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  1. I currently run a 16' Crestliner, it has a 2004 30hp 4stroke Johnson. I do a lot of trolling with it and run all of the accessories of my 27series crank battery (electric downriggers, sonar/gps, Sub Troll, VHF radio, ect..) These are all hardwired indivually (with inline fuses). The house (lights, bilge, livewell) and motor came indpendently wired together. Ive been running like this for a few seasons now with no issues but am considering adding a second (smaller) 12v battery for the trolling accessories. Is it neccessary? If I choose to add a second battery, what would be the best way to go about doing it so that the alternator would charge both?
  2. Going to be re-vamping my electronics this winter on my Crestliner. I plan to run a Lowrance lcx-15 as my sonar and a Eagle 642c iGPS or 502c iGPS as my chartplotter and back up sonar. As it stands,they both will have 200khz transducers (will be mounted approx. 3 feet apart) and will be wired to run off the same battery. So should I be expecting one to interfere with the other? I dont plan to have the Eagle in sonar mode, but the transducer and power cable for that unit are one.
  3. looking for an Eagle 642c iGPS or 502c iGPS head unit would appreciate any leads please
  4. the entry was a pleasure just trying to create awareness we appreciate catching your stocked fish very much as well
  5. here's little write up on whats happening along the north shore hope you enjoy it http://straitlineanglers.blogspot.com/
  6. SLA’s SALMON NIGHT Come out and hear Karl Chmilnitzky (2010 Scotty Lake Ontario King Of the Lake) and captain of Team Two Fish as he shares about his success for Lake Ontario Salmon trolling. Lots of Q&A as we get set for another season on the big water. ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND Tues April 5th, 7pm @ the Grimsby Legion (basement) 233 Elizabeth St www.straitlineanglers.com [pre][/pre]
  7. whats the issue? perhaps one of the Scotty Pro Staff could help you and avoid the shipping?
  8. north of the border, but a huge 'Cuse hoops fan as well i'll root for 'em on the gridiron as well, but I have a soft soft for the Oregon Ducks though... Joey Harrington & Onterrio Smith hooked me 10 yrs ago, heart breaker on Monday night, but Chip Kelley is a solid coach & they should recruit very well for the next while,
  9. Wishing you a very Merry Christams and a safe & successful 2011 season on our favourite lake!
  10. Im interested rapala would you have a photo of them?
  11. looking for a pair of downrigger risers... must be at least 5" high
  12. thought maybe this might involve into an interesting discussion so im kinda wondering why there seems to 2 different types of tournies on Lake O... pro/ams & others along the US south shore seem to often be multi species and larger boxes in Ontario (northshore) nearly all 1 or 2 day team tournies seem to be salmon only with boxes being 3-6 fish. Can anyone elborate why this seems to be? i dont neccessarily think one type is better/worse then the other....
  13. thanks andy i have 1st edition of the Big water precision book, havent got the 2nd one yet
  14. what is the general rule of thumb for running one of these rigs (16 oz and 30lb wire @ 2.5mph) i thought it was 3:1 ( 150ft out should be 50 ft down?) thanks
  15. looks good Maverick... definetly a lot of thought & work has gonna into this Nothing wrong with a little friendly North vs South competition the addition of Canadian scales would also add more monies to the pot
  16. will there be any weigh stations on the Canadian shores?
  17. hoping it returns as well... in 2008 we had the Salmon masters derby for May & June... paid $500 daily and had some other bonus prizes as well... was pretty well run by Andy & the CSFL group
  18. i only run black when im running a flasher/fly or meat ill throw on a colored one if a clean spoon is behind the diver
  19. im on the lookout for a pair of used Bg Jon electric riggers preferably the tourny models, but would settle for a reliable pair of the standard Captains pack preferably with 4' tilt arms & dual rod holders... swivel bases would be nice to have but arent necessary thanks!
  20. A few of us Canadian's made a boys getaway weekend out of it all - took in the seminars, flea market & a trip to Gander Mountain a good way to get all primed up for the upcoming season... thanks to all who had a hand in putting it all together shouldnt be much longer & we can go play with the trout
  21. Booogitty Booogitty Booogittty!!! I am thinking that both Kenseth & Gordon wanted to make up for sub par '08 seasons... so i think one of them will take it tommorow... In my opinion, this really is the year that we will see if the 88 really has it in him to seriously contend for a championship
  22. I have a pair of 8' Medium action sticks with Convector 20 lc reels & 12lb mono... these are used for spring browns, Erie walleyes, and are blast for clean spoon'n bows & nooks!
  23. I have a lightly used unit for sale, still in great condition - included withe the unit is the USB cable, wrist strap, micro SD card, user manua & the Trip/Waypoint manager software CD Ill trade for 2 used Okuma Convector 30 LC reels or a reasonable cash offer
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