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  1. i got this one last year... nice features, decent price... Bluetooth plays music off your phone easily http://www.basspro.com/Boss-Audio-Systems-AM/FM-Bluetooth-Stereo-with-4-Speakers/product/1408051323/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT
  2. it works, splice a 20-30 ft section of 20lb test mono or floro (or whatever you want) that way the braid dosent go in the release and you get a little stretch
  3. Definitely an important yet quick and simple safety practice we should all do, but I too am guilty of not doing it much nowadays... It certainly isnt hard for a cellphone to suddenly crap out or go overboard.. Here in the Canadian SW section of the lake we lost a fellow angler, who was fishing solo in an aluminum boat last week. It's easy to be lazy or complacent and we shouldnt need these tragic occurrences to help us reevaluate our on the water habits.
  4. Tip of the hat to Kevin and his whole team for putting together another first class event. Congratulations to the teams who adapted and were able to put together good boxes.
  5. In clear and green water, the various Live Target smelt baits have been very productive. Juvenile BaitBall jerk baits too.
  6. Lake Ontario Fisheries (Zone 20) 2015 Public Information Sessions Whitby - Tuesday March 17 - 6:30 – 10:00 pm Centennial Building Theater, 416 Centre St. South, Whitby Port Credit - Saturday March 21 - 1:00pm – 5:00 pm Clarke Memorial Hall, 161 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga (Port Credit) Grimsby - Thursday March 26 - 6:30 – 10:00 pm Town Hall (Council chambers), 160 Livingston Ave., Grimsby Belleville - Tuesday April 21 - 6:30 – 10:00 pm Fairfield Inn (Churchill room), 407 North Front St., Belleville Cornwall - Wednesday April 22 - 6:30 – 10:00 pm Best Western (Cabaret Ballroom), 1515 Vincent Massey Dr., Cornwall Free Admission Agenda Status of Lake Ontario fisheries including the Bay of Quinte: (Including preliminary results from the tributary angler survey). Proposed Lake Ontario Fish Stocking Plan 2015. Depending on location - updates for Hamilton Harbour, Urban Recreational Fisheries Plan and Lake St. Francis
  7. time and place for all line types... braid and mono shines for divers early and late when in skinny water... braid also is great for hos and bows mid summer pulling a fast spread out in the blue... of course nothing beats wire most of the season pulling flies and and meat
  8. I prefer Okuma 7' Classic leadcore rods : No frills, durable, big eyes, great price
  9. Buy 2 combo units, same model and size. You will appreciate having a dedicated unit for GPS and sonar and you can split screen and have a back up if you ever need it...
  10. The St Catharines Game & Fish Association is very proud to present its 40th Annual Spring Salmon Derby for 2015. To celebrate this milestone we have added more prizes to the field! We have doubled the prize placing’s on our leader board to 40. There has also a new weekly biggest Salmon Prize. The biggest Salmon entered each week (Saturday to Friday) will win a different $150 value prize package from our various sponsors. There has been a new Junior Division created for anglers 15 and under, where the biggest Salmon, Brown, rainbow and Lake Trout will each win a $50 value prize package. This Division will function the same as our Members Division where the same fish cannot be entered on the main leaderboard. The Member’s Division will again award a Scotty 1116 Pro Pack Electric Downrigger for the biggest Salmon, as well as a $300 prize package for each of the biggest Brown, Rainbow & Lake Trout. All those who purchase a ticket, will qualify to win a Scotty 2116 High Performance Electric Downrigger. Our tickets prices haven’t changed at all! Single $35, Family $40, Boat Ticket (this also covers the captain as an individual if he/she is fishing on another boat) $175 There is also a new option to purchase a Daily Ticket for $15. Tickets and memberships will also be available to purchase online (details on this coming soon) The “3x3 Port Dalhousie Salmon Classic†is back gain to run May 16-18 (details coming soon!) The Summer Salmon & Trout Derby will be back and run from June 13 - Aug 8 The Fall Derby will be back and will run Aug 15 - Sept 18 All of our derby prizes will be awarded on Friday September 25 at the Port Dalhousie Legion Finally we would like to invite everyone to attend our next General Meeting on Monday March as we are excited to have â€Moby†Nick Foxcroft of the Bill Collector Sportfishing team as our guest speaker. As many know, Nick is a very experienced charter captain and tournament angler, and was the 2012 overall KING OF THE LAKE season champion. This meeting is free for all to attend and begins at 730pm. There will be some door prizes, 50/50 draw, cash bar, as well as news and updates from the club.
  11. I think Walker might have been the last to manufacture the "twist" style downrigger rod. This was maybe about 5 years ago.... ?
  12. Stick baits behind planer boards and flatlined have long been a mainstay in the early spring along Canada's south shore for kings in 10-40 fow. Yet as YT noted the skinny water bite doesn't seem to last as long as it once did, and anglers are now able to run spoons in shallow effectively with divers and short cores.
  13. Trim down old fly bodies, then peg or crimp them
  14. A good crew of Canadians made our annual trek across the river to take in the weekend. As always its a great time to catch up with fellow anglers and friends, pick up some more gear and get the blood flowing. Thanks again to the whole LOTSA team and those involved with the main show. It seems to be growing!
  15. A-TOM-MIK ultra green/glow with white glow/green flasher was quite consistent this past season. Hammer pattern flies behind white glow crush was good, as was the good ol Green Crinkle behind green/chrome flashers when the sun was up...
  16. copper for flashers core for spoons
  17. Agreed, I prefer shorter sticks myself. I have used the 7' Classics for some short coppers and they have done well so far.
