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  1. Weekend was tough for me and it started with dinging my prop up coming out of Fremac . . state had not set the markers yet and I thought they had!! should have knowed better as they jsut did not like right. next time Ill trust my instinct and ill only ahve my self to blame. I had three drift socks out all day and was still screaming to fast - tough jigging. Picked up a few short and couple of keepers (17/18) before my wife started to get sick from the pounding :roll: . Couldnt get out Sunday, but did well yesterday down at sylvan beach with sandpike jig tiped with worm ... they were feeding ... still cought a bunch of shorts but also two of my 3 keepers were a touch over 21" . and the oterh a fat 19" Back at them today before I have to go back to work to pay for the gas I burned and stainless prop repair :shock: !! good luck out there ... and watch for rocks :roll:
  2. Ok .. to close this saga ... I ended sending the head unit back after getting a tracking number off thier web sight. In checking the sight it ahd note that that it was shipped back and nothing about cost. So I assumed they either fixed it at no charge or sent it back with a note that it was toast . When I opend up the box it was a brand new head unit . No indication what was wrong with my old one .. no notes .. no nothing .. just a new head unit. I'm not goin to complain about getting new head unit and I appreciate it .. but what way to run a company :roll: . Hours on hold with no responce and no comunication .. then a new head unit shows up on my front door for a unit that was out of warrenty for over a year. Go figure ... !!
  3. sorry you missed it .. it crazy that it's such short window!! this past weekend the "eye's were stacked on top of each other in those tanks. So many fish ..... so lttle time !!
  4. Dave F wrote an article for the local paper which is what reminded me to go up. I've lived in this area my whole life and for the last several years I've wanted to go up and see this .. but keep forgetting. The article reminded me.
  5. ya .. we walked up and they were stacked up at the dam ... jumping all over the place. Pretty slick operation and neat to see ... !!
  6. My wife and I took ride up to the hatchery today and they were at full tilt with the netting and milking. The biggest one so far is 10 a pounder :shock: . I went looking through the tanks and there were a lot of dandies and checking to see if any still had any of my Rapala's for jewlry :? . The guys siad it looks to be good year and the fish look real healthy. Its quite an operation if you ahve never seen it.
  7. Screamer -- congrats on getting it fixed. by the way, I have the same exact model you have -- its a good model when it works. I did not have any such luck so its going back to their service department. If thier time line putting me on hold for three hours (and still no return phone call yet), is an indication of thier service then I should have back it in time for Walleye season .... 2020 :x In defence of Lowrance ... they all suck ... anything electronic seems to have the same poor service. If your lucky enough to get a human ... they are not sitting in this country!! I had a handheld Magellan that was suppose to be waterproof ... NOT. That took 3 calls to India and about 2 months finding thier US headquarters and phone numbers on the internet getting to thier VP of sales before anything got done!! Even Cabela's doesnt want to deal with them .. thye hav stickers on the box that state that after 60 days you have to deal directy with the mfg'er!!
  8. I hope you don't have to call them. This past Monday I tried to call them - Lucky I have a speaker phone so I could get things done while I listend to lame music and advice snippets (one should have been don't ever buy a Lowrance ever again you idiot) I was on hold for not 1 - not 2 but 3 freaking hours then gave up, left them a voice message with my name the issues and my phone number. No return call yet .. good luck with yours ...
  9. Landshark – keep rambling … it’s a symptom I’m dealing with also. I think it’s caused by the extended sunlight but not the extended open water yet!! I got so desperate I went out to a stream in Waterville today trout fishing (aka bait fishing)!! Like I said most of my fishing on Oneida is really jigging – drifting. But I plan to troll more this spring just to get a better handle on the whole trolling thing especially for when I can get up on Lake O. Johnnywalleye – you would be welcome anytime .. let me know when your in the area or think you will be. My work schedule is pretty crazy as i travel a lot throuhg out NY and Pa. But just send me a PM and we can see if we can hook up. I know the hole your talking a bout off Larken Point. I’ve done some jigging in and around it. good luck guys .. and lets hope for a good spring!!
  10. Andy, welcome - great sight for us rookies ... I hit Onieda Lake in the spring for Walleye's then hope to start the trailering the big pond in July when the Walleye's slow down ... if you want to hit Onieda sometime let me know I would enjoy the company or we can flounder around lake O together !! good luck !!
