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  1. Before you buy a temp and speed unit at Cabelas, try Mitchels on Lake Ave. I looked at Sub-troll 900 and their price beat Cabelas by alot.
  2. Thanks for your infor. Any suggestions for drop off locations or if you do not want to disclose, I understand. Thanks !! jim
  3. Anyone fish SB recently for bass, perch or pike. Fished sb long time ago and not sure where to fish for any of the three fish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What's the best bait or lures to use? Plan on fishing next week. THANKS !! jim
  4. Any luck fishing Conesus this week? If so, where and specie? Thanks, Jim
  5. Jekyll, Thanks for all the information. What are paddles and I assume that the glow hammer is a fly. Is it a A-Tom-Mik fly? Wish more helpful information was more often. I can imagine catching 18 fish over two days. Sure would like to try!
  6. Can someone tell me what drop shoting is and how you do it. THANKS!
  7. My grandson lives on Conesus and I would like to take him fishing. He loves to fish. I never just fished for Eyes so I would like to know how and where to fish. THANKS!
  8. Just bought a package of familiar bites and harness and need to know how to set it up, lenght of lead, what to run it behind and how far? THANKS!
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