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  1. Not a bear hunter. Only shoot them with the camera. Like to eradicate the yotes though.
  2. Pictures from my camp in northwestern Pa. Not happy about the yotes, deer population around our property is finally coming back after a decade of downswing.
  3. Fantastic. Now if I only had a place to hunt in Wayne Co. I would be gold.
  4. Done and done. Had a tri-axle brought in and made it look like it snowed. Ph is perfect and good to go for exactly what & where we want. Already talked with as local a guy as I could and he's not in the best of health so no guarantee for the spring for plowing for us. Just looking to see if there was anyone on here that was even close to the area who could use the extra cash as a back up.
  5. I don't know if this is the best place, or way, to approach this but here goes anyway. Even with hunting season in swing right now me and my buddies are looking to next year. We are looking for someone with the equipment necessary to plow up a food plot at our hunting cabin as we do not own or have access to the required equipment ourselves.. Looking for around 1 - 2 acres in total area. Cash money will be payed after an agreed upon price which we will agree to before the start of any work. PM me with any inquiries and I will get back to you. Our camp is down in Pa in the Tionesta area. Thanks in advance for any replies. Nate NRA - Life Member ><((((((º> ><((((º> ><((((((º>
  6. Fished off this boat many times. Great boat for catching sharks and in the tournaments Will be sad to see it move on Jeff...
  7. Utica was what I meant to type. Why on earth I wrote Ithica, I haven't a clue. Thanks for the info though Rick.
  8. Found two of these in the basement. Both are three piece and one is complete in a fabric sheath. One is a little beat but the other is in very good condition and says "Ike Walton" on it. Anyone familiar with these fly rods?? Probably belonged to my grandfather and was curoius if anyone on here might have any more insight than what I have been able to "Google". Thanks
  9. For anyone getting ready to load up the woodpile at the camp this fall, here you go. Pro saw. 18" Bar. Awesome saw, only used five or six times (light use) since purchased. Very low hours. Bar oil, gas mix, case and an extra chain. Recently professionally tuned and ready to run. Motivated seller. Need the $ and just don't use it near enough to justify keeping it. Nate 315-359-8454. $300 or make me an offer. This is a $600 saw new.
  10. Agree, little tough to tell but looks like a Bowfin to me.
  11. Sold - Pending Payment Machine is a BEAST. GPS never worked for me but really never needed it anyway. Comfortably rides 2 ANYWHERE!! Perfect hunting machine. Comes with the plow set-up too. Replaced the winch cable with Spectra and this also works mint. Has 52 hrs on the machine total. Only selling to work on getting a camper. Sad to see it go. Asking $8,500. Call Nate at 315-945-8884 E-Mail [email protected]
  12. Just read about this "rule" yesterday. What a bunch of B.S. Good luck in the tourney. I will still be stuck here in England, which also sucks. Fishing season is already over for the summer for me. You guys will probably be better off anyway. Read about the win too. Congrats. One of these years I hope to get to go catch a few Browns with you guys. All I need to do is get a jobs that permits having a life. Later, nate
  13. Guy I used to work with. http://blog.syracuse.com/outdoors/2009/ ... -poin.html
  14. 08' Hoyt Katera XL Bow is basically brand new, never been in the woods. Just need to sell. Bow comes with the following: Black Gold Flashpoint site Fuse drop-away rest Hoyt Triflex Stabilizer Hoyt quick detach quiver 1 Dozen Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket Arrows with Blazers Bag Target Scott Archery Caliper Release Bow and arrows were purchased and professionally set up at Heritage Archery in Phelps by Mike Price. Asking $800 or best offer for everything. Was well over $1,300 when purchased last year. Just need to sell. Call or PM me. Nate (315)- 945-8884
  15. Has this turned in to a who's your team thread or what????
  16. Who do we contact to give the information of a potential sponsor to. The owner of the company that I work for is an avid outdoorsman and contributor to the community and would be interested in getting his company involved as a sponsor. I have given him the names of people to contact in the past but all his past attempts to contact tournament officials have not panned out. Nate Team Member - Coldwater Affair
  17. Ditto on the estimated weights, and more importantly, Congrats on your success!! Nate
  18. What? Not letting the cat out of the bag on that hot new leadcore rig set-up! Hah!
  19. Been using this one that I found on the net for years, everyone seems to love it that tries it. I use saturated apple for the wood in the smoker. Don't forget a few "s for yourself as you monitor the smoker. Enjoy. Hunsicker's BRINE RECIPE This one is a favorite among the 962nd AWACS' fisherpeople on Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage and was provided by Rob and Stephanie Casagrande. In a large bowl or pot mix the following until the sugar & salt has dissolved as much as possible: 2 C. Water 3 C. Apple Juice 1 C. Brown Sugar 1/2 C. Honey 2 Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce 1/2 C. Salt 1 Tsp. Accent 3 Bay Leaves (I usually use 4 cups of apple juice to one cup of water. But keep the ratio close to the recipe no matter how big a batch you are using.) Fillet your salmon and cut into chunks, 2-3 inches long by 2-3 inches wide. Once you try a batch you will figure out the right measurements for your strips. Put the salmon in the brine and let soak completely covered at least 12 hours but longer is better, usually overnight. When the brining is complete, take your salmon out of the brine and let air dry on some paper towels meat side up. Prepare your Smoker Before putting the salmon on the racks of the smoker, put tin foil under the each rack letting it sag a little to catch the drippings and keep the drippings from creating a huge mess of your smoker. Preheat your smoker without smoker chips. Once the smoker is hot, take the salmon and toss them in a bowl of brown sugar to coat them, then lay them on the racks with a little separation between pieces. I usually use smoking material/chips for the first 2-3 hours, usually about 2-3 pans of material or what ever your smoker uses to hold the chips. Continue to smoke for about a total of 12 hours. The smoking time depends on how cold it is outside; my father-in-law used to place the smoker back into the box it came in to keep the smoker warmer. You can tell when the salmon is done by breaking apart apiece. Personal taste dictates how dry you like it. Good luck!
  20. Bob, Sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences go out to you and your family. I personally know how hard it is to lose your father having lost my own at the young age of 47. It is never easy, my prayers are with you, and yours. Sincerely, Nathan Bates Team Member - Coldwater Affair
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