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  1. Sorry guys, just saw this. I will be creating a new thread shortly, trying to resolve a few items first!
  2. Perhaps it is looking for a software upgrade? Sent from my SM-N950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. They had them on back order when I called and they weren't sure when they would be coming. I needed to get the transducer on before launch this week, so spent the $100 extra. Great deal they have though! Sent from my SM-N950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Maybe I'm thinking Scottys, but the right price on Cannons could change my mind!
  5. Ok guys, has anyone seen any good black friday deals on downriggers or dual axis rod holders?
  6. I really love my GO7, but wish I had gotten the GO9 or even the NSS9 so I had a button control while underway. It is fast, accurate, and show's way too many fish that I can't catch. The base maps are also good enough to not need a chip. Never thought I'd use the totalscan transducer, but my buddy lost his anchor in the bay a couple of weeks ago...
  7. The ladies made the decision to pull out the meat... deploying it on a rigger now...
  8. Nice coho on a uv brown trout spoon. We are working on our all girls team today... if you aren't watching the live vids on facebook, you really should... these girls are a hoot!
  9. 60-70fow, slammim browns. Spoons on riggers and free sliders. 4 in the last 5 mins. We pulled and are headed in now though.
  10. I'm probably wrong... we always call the ones with a bright stripe down the side domestics...
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