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  1. Lots of additional pictures on our Salmon Slam facebook page! An amazing day for the 7th annual Salmon Slam. A lot of fish early in 120fow and then a steady bite out in 300+. Thank you to all of you whom volunteered your time, boats, and gear to take our 32 Veterans out fishing today!
  2. Fish being caught this morning a bit deeper over 130fow. We had to head in due to a parking issue, but we got a few!
  3. No unfortunately I need to work today and tomorrow, but I'll be at Arney's for the 3pm weigh in. I've been hearing the two best options right now are either in the less than 60FOW or 250+ fow areas. Lots of cold water, so leave your lures high.
  4. The weather looks good for tomorrow's BFF! Just a reminder that weigh in on Friday for BFF will be at Arney's Marina at 3PM. Anyone still wanting to fishing it needs to pay by 6am Friday morning.
  5. Thank you Koyote Ugly for this year's Salmon Slam spoon! Every Captain will receive one at check in and the largest fish caught on it will win a prize!
  6. Registration for the Salmon Slam is complete, thank you to everyone who has volunteered to take a Veteran out on Saturday! If you can't do the Slam on Saturday, but want to fish Big Fish Friday, you still can! Just drop me a PM.
  7. Nice job out there Abe! I missed not fishing the kings heavily in the ProAm this year, but needing 12 fish makes it tough not to try for browns! We also didn't want to fish in what we figured would be some nasty waves out deep
  8. Excellent news, a big thank you to Sarah Chilson and the LOC team as all of our Healing Waters Veterans participating in Saturday's event will be entered into the LOC Summer Derby! Please remember that everyone on the boat needs to be entered for the Veterans to qualify and one day passes are available. http://www.loc.org
  9. So far so good! I need rudder extensions though. AC downstairs, not upstairs. We don't really need it very often up top. It has closed cooling, no need to winterize the blocks, just the exhaust.
  10. You can pay via paypal ([email protected]), but please add a note with your team name. Or PM me for drop off options.
  11. For anyone that might be interested, several of us are meeting for dinner Friday night at 630PM at Marlins Restaurant in Sodus Point. If you'd like to join, just call up and make a reservation for your party and tell them you're with the Salmon Slam so they seat you with the group.
  12. It's at least the secret to keep Theresa happy and fishing with me [emoji16]
  13. It was a much tougher weekend out of Sodus. The water temp is stable from 50-650fow and the fish were spread out. The key was to find a school of fish and work them. 60-90 depths produced kings, browns, steelies, and lakers this weekend with no real rhyme or reason.
  14. After a few tangles with leadcore, I prefer to untangle... errr use, copper.
  15. Don't forget the correct color of underwear!
  16. Green green green and green, but not until end of July.
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