  11. Mudflat .. this helps .. thanks for explaining it ... got to work on the wife now. mark
  12. I have dabbled with them but not a lot. I hope that once July rolls around I'll be burning gas trailering up to Oswego. When jigging on Oneida stops being productive, after a bad day at work and not enough time to get to Lake O, I like to get out on Oneida with a beer and a cigar and troll. I usually only have two rods in the water or once in awhile if my wife is on board (but the cigars have to stay home ) I can run 4 rods ... hmmmm two rods and a cigar or 4 rods and the wife .. :? Anyway ... thats why I was thinking about sliders or stackers - just to have a coupel of more options in the water. thanks for the input and good luck on the water this year. Call name is Yankee Clipper if your on the lake and need fishing report ... usually fish from Fremac east to Sylvan beach......... Mark
  13. Mudflat .. you said the replacment pump was noisy I spent a few $$ for a quiet 4 stroke 200HP and would hate to loose that peace!! i know its hard to explain noise but how bad is it and is it only noisy when the AP is engaged?? Mark
  14. Thanks --- hope to do more trolling this year -- my boat is docked at Fremac in Lakeport. Once the jigging season slows down, I hope to trailer up to Lake O and start my rookie initiation on the big boys. But its nice after wrok to get out on Oneida and troll for a few hours or if I can't make a day of it go after them in the morning ... I mostly stay form mid-lake - shackelton point down to sylvan beach. done know much about the west end of the lake and the fishing ahs been great the last few years on the east end. we'll have to stay in touch when were on the water and keep tabs on each other. You trailer all the way up from Binghamton??
  15. thanks for the reply ... No --- most of my fishing up to now has been spring jigging and my wife uses bottm bouncers -- then waders once I put the boat away in the late fall. I'm just starting to get the boat set up and my tackle together to hit lake O --- you've done this on Oneida are are you talking Ontario with the doder fly combo??
  16. Hi, I've done some trolling for Walleye's on Oneida lake but have never used "sliders"? Ive read a thread on this for salmon and since Im out on the Lake alone sometimes and would like to have more options in the water, I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and how?? thanks - Mark
  17. Ken, I actauly talked to teck at Raymarine about two weeks ago. After running a google on it and reading a numbr of posts I got a little worried about the low end speed as I also troll for Walleye's. They explained that you need to get the boat up to about 3 MPH to allow it to start tracking and then back it down. They went on to indicate that the low end speed for the tracking to work is about 1.3 to 1.5. Im sure you also saw thier web sight that has vidio clips that walk you through how to install it? I'm still not sure if I'm goin to invest in it this year since a lot of my $$$'s has gone into tackle but it looks like a good deal, easy to install and should do the trick for what I'll need it for. mark
  18. Hi, I've had to play around with fiberglass (canoe's) and gelcoat repairs over the years. You don't mention if you have match or want to match colors. Most of the products I've seen work pretty well. You have to watch the humidity as such depending on the scope and scale of your project. If you have to match colors, there is place called Spectrum Color. they also have samll jar kits of factory matched colors. Good luck This is web sight .. http://www.spectrumcolor.com/
  19. Ok thanks ... i thought it might mean a type of spread that was for unique for LO -- # of poles in the water is not even somthing to worry about for me --- at the moment .. 4 rods in the water for me will be exciting :shock: -- 6 would have me on the edge of my seat :roll: --- I can see the tangled mess now :x !! Thx - Mark
  20. Ok I sort of feel stupid, but Im used to that .. but then what is a "LO Spread" as compared to some other "spread" ??
  21. Hi, look down a few threads from yours and you will see one titled "which two spoons" an it will cover enough to put a nice dent in your wallet - truist I dented mine :? . It will also show you a trend with certain ones that keep popping up and being liked. Also if you go to the last years fishing reports very often lures that are beeing used are mentioned. What part of Quebec are you from?? I get up there once or twice year and canoe / fish / camp LaVerendry ---- been doing for 15 years now putting on 100 milers in the canoe and eating walleye everynight good luck .. Mark
  22. Tim, for the rookie out here would you mind explaingin what you mean by LO ?? thanks -- Mark
  23. This is their big fishing kick off and lasts for few weeks. if its anything like last year it will be a zoo. Sales look good and as best as I can tell when I was in there last week, the selections were solid. Mark
  24. I don't work for them nor do I own stock but I do enjoy the place. But I'm also into hunting and camping and its hard to beat thier selection for those. I think with them its a geographical issues as they are a ways from the great lakes. I've been to the Bass Pro in Harrasburg and they have very little in the way of gear we need on Lake O. With that said I do try to stay local and with family run operations (Local archery and gun shop) when they have what I need and are at least in the ball park for price. For fishing my prefernce is to support the shops that are around the Lake. For a rookie like me, I get better advise and local knowledge and it helps keep the local economy and family operations in business.
  25. Rick is correct ... my head spins after going through some threads but its great way to get through the winter and the info Im sure will help minimize the floundering out there on the water!! good luck Mark
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