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  1. Im new to this type of fishing myself. The guys on this site are great and willing to help. If you go through old threads the information is great but can sometimes overwhelming :shock: ... but good luck !! mark
  2. OMG ... you have a rookie like me sitting out here on the sidlines each night with a note book going cross eyed on this sight ... just wrote this list down ... which is next to flies list .. which is next to fishing line list, which is next to fishing rod and reel list :shock: :shock: :shock: I need a second job .... hell I'm not sure tonight's mega jackpot would cover this .. why do the hobbies I love so much seem to run me into the big $$$$- what happen to the worm, hook and bobber days .. With the list of stuff I now have to sneak in the door keeps getting longer ... I need to practice more "why honey, that's just some cheap stuff I picked up at WalMart" . . "why honey, I got that on E-bay dirt cheap" . . "why honey, my buddy is just letting me borrow that box of lures" I need a new notebook !!!
  3. Being new to Big O just about everything I've picked up. However tolling and dypsies are not new to me, but that beast of a copper rig will either be a blessing or a curse :roll: (or both). I'm expecting that untangling copper, wire dypsies and mono may add to my vocabulary and blood pressure level !!! My Canon S&T will be big help once I get past my current state of information overload ...
  4. Thanks guys ... I find it interesting that the common thread (bad pun :? ) is line strength for the most part. After that everyone has their own favorite brand … !! mark
  5. I did a search on this, and while there was some side comments about favorite line, and a lot on wire and copper, I did not find an actual thread about it?? I’m about to thread two of my reel’s on my trolling rods with fresh line. My intent is to run these off my down riggers for Kings, using either spoons and / or flasher - fly combo’s. So what is your favorite brand, type, and strength line you use?? Does the time of year change this?? Anything I should stay away from (and why?) What should I avoid?? Thanks … Mark
  6. Ray, oh my, on the other thread I called you an “iconâ€
  7. See .... the tips just keep on coming :? !!! Ray, I do hope I meet you some day man ... I've been going through posts going back a year or more and your an icon !!! I'll make the sure beer is cold ..
  8. Ok , I have not met Ray but he has responded to few of my posted questions in the past which I appreciated -- I hope I do meet him (I think :? ) and lot of you some day - but my imagination on that vision of him running around a kitchen in his boxer shorts, drunk, learning how to cook burgers it just plain freaky :shock: and will certainly drive a very bad flash back :roll: should day come that I do meet him… but you know the bottom line ... if this is what it takes to catch fish ... boxer shorts, beer, cooking clases, and more beer works for me
  9. Oh my ... cooking classes :roll: and guys loving each other :shock: ... Ok winter has now been way tooooooooooooooo long and some of us are in a deep lack of fishing depression and boat withdrawl ... next phase is fishing rod envy :roll: I jumped into this sight to learn about fishing lake O .. didn't realize I would be exploring my sensative side :x I hope we find a way to get back on some "fishing" talk!!
  10. I only have one recipe for these things … marinade them -- Boil them bringing to a full boil for about 15 minutes .. Drain … then throw it all away into a toxic waste sight :shock: – order a pizza with a good 6 pack of your best beer and enjoy the night !!
  11. Looks like you have an option of modifying the platform as a last resort? Certainly wont be easy but you could cut 1/2 away and keep the 1/2 with the ladder and then attach and hook up the kicker on the starboard side depending on what if anything you have behind that transom in the engine compartment?? My problem for my boat is that the platform is a molded part of the boat!! My only option is one of those brackets that attaches down to the platform or one that will tie into the transom and extend out beyond the platform. I then have to assess if the kicker will clear enough when I’m not running it and I want to use the gas hog to get off the pond. We’ll see – I have lot of things to learn and do before I take that step, and who knows by then what I’ll be up to!!
