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  1. Someone in GB is sitting there wondering why the sudden popularity in these over here on this side of the ocean!!! Hey if we cross paths on Oneida ice fishing (if we get ice) or early spring in the boat we should be able to pick each other out from a distance!! Thanks again ...
  2. Landshark .. thanks for the info on this, and everyones feedback on the suite - I just ordered one. LS, You should contact them for a north american distributorship !!! Thanks
  3. I'm a south shore / east end guy. But if want any advanced recon on a specific spot befor you make that ride just ask I may save you some gas and time. Good luck. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  4. Bob, I’m not aware of any place that might have everything your looking for. There are some nice camp grounds in the area and some good marina’s. I attached some links for you, but I’m sure you probably already googled theses. There are some that don’t come up with web sights and it might be I am not searching correctly and I’m note sure of their names. I live in the Lakeport area and there is camp-ground I drive by 30 times a week and I could not tell you it’s name. There is also one at Lewis Point but I’m not sure if there dockage. But with Lewis point you’re also pretty close to Marion Manner marina (Sylvan Beach area) which does have dockage and winter storage. I’m not sure of your preference (south shore - north shore??). If there is a particular one you land on I can check around for you to see if anyone around here who knows anything about it. (you can PM if you wish) -- Good luck and happy holidays. http://www.oneidalake.com/marinas.php http://www.hidden-harbor.net/services.htm http://www.oneidalakecampgrounds.com/ http://www.mayfaircampground.com/
  5. Thanks for the reply and thoughts. I had a flashback on a different product with confusing the names. [ Post made via Mobile Device ] [ Post made via Mobile Device ] [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Lanshark I just went out to the sight and its got my attention. I've been looking at these for months. I'm assuming this McFaddon is insulated also?? Is my conversion correct and were looking at about $115.00 before shipping and stuff?? Also any idea what makes the Mustangs so mush more expensive?? thanks for the info ..
  7. Eric .. congrats .. good start and good luck getting your son to drop one ..
  8. Daker1979 “I’m with ya man†and do agree with you in that I would love to have the opportunity to run more rods, catch (and release) more fish while helping the economy (hey maybe all fishermen should ask for a federal bailout too??). I have a close friend who is a retired wildlife biologist for NYSDEC and another who is a federal marine biologist currently stationed in Alaska (I’m jealous and have offered to be her unpaid assistant with no luck). They believe that managing marine wildlife (actually any wildlife) is 80% science 10% art and 10% politics (i.e. farmers and insurance companies scream – doe permits increase). I’ve spend a lot of time talking to them and reading about the concepts of managing deer and elk herds, and fish creel limits etc. They have developed computer predictive models that incorporate a lot of factors and data that they collect with some data going back several years. Environmental impact carries a lot of weight and is an emerging larger and fluid factor (pollution and invasive species for example). This along with number of licenses sold, health of the fish as determined through shocking and observations (ever been asked by DEC bio to look at your fish when you pull into a ramp - they are collecting data??), egg collections, fishing surveys etc. They are now even looking at trying to find ways to incorporate global warming trends into the models. You and I can think it’s unlikely that extra rods will have an impact on more fish being taken --- but it will --- it’s why we (you and I) want the extra rods in the water, to have fun catching more fish . So if we agree more fish will be caught with more rods in the water then the only variable is how many more fish will actually be kept :?: ?? What I don’t know is if catch and release are the minority or the majority?? But it is a mathematical variable (data point) that does and will play a role in their thought process. They will come up with a % give it weight and plug it into the formula. As I said may not be enough for them change the limit but it will go into the equation when the throw in all of the data points (factors) in their predictive modeling. At the end of the day, if this issue is close I would think that the “10% politics†would sway it to keep the creel limits the same. I would think that allowing an extra rod per person while reducing the creel limit would be contrary and a conflict in objectives – it would not make sense. So I would think that if they are agreeable to add the rod per person they wouldn’t reduce the limit!!?? I’ve already started drafting letters to send the DEC to ask that they increase the rods per person on Lake O … stealing some of the dialog already expressed by some of the folks on this sight ..
  9. For the record I would love to see the state go to 3 rods per person. Most of my trips are myself and my wife or a buddy so that only puts two in my boat most of the time ... I would love to be able to run a 6 rod spread. But it will change part of the math of managing the amount of fish being taken ... one more rod per peson per boat will increase the probability of more people (boats) taking their limit on more trips. I'm note sure if the models would show or predict enough additional fish being taken to have them consider changing the limit as a balnce to the extra rods in the water but it will enter their thought process.
  10. It counts in my book!! Like I said - you need that turf to go with the surf!!! [ Post made via Mobile Device ] [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  11. Ill be chasing deer .. I need to get some "turf" to go with my "surf"
  12. Gambler is correct … one of the things the DEC contemplates in setting creel limits are computer modeled probability rates. In other words; factoring trips per angler and fish caught per trip etc. You add another rod and we all can run larger spreads more often then our probability of limiting increases (well everyone but me :x ). They use a lot of other antidotal information to arrive at a creel limit based on the health, size and estimated numbers of the species (models are not unlike used for deer herds and setting doe permit numbers). Work’s the same here on Oneida Lake with the hatchery and Shackelton point Cornel station sharing Walleye data. With all of that said I release most of what I catch but I would love the opportunity to be able to run a larger spread (so I can experiment and learn / try different presentations) when it’s just myself and one other person on board - and learn how to untangle that larger spread .