  18. Okuma Classic 7' leadcore rods. Good action, durable, big eyes & you cant beat the price
  19. Tried out a couple Coldwaters last year while on my partner's boat and I am now going to add some to my lineup. Mind you between myself and 4 other friends our combined 100 or so various sized Convectors have seen heavy use for tournaments & charters and have been flawless over the last 7 years.
  20. For those interested, at the next Strait Line Anglers Club Meeting on Tues Nov 4, the guest speaker is going to be Andy Todd. Andy is the Manager of the Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources Lake Ontario Management Unit. He will present information regarding the Lake Ontario Stocking Program and there will also be a Q & A session. It will all begin at 7pm at the Grimsby Legion. There will also be door prizes, 50/50 draw, club news, and the cash bar.
  21. For those who may be interested. These derbies are run by the St Catharines Game & Fish Association, and while they are not limited to, they generally focus on the SW Canadian waters and are open to everyone to compete. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Friday we enjoyed a fine evening celebrating the past season and presenting the awards to the winners in our Spring, Summer & Fall Derbies. Thank you to Port Dalhousie Legion for hosting us and for putting on a delicious fish fry dinner. Jordan Beck was the Winner of the Scotty High Performance Electric Downrigger draw prize. Congratulations to all the winners of our derbies this year. SPRING DERBY SALMON Pat Commerford 24lbs Jason Noble 21lbs 120z Kirk Costelco 21lbs 11oz Kevin Hampson 21lbs 10oz Brandon Ward 21lbs 3oz RAINBOW TROUT Kyle Coles, 12lbs 14oz Greg Amiel 12lbs 5oz Deryk Hastie 11lbs, 9oz Ken Harrington 11lbs 5oz Yvan Charrois 11lbs 3oz BROWN TROUT Antero Sousa 17lbs 12oz Chuck Climenhage, 16lbs 15oz Kevin Hampson, 13lbs 14oz Dave Hill, 13lbs 11oz Luc Meeber 13lbs 9oz LAKE TROUT Jason Noble 26lbs, 1oz Kevin Hampson, 24lbs 8oz Luc Meeber 23lbs 2oz Bruce Miller 22lbs, 15oz Dave Hill, 21lbs, 7oz MEMBERS DIVISION: Salmon: Ken York 20lbs 10oz Rainbow Trout: Ross Holland, 11lbs 12oz Lake Trout: Kevin Hampson, 26lbs, 13oz SUMMER DERBY SALMON KEVIN HAMPSON 31LBS 15 OZ STEVE JABLONSKI 29LBS 4 OZ JONATHON MINSON 28LBS 15 OZ JASON NOBLE 28LBS 3 OZ MIKE NEMKO 26 LBS 8 OZ RAINBOW TROUT RALPH HUGGINS 14LBS 2 OZ SHERRI HIPWELL 12LBS JOSHELINE SANCHEZ 11 LBS 14 OZ LUC MEEDOR 11 LBS 9 OZ JOHN MANN 11LBS 4 OZ BROWN TROUT KEVIN HAMPSON 12LBS 9 OZ MIKE NEMKO 12LBS 9 OZ ED HIPWELL 11 LBS 10 OZ ROB CHAMBERLAIN 11LBS 8 OZ LAKE TROUT JASON NOBLE 29LBS 10 OZ KEVIN HAMPSON 25LBS 3 OZ ROSS HOLLAND 24LBS 9 OZ ALEX HAY 24LBS 3 OZ LYLE GAYDER 24LBS * MEMBER'S DIVISION * SALMON STEVE JABLONSKI 28 lbs 11 oz RAINBOW TROUT KEN YORK 10LBS 12 OZ BROWN TROUT NO ENTRY LAKE TROUT KEVIN HAMPSON 22lbs 6oz FALL DERBY DAVE HILL 30 LBS 9 OZ KEVIN HAMPSON 29 LBS 6 OZ CARL GAME 28 LBS 8 OZ Thank You once again to all of our sponsors, weigh stations and ticket outlets. Scotty Downriggers Grimsby Tackle Peter's Tackle Olsen Sotile Insurance Brokers Certi Environmental TSC Stores Henry's Camera Live Target Lures Dreamweaver A-TOM-MIK MC Rockets Columbia Sportswear Pure Fishing Okuma Erie Tracker Outfitters Thundermist Lures THE ROD GLOVE Shark Cannon Balls Torpedo Divers Blood Run Tackle Kraun Electric Away Care Niagara Jordan Beacon Marina Fishermans Pier 2015 will bring the 40th anniversaryof our Spring Derby and we are already starting to plan it! Stay tuned. President Tom Copeland presenting the Presidents trophy to the Spring & Fall derby champions Pat Commerford & Dave Hill Link to the slide show for Awards Night photos : http://s253.photobucket.com/user/scgfa/slideshow/2014%20Prize%20presentation
  22. Speaking about Between Grimsby to the Bar, there has been some inconsistent early season paterns the last few years... Early season if there is coloured water, baits 7 temps, the waters inside 40 feet can be good for kings and a mix of trout. Stickbaits off boards, and spoons with core or riggers are standbyes. This can last for a few days to a few weeks depending on winds and water temps.
  23. Many of us Canadians made the annual pimgrimage over again. Big thanks to Tim, Joe, John & the whole LOTSa crew for your efforts and to all the vendors who came.
  24. ok thanks Spike yes both are 2000 compatable and I may likely upgrade the Global Map to a HDS 5 or something similar... Ive given that PDF a read... thanks!
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