  12. MB .. Im in the same boat ok .. bad pun!! My boat is a fish and ski and my O/B is wedged inbetween two platforms. for now I went with a plate and bags if I need them. But I want to go with kicker some day and my only option is over or on one of the platforms. Im not even sure if there is linkage out there to tie it into my O/B steering. I've just started my "research" and down the road after getting some experiance on the big water I want to look into what my options are other then a new boat :? and burning buckets of gas!! Below is a web sight I have saved .. my plan was to contact them for any local option or see if ayone in the CNY area does this ... again for me Im just not sure about the linkage etc .. good luck and if you come across any good options please let me know ... Ill do the same. http://www.adventuremarine.net/motor-brackets.cfm#10000
  13. Mr. Muskybob, my wife made the chowder for a New Years day snack and it was outstanding, we both loved it. I think she made enough to feed an entire flotilla but it won’t go to waste!! Thanks for sharing it on this sight!!
  14. Thanks guys for the feed back ... I've jsut started to go back through a lot of the old posts - there is a lot of info to take in and weed through :shock: .... I'm not sure I'm ready for the copper yet .. I'm sure if I stick with this game I'll end up with a coupel of copper rigs. For now Ill go with the down riggers and a couple of wirer dipsey's. My buddy is already betting me that by next August I'll have 2 copper rigs ... all in due time!! Thanks for taking the time to respond!!
  15. Well my rookie’ ness is showing :? even in the framing of my question!! I assume and hope to hit the big pond in July and fish that until the fall. My boat is docked at Oneida and I chase (Jig) Walleye on Oneida until they start to shut down. I would expect to trailer and fish mainly out of Oswego as it’s the nearest port but I’m certainly not beyond making longer and weekend trips going further. I would like to target kings but in all honesty my wife and I just love to be on the water and fish. I appreciate the thoughts and do realize its a “fluidâ€Â
  16. Hi, I’ve submitted a few posts and it’s certainly obvious I’m a rookie looking towards the 2008 season!! I appreciate all of the information that’s been shared so far on the sight in general and directly with me. There are times I’ve gone back on old threads then go into information overload but it will certainly help me pass time this winter!! As for lures, flasher and flies (and anything else??), what would be a good “lure starter kitâ€Â
  17. The best method when I'm in doubt on the quality of the ice is to get my buddy to go with me . He goes a good 100+ pounds more then I do . As we start to the ice with our sleds, I come up with some lame excuse :roll: why I have to go back to the car and tell him to start with out me. I give him about a 50-65 yard head start. If the ice holds him, I’m good to go. After a few years of this he still hasn’t caught on and thank god hasn’t goon in the drink yet !!
  18. I'm usually a day late and a dollar short ... but did you sell these??
  19. Rod, thanks that's a great idea .. my wife can handle some waves but Im note sure how anything more then 4-5 footers would go over with her ... 7 days on the ship with her .... I need her in a happy state of mind for my state of mind!!!
  20. Thanks guys. You all gave me something’s to think about. I never gave it a thought about getting back in time for the ship, that would be a hoot … missing the boat!! Hey great pictures seeing as I’m looking out my window at a lot of blowing snow and ice!! The “reefâ€Â
  21. Thanks JD, but didn’t that whacky crocodile guy die from a sting ray attack :shock: ?? I worked pretty hard to get to the top of the food chain and I like to keep it that way or at least keep the odds to my advantage with fire power (bow, gun .. bigger gun for bigger game etc)!!
  22. Hi, I’m taking the boss (my wife) :roll: on cruise this January for her birthday. Small price to pay for all of the time she lets me spend on the water fishing or in the woods hunting!! Since I doubt if the Capt. for Royal Caribbean will let me fish or troll off the back of the ship I want to try and get us out deep sea fishing at one of our stops. I would prefer not to book it through the cruise line as I’ve heard too many horror stories. I want to go on fishing trip not a drunk fest!! I figure with this sight and so many anglers and Capt’s out there someone might be able to recommend or know of a charter service operating out of Grand Caman Island or out of Cozumel MX ?? Thanks
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