, first king takes out lots of line no clicking on the reel, clicker broke on the Okuma Magda Pro, I am beginning to think that they are junk... Got the fish in 20 lb king. Trolled down to 200 started to pull the lines and rigger goess off couldnt get to it fast enough, fish gone... and that was the end of the night... off the water by 8:30 ended the night 2 for 4 in 2 1/2 hrs. Just pisses me off that these reels arn't lasting, seems like every trip something goes wrong with them... Think that I am going to take Saturday off and get some things done around the house. Got alot of wood to pile, so good luck to all, Ill be back out on Sunday ready to go... Woody5442
  21. Gambler, You know for my first season on the lake, they were a good deal, got 4 rods and 4 reels for 150, couldnt really pass it up... yey I am going to get rid of the reels and go to diwa reels, everyone uses them and they are not that expensive.. I am going to contact Okuma tomorrow and see what they want to do about it. Thanks for the advice any advice on what Diawa to go to. Woody5442
  22. Rich, Yeh we are doing pretty good but you know just want to try some of those little things that put maybe one or 2 more fish in the boat. For my first season on the lake I have learned so much from this message board. I have also learned that everyone has their own way of doing things. Woody5442
  23. Woody, Was the Magda Pro, drag went threw the reel spool into a rats nest took almost an hour to get the fish in, I was suprised that we got him in, and I saved my NK 28DL watermellon... Woody5442
  24. Rich, Thanks for the info, I will try it next time I am out... Again thanks... Woody5442
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