  13. that would be just great -- more lines in the water and more tangled wrecks to undue !! And I would not be smart enough not to try putting them all in the water!!
  14. sorry I cant help with the lake fishing as I put the boat away a few days ago for the season . The shore fishing has slowed down a bit and gotten to be a real challange with the line and guides freezing up :x . Im thinking its time to go into hibernation mode unitll the ice forms
  15. Chad this is great. Everyone will think I'm working and I'll be checking fishing reports!! Great job and thanks [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  16. Tight lipped :shock: .. the folks are a little guarded. Fall fishing is still strong ... but it felt more like ice fishing this evening. The boat is put away but the waders are getting a good work out. The fall "season" did start later this year .. not sure why - either the water temerpature or the fact there was still so much bait out deep kept them out deep :?: . anyway they are fat and feeding. As for the spring season;I think fishing was great this past year - you just have to find them. As for when it starts, the opener works for me. Some years they do go into thier post spawn shut down but it depends a lot on the weather factors each year. I group the folks that chase them into 3 groups .. the guys who jig deep, the guys who like the shallow weed beds (jigs and spinner worm rigs) and the guys that troll. Everyone seemed to be doing well this past year. The Oneida Lake fishery seems to be pretty healthy ...
  17. Guys, I've talked with a DEC ECO because the question keeps coming up in my hunters ed classes (archery). As long as the blades retract they are legal even though the blades may be "barbed" shaped. if fixed and barbed they are not leagal. The intent is for the deer to be able to dislodge the arrow in a non-fatal wounding shot. I cringe even typing the words "wounding" shot ... but it happens ...
  18. temp is where it should be ... around 53 ... but night shore fishing has "sucked" :x !! Durring the day you can grab some jigging or troling in deep water. Im still marking a lot of large pods of bait out there so my guess is that they are fat and happy in the deep water and don't need the effort to chase them into the shore. The bait is in shallow at night but not many eye's chasing them in yet !!- really late this year!
  19. Thanks ... I did do enough homeowrk to know this was not going to be cheap. That's why my stomoch turned when I felt that prop ding some rocks :x ...
  20. I think I saw this topic out there but can’t find it with the search feature. Can anyone recommend a good stainless steel prop repair shop?? I can have it shiped it out but I would like to support a local guy. It’s usable but it has enough dings in it now that I think it time to get it cleaned up. I travel a lot throughout NY and Pa so anywhere reasonable in these two states would be fine. Thanks
  21. Fishtails, when my head unit was toasted (actually frosted ) I talked with more then few tecks about this. Dieselhp is also correct but what I learned the hard way is there are certain acceptable operating ranges (temperatures) and if the unit is toasted (or frosted) it gives the MFG too mch opportunity to not help you out or not replace it. As dieselhp states, they should work and hold together but they don't. Lets not foget where these things are made and what level 9if any) of QC they go through. For me, I'm pulling everything off. Even though I did get replacement it's a huge hassle, In the case of my Lowrance I had to wait weeks for the replacement head to get to me, after growing old being on hold trying to get to a human at Lowarance to talk to me. So for weeks I had to fish "old school" - line up off that point and that landmark etc.. Out of habit I can't count the number of times I caught myself looking at the whole in the helm wher the head unit used to be. Then when I got the new head unit the realization hit me that I lost all of my favorite waypoints, marked spots, and trolling tracks when I turned it on .. Anything electronic that does require a PHD to pull off the boat is spending the winter with me in warm quarters ....
  22. I fish out of Fremac and keep my boat there ... they may tag you for a launch fee if anyone is around. What the others stated is spot on .. the lake is a 22 mile long wind tunnel. The only down side is that Fremac gets hit on an east wind and a west wind being that its somewhat in the middle of the lake ... if the wind is hard out of the west then Brewerton might be better .. if out of the east then Sylvan beach (Marion Mannor). good luck .. last time out for me the bait fish was really thick ... and I chose not to troll so the fishing was slow. As of a few nights ago the night bite had not fired up yet .. but soon very soon (and another few degrees!!) good luck and be safe ..
  23. Over last winter I left my Lowrance GPS/fish finder combo in the boat :roll: . Toast ... Lowrance did replace the head unit and you can bet it will be pulled and on my shelf in the closet. :? this winter.
  24. Gb, I have mag 10HS and I do like them. I think you will find several opinions on other brands who like thiers better and all of them certainly valid. If the switch or somthing goes on the mag 10s, I would keep a pair of heavy work gloves on board to man haul them up :x . I know of no other way and its not fun ... but it was my mistake in that I spooled the Canon S&T coated cabel on revered so it would go down but not up . I do like them and they are fast. A friend of mine has an older set and they are easy to wrok on and Canon has good service.
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