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  1. Scott, would like to talk with you about your boat. Give me a call Carl 3156631563
  2. The other day out of Sandy we started the day with the thermocline down 110, when we left at 11:00 it was up to 70 feet. That’s a ton of moving water. The currents were fierce. It was the day after a hard NW blow. You are correct about the current when the winds have been stable, l find there is generally an East current (water moving East). The currents get crazy from 9 mile point into Mexico bay as that East current is forced to the North.
  3. Had a great day out of Sandy Creek. Water was all screwed up after the blow. Thermocline was 110 feet down when we started at 5:30 and 70 feet down at 11:00, strong current also. Never marked any bait but the most productive water for us was between 300 and 400 fow. Moonshine RV mags on the riggers and green bam flashers with UV 2 face flies out 200 to 250 on the divers did the damage for us. Ended up with 9 kings, mostly 2 year olds, and a 3 year old, and a steelhead and coho.
  4. Fishing tomorrow out of Sandy, has been very little boat traffic when we have fished it so far this year. Was wondering what vhf channel most guys monitor out of Sandy?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I tend to fish fast, 2.7 to 3mph with spoons so I will try the longer leads when I’m fishing fast or slow down when fishing flashers.
  6. Struggling with the flasher fly bite. Most of my leaders are short (21 inch) for Mexico bay in September. What length are you having success with on these summer fish.
  7. Thanks for getting back to me. I will check out ebay
  8. Thanks for the info. Usually when the bite gets tough I end up putting out more gear, I will try scaling back.
  9. ran big jons in the 80’s and 90’s, loved these holders, still run the big jons, how does 100 for the pair sound
  10. Don’t have any line counters to trade, what do you want for them?
  11. Would like to get a pair of the old big jon tite line rod holders, the ones with the 2 springs, hard to find, if anyone has them laying around.
  12. Early in the morning I like my rigs parked at 50 to 55 degrees. If I am fishing spoons I fish faster than most, 2.8 to 3.3 mph. With 8 inch flashers 2.5 to 2.7, with the big paddles usually around 2.5. Pay attention to your turns, if a fish hits on the inside rods of your turn, those lures are going a little slower, on the outside, a little faster. If you are having trouble regulating your speed in a current try trolling across the current.
  13. Have been doing well on the morning bite. The moonshine rv have been great for us along with the carbon 14, mostly mags. Once the sun gets high, we have been struggling. What do you do to keep the bite going when it gets bright out. We switch up to some spoons to uv with limited success, but would like to be more productive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Fished out of Wilson early last June. The salmon we caught were full of small (2 inch) mooneyes. UV watermelon was the hot color once the sun got up a little and I was able to find some NK C5’s in UV watermelon. Does anyone still run these? What is the best speed for them? Used to do great on the small pirate spoon we called the 5 of diamonds but you can’t find them any more.
  15. The cormorants are the main culprits. These stocker browns school up and the cormorants just decimate them. When you see hundreds of birds on a school for a week, how many could be left? Down on Lake Marion in SC they recognized the cormorants were eating their bass, they opened a season on them and killed 250,000 the first year. No more problem! Until NY grows a set and deals with this problem, we will continue to use taxpayer money to feed these birds. DDT was bad, but since it is out of the environment now, these birds have overpopulated and all the fisheries are paying the price.
  16. Have never been a fan of red hooks, does anyone switch these out for silver hooks?
  17. Silver streak makes a chilly Willy that is a silver blank with blue and glow tape on the front, dream weavers chilly Willy is very different, which one do you use?
  18. Moonshine RV seasick Kramer, fat nancys just got a bunch in. Awesome early morning spoon.
  19. Thanks for the suggestions, just put in an order for some of these. Last June off Sandy we found the kings in 50 to 100 fow early, down 20 to 50. As the sun got higher the fish moved to deeper water (200 to 300+) and deeper in the water column (40 to 100 feet)
  20. HB2, Which make watermelon spoon did you have the best luck with.
  21. Will take 12 packs of 6, will pick them up, if that’s ok. Carl Erickson
  22. Looking to pick up a couple dozen spoons for the upcoming salmon season. Have no problems getting bites early with carbon 14, seasick waddles, rv seasick carmer, rv road toad being my best producers. As the sun gets higher these spoons die. Have had luck with black and green uv stingrays and some uv warrior spoons but would like some suggestions on more spoons to pick up for when the sun gets high.
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