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  1. Nice ride you have there! Good to see the ol' gal catching fish. Nice report on a successful outing. Dialing in meat is an art form.
  2. If I go out with the intent to keep a one or two fish for the smoker or bbq I will bring ice as you indicated and just do a quick field dressing of the fish. I cut under the gill plates to drain the blood and make a slit from gills to vent to remove the guts. Those 4 lb fish are perfect for that and I usually call them sandwich size. I drag them by the tail in the water for a few minutes and then pack them with the ice. Its similar to a commercial packing plan as it preserves the meat without a whole production of preparing fillets immediately. You can maintain them by repacking with more ice if you can't do the actual filleting until the next evening.
  3. There has been some interest but it hasn't gone anywhere just yet.
  4. For Sale is a 19.5 foot GLS. Cruises at 29 tops out 35ish. Part of floor replaced with composite deck boards that will last forever. Motor is extra long shaft with power tilt and trim and a jack plate for the height adjustment. Motor was rebuilt just before I got it and had over 125 on all cylinders last year. All hoses and fuel pump were replaced. I estimate about 80 hours since the rebuild. This boat is ready to catch fish. From casting for bass in the front of the boat to pulling in big salmon in the back this boat does it all. Trout season is open and they are out there in that warming shallow waters now. Get this boat and get out there early. 2004 Shorelander trailer 1984 Evinrude 115 v4 Stereo 4 speakers USB input Lowrance 15ci Color Fish finder and GPS plotter Moor SubTroll 2 Penn Down Riggers Planar board system Minn Kota Trolling motor Comfy pedestal seat for front Livewell Rod holders Die Hard Battery Automatic Bilge Secondary Bilge Anchor and 100+ feet of rope She needs a new owner to lover her. I picked up a new project and want to see this one go to a good home. It will need work to enjoy it but you could fish right away. None of the fishing equipment in pictures beyond whats listed above is included. Pictures attached to CL add http://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/4971953527.html , for fastest responses use the email address there.
  5. Those are nice fish! I was out in the same water with some excellent action. Mag Purple Thunder with glow ladder on full leadcore was hot, taking three steelies. Took two kings, both on die hard 28 down 40 and 50. Kings were high teens and the steelies were 9, 10, 12lbs and all very acrobatic.
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  8. Water cooled off a bit and and I caught a nice 10lb brown trout on my magic spot with same setup but no more bass.
  9. Fished yesterday and picked up a few steelhead and a low 20s king between 250 and 300. There wasn't a lot of action. Heard people were doing alright in 70-90 so I put that info in my pocket. Have a friend and his son up to visit from Mass this weekend. They were excited by the pictures of yesterdays fish. Now the pressure was on to catch them some fish. Thirteen year old who just spent 7 hours in a car, with no fish to reel in on a small boat is could be trouble. That would not be the case today. Found heavy 2 foot chop with white caps from the nw which switched to more west and got to be closer to 3s as the evening went on. Went straight out to 70 fow and set up and headed WNWish toward 90. I found 55 down ~60 at first but it seemed to change as the evening went on and get deeper. 80 fow down 65 to 70ish ended up being the best Didnt even get the second rod set up and popped the first one but no one home. Second one fired and had a fish (seemed like a small king) swim under all the other rods and try to pass the boat but broke off above the leader swivel. I am guessing there was a nick I missed. It was a constant hits and fish from then on. Landed a smaller brown then a few steelies, missed a few more and then nice king in the high 20s closed the night. Mag purples and mag glow white spoons as well as glow on white with green spots SD with purple A-tom-mik fly off the dipsy about 190 back on a 3 were what got the job done. Love that second hook in the A-tom-mik as it made sure the soft mouths didnt get away. Everything took fish except my lead core with spinny. I probably should have pulled it and put down a second dipsy instead. I couldn't buy a hit going with the waves toward the east. All my hits and fish were going west into the waves which was frustrating a little but the n00bs handled it really well and were super excited about all the action. I was relieved and excited for them. The pic shows me holding the fish but my friend reeled it in he just didn't send me the pic with him in it yet. Slob from 8/9 Good fish from 8/8 ~Ron
  10. Black/Clear and Purple/Clear deep thunderstick jrs caught them. I don't recall where I bought them. Favorite port = home port. There's only 3 serious sets of rocks nearby that I know of I picked one of them. heh. Actually very common bassing spot. I am finally learning which days are bass days and which days are salmon/trout days. I was fishing for them specifically, they were not just trouting accidents. Thanks about the pose. I ended up using a timer on my phone cam to snap a shot when the battery charged enough to use the flash. Click button, grab fish off cutting board, hope like hell I am where the camera was aimed. Couldn't get my neighbor to come over and take pic for me so I had to make due. I thought it turned out pretty nice also.
  11. caught this evening near some rocks in Lake Ontario out of my favorite fishing port in something less than 20 feet of water
  12. Sandy Creek 6/5 On the water about 6am. Headed east out of the creek and fished between the mouth and the green can. There was a gentle southwest wind which evnetually switched to southeast producing a slight chop which turned into about and a half foot by 10am. The sun really wanted to come through but it was cloudy. Started in 75 fow heading east and was marking fish and bait between 80 and 100 fow down about 50. Picked up 2 lakers and missed two other fish. One came on lead core, 10 colors out with a black with white cup NK28. The other, 50 down on a nuclear veggies stinger. Talked to others who picked away at these lakers and eventually got a skipper king in there. Temp was 55 on top 50 degrees almost all the way to the bottom out to ~150 fow. I moved out to find 49 degrees and below down 60 feet between 180 and 220 fow. Out there I was marking fish about 30 down and had a nice rip on the leadcore out 7 colors but it was lost on hookset (first trip out this year for my fishing buddy and he was a little excited). I assume it was a steelie. I was forced to head back in because I limited myself to a 6 gallon tank of gas that I am using to troubleshoot some fuel issues and knew I didn't have enough to stay out there but I believe we would have picked up some fish out there. This was about 9:30. Finished the day 2 for 7. Dark colors and glow spoons took hits, shiny and flasher/fly did not. ~Ron
  13. This is still available. Reducing asking price to 350 obo. PM with offer. Thanks Ron
  14. I have 2 cannon low profile swivel bases with mounting blocks attached. Asking 60$ each 50$ each if you buy both sets Will not separate the block from the base. PM please for prompt response. local pickup in Chili preferred or meet in Monroe county Shipping at buyers expense. Thanks for looking Ron
  15. bump... this is still available. Thanks Ron
  16. Congrats Bill! Way to go. Couldn't have happened for a nicer guy! He puts his time in and always catches fish and really deserves this one! ~Ron
  17. Thats a great buck Lee and a captivating story. Congratulations!
  18. Finally got on the Loc board. Currently up there in the brown trout division. Took a beautiful 11lb 10oz male, east of sandy creek on saturday while preparing for the Sandy Creek Shootout. Sure wish i found this fish on Sunday though. Caught this in <40 fow running a stingray sized stinger. Used some leader tips I learned from observing at the Pro-Ams this year. I have definatly been catching a better class of fish with info I pick-up there each year. Hopefully it stays on the board. Ron
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