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  1. Getting closer Still looking for newer and prefer gas over diesel. Also, think bigger! Check us out on our Lake Ontario Fishing - Ruff Rider Facebook group!
  2. We have been looking at both... main reasons we chose gas are: Ability to do work myself or easily find mechanic Convenience of gas stations Cost for potential repairs Theresa gets seasick at the slightest smell of fumes Reasons we considered diesels: Better gas mileage Better reliability Faster speed
  3. Thanks, I have no problem following speed limits... bettet watch Theresa though
  4. Looking 1995 or newer. Doing some research and I think the canal would take 3 days to Oswego and then a day to Sodus.
  5. Not looking for a project boat... with our limited time up here and a 6hr drive, we need something reliable that doesn't take up all of our time.
  6. 31-36ft. We were pretty set on a boat and then looked at the downstairs of a 01 cruisers... hard to find a luxurious downstairs with fishing room upstairs.
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