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  1. The cormorants are the main culprits. These stocker browns school up and the cormorants just decimate them. When you see hundreds of birds on a school for a week, how many could be left? Down on Lake Marion in SC they recognized the cormorants were eating their bass, they opened a season on them and killed 250,000 the first year. No more problem! Until NY grows a set and deals with this problem, we will continue to use taxpayer money to feed these birds. DDT was bad, but since it is out of the environment now, these birds have overpopulated and all the fisheries are paying the price.
  2. Have never been a fan of red hooks, does anyone switch these out for silver hooks?
  3. Silver streak makes a chilly Willy that is a silver blank with blue and glow tape on the front, dream weavers chilly Willy is very different, which one do you use?
  4. Moonshine RV seasick Kramer, fat nancys just got a bunch in. Awesome early morning spoon.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, just put in an order for some of these. Last June off Sandy we found the kings in 50 to 100 fow early, down 20 to 50. As the sun got higher the fish moved to deeper water (200 to 300+) and deeper in the water column (40 to 100 feet)
  6. HB2, Which make watermelon spoon did you have the best luck with.
  7. Will take 12 packs of 6, will pick them up, if that’s ok. Carl Erickson
  8. Looking to pick up a couple dozen spoons for the upcoming salmon season. Have no problems getting bites early with carbon 14, seasick waddles, rv seasick carmer, rv road toad being my best producers. As the sun gets higher these spoons die. Have had luck with black and green uv stingrays and some uv warrior spoons but would like some suggestions on more spoons to pick up for when the sun gets high.
  9. We run 4 ounce torpedo divers off our boards. 15 pound braid on the reel, 8 foot 15 pound fluoro leader. Let the spoon out 30 feet, clip on the diver. We start with the outside rod out 90, next rod out 60, inside rod out 30 and see which rods go. Will go to the next size up torpedoes if the fish move deeper. This works great until the fleas start, then you can’t run the 15 braid. We run 3 riggers with spoons or flashers, depending on what the fish want.
  10. Does any one carry whole green label herring? Woodys has nd herring but they are small.
  11. Fished West of the bay in 60 to 130 fow. 8 color lead core and 4 ounce torpedo divers on the boards, SSW, die hard and carbon 14 early, then UV green and blue warriors when the sun got up. Cut bait behind green Dalmatian spinny on the riggers, 45 to75 down. Ended up with 12 kings, 2 steelhead, 1 laker and a 12 pound Atlantic, done at 11:00. Unbelievable fishing, lots of bait in 30 to 60 fow. If you haven’t tried the torpedo divers on the boards, you should, 30 foot 15 pound test leader, clip on the diver, let out 60 to 90 feet of 20 pound spectra, clip in planer release, run out on board, easy. I don’t have the coin to have 10 lead core rods and this is a way to cover the same water with your normal line counters.
  12. Where can I get minion flies.
  13. Fished Fair Haven this Saturday, most of the action was in 180 to 200 for us. Fleas not bad at all. The Red (Sockeye) salmon in the pacific northwest are filter feeders. I wonder if they would eat these spinney water fleas. If so it may decrease the number of fleas and give us a great eating addition to the fishery.
  14. I have fished the St. Lawrence for the past 5 years. We catch walleyes in 35 to 70 feet of water with jigging spoons and worm harneses after dark. These walleyes are just full of gobies. The last 3 years I have dragged a gobie on a 3 way swivel rig, with and without spinners and have never had a touch, while catching fish on spoons and worms. It's just strange. Walleyes are a weird creature.
  15. JTT you are right on with what you are saying. A friend of mine ran the walleye program for the state for years and said the reason the walleyes are the size they are in Oneida is there is very little food for them for the first 4 to 5 months of the year. This makes them easier to catch but retards their growth. He says the gobies will increase their growth rate but make them harder to catch. Schwartz, your drift sock must be laying on the bottom right next to mine, it might be too rough to fish if you break the rope to your drift sock!
  16. Future looks good for Oneida Fished Oneida 6/16, 17 and 18. Caught 13 on the 16th and 17th with only 5 keepers each day. Most of the shorts between 14 and 14 3/4 inches. Other age classes mixed in. Blue/chrome #9 jigging raps did most of the damage in 31 to 34 feet of water, clown was good too. Fishing slow on Sunday for us. I did catch my personal best Oneida walleye @ 24 inches and a fenwick rod with a shimano reel, not in the lake long, cleaned up nice. Good fathers day! Thinking those 14 to 15 inch shorts should be legal soon!
  17. Deep Bait Recently there has been talk of guys seeing big schools of bait and fish near the bottom in 200 plus feet of water. Could these be the deep water ciscoes the feds stocked a few years ago? Has anyone dropped down 200 plus after these fish? They have been fishing 250 plus in Michigan for a while now but I don't have the gear to do it.
  18. Thanks for the info., had read about the problems at FLT. Too bad, great spoons.
  19. FLT black meat pounding deep Can't seem to find these spoons anywhere. So I am going to try to replicate some. Cannot seem to find a good description of one. Does this spoon have a sliver or glow back and is the front black or dark metallic green? Any help would be appreciated.
  20. There is a gun cleaner/ lubricant called G96. I would occasionally have problems with my autoloaders (Remington 1100,1187, Beretta extrema) Since using G96 never a problem. January field hunting and diver hunting on the fingerlakes, never a problem. Try it. You will like it.
  21. Fished the Oak for the first time 7/16. Was a bit bumpy but managed our limit with 3 teenagers, 1 mature, 1 steelhead and a coho. Spoons did the damage with ssw and 42nd being best. Took 3 fish on sliders. Released a bunch of shakers and a 24 inch atlantic. Had a blast.
  22. Great job getting the kids out. Get them started young and they will enjoy a lifetime of memories, and sleep deprivation.
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