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  1. Ditto. I'll go down to the gravel bed and sight in my guns.
  2. Great job guys. I think I might try the open division next year. One more year of practice on the water won't hurt any. Jeremy
  3. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 2 Total Boated:2 Species Breakdown:1 Atlantic/1 Steelie Hot Lure: Michigan stinger NBK Trolling Speed: 2.5 Down Speed: 2.25 Boat Depth: 120 Lure Depth: 45-60 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================Caught our first Atlantic ever today! "22 inches so we had to let her go but it was exciting boating our first. Oswego was flat and calm all morning until about 10:30 when the west wind picked up and made it choppy. The Atlantic came around 8:00 on a NBK on a cheater rig parked at 45 feet. The Steelhead hit another NBK on another cheater set at 60 feet around 9:45. Set up in 60 feet and trolled out to 175 marking very few fish here and there. Both fish hit in around 120 fow where the temp was about 44 degrees on the sub troll 65 feet down. Jeremy
  4. If it's in my best interest, then I will decide. I don't need the Government to tell me that. I wear a seat belt not because of the law, but because I know it's a good idea. I have fished on Oneida Lake with a life jacket when it was very rough and dangerous becase I knew the danger, and not because the nanny state Government said I should have known better. I don't mean to be a rebel, but I am sick and tired of the State telling me what is good for me. I don't go out when the lake is nasty, because I know it's too dangerous for me. Common sense weighs heavy on my mind. If it was "in the best interest" of fisherman, why does the law only apply to people in under 21 foot boats apply? I know that smaller boats are easily in trouble in rough weather, but any person on any boat can go overboard when they're not careful. Next thing you know we'll have to wear a PFD when ice fishing. You can't legislate morality or stupidity. Jeremy
  5. It went into law last October. All people in a boat of '21 or less must wear a PFD at all times from November 1st until May 1st. I think if you're anchored or moored it's ok to not wear one, but i'll check again. So now while your trolling, casting, etc. you must have a PFD on.
  6. Just wondering if the Police have been out and about enforcing the new law. I'm sure with the state of the State's money problems that the water cops might be writing tickets left and right. I fish out of Oswego, and my father and I don't like the law, but we will of course obey it. i just don't get why us fishermen have to pay for the crimes that the drunk pleasure boaters cause in the middle of the summer. Unless, it is just a money maker for the Government. Tomorrow will be our first day out as we finished up our homemade planer mast today! Gotta get out tomorrow and try her and the homemade planer boards out. Jeremy
  7. Thanks guys! I now have a much better idea on how to get set up. Jeremy
  8. Got some planer boards made up this winter from the plans on this site and they look great! Now I've only used inline boards and this will be my first time using "towline" boards. I can use any tips you can give, but I really need to know if the furthest line out goes in front or back of the pole that has the line closest to the boat. I think that the further you go out, the more shallow you run the lure right? So on my 4 rod setup, I'll probably run a rapala/thunderstick on the closest line, and spoon on the line closest to the board. Does this sound about right? Thanks for the help! Jeremy
  9. I use #30 wire on a diawa 47. The first time I went w/o backing as I was told it would fill the spool. It didn't quite fill up like I'd hoped so the next time I just used some old #8 mono I had laying around. I didn't tie it together, I just used the mono to take up about 1/8" or slightly less of the spool, then 1000' of wire. It fits perfectly and I assume I get a more accurate reading on the line counter. Thats just what works for me. You'll find out what works for you as well. It's just try and try again sometimes even with the best advice. Jeremy
  10. no kidding whiteknuckler! i've been blown off the lake for a month now. only get to fish on weekends and they haven't been to calm lately.
  11. I've never used cut bait, but was wondering if you could just use some shiners, like large pike bait, that you can get at any bait shop with a VHS receipt? Or does the bait have to be a certain brand? Jeremy
  12. Probably depends on where you fish. Out of Oswego I monitor 68, 69, and 5. Jeremy
  13. Item# IK-010593. Just have to specify if you want the tab lock base, or the swivel base in the drop down menu. I don't know why they have the same stock number, because the tab lock is for the small cannon riggers. Jeremy
  14. I just stocked up with some new flasher/fly combos and wanted to know the knot for tying them together. I always used an improved clinch, but somewhere I saw a loop knot? I don't know the name of the knot, and can't find any instructions on how to tie it. Any help would be appreciated. Jeremy
  15. Wow! My first star ever! Now if I only had the answers about lure, color, depth, speed................
  16. I have a pair of old mag 10's and use the 13# weights with no problems also.
  17. Ok, I ordered some new 30# Seagur from Atomik this weekend. Nice and handy to sell it in 25 yard lengths. Finally a shop that understands fishermans needs! Also, I noticed that the last few feet of wire to the dipsy is curly que'd but no hard kinks. Is this normal? This is my first year dealing with wire and I'm a little bit nervous about the condition of the wire. I'd hate to lose another lure because I didn't pay attention and trim off the bad wire. Thanks, Jeremy
  18. I have the same unit. If I remember right, when you turn it on, the display flashes a few times. While it flashes hit the button again and it should switch back and forth between lbs and kg. I'll try mine when I get a chance to make sure. Luckily, mine has always stayed on lbs. Jeremy
  19. Wow thanks for the advice Gambler! Never had to deal with flouro before and didnt think twice about the brand. Hard to find 30# line anywhere local but Bass Pro, but now it's a good excuse to go shopping. I will try the other brand and see what happens. Also, I will lighten up the drag a little like you said. Again, thanks very much. Hopefully I can post new results next week since tommorrow looks like nasty NW winds out of Oswego. Guess I get to sleep in unless dad wants to go Pike fishing in Fair Haven. Thanks again, Jeremy
  20. I just got my wire dipsy setup out for the first time last week. Both days out we had strikes on it and nothing on the riggers. First strike threw the hook, but the second time we fought the fish for about 4-5 minutes until the leader broke at the swivel/lure connection. I am using 20# vanish flouro for a leader and am I correct that I should loosen up the drag some on my wire rod? After the line broke, I realized that with the wire not stretching any, that's alot of stress on a 10' length of fishing line. Thanks, Jeremy
  21. Are these GPS or down speed? My Humminbird 757 usually reads 1 mph GPS faster than downspeed no matter what depth I troll. I always watch my Subtroll to adjust my speed but sometimes I wonder if I'm too fast or slow. I can have my probe 4 feet down and my Subtroll reads 2.5 but my GPS reads 3.6. Being a novice, it's alot to think about. Any opinions by more experienced guys? Jeremy
  22. Please let us know what you find out. I have some older mag 10's that grunt pretty good after I went to the 13 lb. torpedo weights. I'm wondering if they can be updated? Also, while ice fishing this winter, it was rare to find Screwy Louies open very often . I don't know what their deal is? JeremySeg.
  23. Oh well. Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I'll keep dumping in Wrights Landing. JeremySeg
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