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  1. Sorry I dont know how to tell - they were given to me. I just checked to see if they worked and they seemed to have good speed and power to them. I have Cannon Mag 10HS and these BJ's seemed solid. Not sure where you are but your welcomed to look at them? Im in the Bridgport - Lakeport area near Oneida Lake
  2. These are in great condition with 4 ft arms and swivel bases. $500 get them both. I would prefer not to ship but can maybe meet you.
  3. Huskyjerk, since posting this we found a bad fuel line filter with a cracked O ring. My assumption is that it was introducing air into the system. Anyway once this was replaced I have not had a problem since. We wenmt ther last sicne it was a pretty new filter . Good luck with your problem ... I would like to think that there has to be an easier solution
  4. kdawg, where did you pick that they had new probe comming out? I heard that they might be discontinuing it.
  5. HB - for what its worth I take mine off and store it at home. After my GPS came out of storge toasted two years ago I pull all of my electronics off. I would think that the screens are LCD's and can react the same to temperature issues. It takes time to pull it all but it took me hours with Lowrance to get them to replace it and weeks before I got a new one. So I take an hour and pull all of my stuff. But I alos know folks who never take thier stuff off and have not had any issues for years - maybe just be my bad luck - so I take it off the boat and dont elave it to luck.
  6. This is a great sight, very helpful and I too appreciate all of the information shared so freely by everyone. So let see … boat, motor, kicker motor, marine radio, Lowrance, fish finder, high speed down riggers, below water speed and temp, trolling rods, wire dypsies rods, dypsies, copper rods, flashers, spoons, spin-doctors, fly’s, J-plugs, meat rigs, auto pilot, tangles , mechanical snafu’s on the water , mechanical snafu’s tailoring the boat , and “chumming†over the side every once in awhile , …. All to go after a fish with a brain the size of pea … I’m a sick man – I love it !! It will be a long winter !!!
  7. ER thanks .. my brother in law had this problem and mentioned it to me ...
  8. Corky thanks for your interest. Yes its the factory color, I ordered it to match my truck. I'm sorry but I dont have the paperwork on my old truck any longer so I cant give you the color code but I was told GMC and Chevy are one in the same for parts and paint? Nothing wrong other then what I oulined in my post and a small tear in the inside screen I just noticed. I traded my GMC in without the cap thinking I could use the cap (have it painted) on the new truck. Same size box but the Toyota Tundra box is a bit wider and a bit shorter by inches but noticable and creats bit of an issue trying to clamp to the bed. I could use it but I would ahve to anchore with bolts so i reached a point that I felt I spent that much money on new truck, I was now not going to try and rig up a cap that was not made for this make/model truck. I am going to soung ignorant but I belive its the standard box (6 foot lenght)?? My orginal post gives you the dimensions of the cap - outside edge to outside edge. I am pretty firm on the $500 to help subsidize the new cap at $1200 !! Corky, you don't know me but I'm not trying to screw anyone. If you look it over and dont think its worth the $500 I understand and respect your opinion. I would feel bad if you drove all of the way down here and not liked the cap. If I could find a way to meet you half way I would but I am not sure how I would get the cap on the new truck. Plus the new cap is being installed next week (thusday). I'm heading to Daytona Beach tomorrow thru Sunday (dam I miss a weekend on Lake O!!) for a relatives wedding. Let me know if you have any other questions ... or it you want to call me - my cell is 315-727-3820. Regards .... Mark thanks
  9. X2 thanks .. Im heading out of town but with yor and lil troller comments it will be the first thing I look at when I get back Each time its happend the ball was soft and as I squeeze it you can hear the gas going thru it but the ball won't harden at the first or second attempt so I can predict she will fire up but then bog and stall. It takes about three attempts and when I feel the ball firm up and I dont ehar the gas anylonger I can predict Im good for the day. One it should not be happneing but I am worried that one of these days, if I dont figure it out soon, I will be getting a tow back into the dock thanks for the opinion ..
  10. thanks for the idea ... I hope it turns out to be somthing this simple.
  11. Vapor lock may not be the correct term. But my last three times out on Lake O; the boat starts just fine, idles great then when I give it the throttle to get up on plane it bogs and stalls. I go into the bilge area and pump the primer ball which is soft … the engine fires again – then bogs and stalls. Usually the third time the ball finally hardens as I pump it and it stays firm and I know I’m good to go. It fires, gets up on plane, trolls all day beautifully and then screams into the marina when I’m done. To complicate things, I knew I could not make it up to the big lake today so I put it back into my slip on Oneida, and went out this am just to check it out and it fired it up and ran perfectly. I seem to only ahve two conditions are common when it acts up like and it may not ahve anyhting to do whith the problem – it’s been trailered and it’s rather cool out - mid 40’s one morning. 200 horse Yamaha 4 stroke with 180 hours on it - well maintaned and I treat the gas with Staybil evry fill up. I thought air was getting into the system so I’ve checked the connections and hose clamps throughout the fuel system and they seem tight enough and I’m not smelling or seeing and gas leaks?? Any suggestions on where to look??
  12. Guy’s I’m selling the red ARE fiberglass truck cap pictured below. It was purchased 2004 and still looks new – it has only a few scratches and scrapes. The door latch lock is frozen up but I still have the keys if your better at unfreezing it then I was. It should fit a standard 6 foot box. From out side edge to outside edge the measurement is 6 feet 8 inches by 5 feet 5 inches. I still have the clamps to hold the cap on but you will need new screws for them. It came off GMC Sierra so it should fit Chevy Silverado. The tracks on top are Yakama channels and will accept their towers for cross bars to handle ladders - canoe etc. Not counting taxes this would cost $1100 new. I’m asking $500 but you have to pick it up. I live in Chittenango NY (east of Syracuse). Thanks and don’t hesitate contacting me if you have any questions.
  13. thanks for the reply and the suggestions ... I appreciate it
  14. Hi, I hope to do a couple of “road trips†this year and try the Niagara Bar and The Oak. I will be trailering the boat up from the Syracuse area for a long weekend and “lodging†in a tent. Does anyone have any recommendations for a camp ground and / or marina or ramp for launching?? Obviously a Marina / Campground combo would be perfect but am not counting on it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.. Thank-you
  15. its too bad but if he went out "early" he would not be alone .. every year DEC grars more then a few getting a head start ...
  16. Hi, Oneida is my “home lake†and where the boat is docked. Come July I start to pull the boat up to Oswego. Most of my fishing and knowledge of the lake is from the central part of the lake to the east end. Were your questions around where to stay for lodging and marinas or where to fish or both?? Fishing each spring is different and influenced by the timing of the spawn run, water temperature and water depth. Last year they were still shallow and around the tribs for the first week or so. There have been some years where they headed for their structure haunts and still other years where we hammered them on the sand on the east end of the lake. What kind of fishing are you looking to do; trolling or jigging from a boat or casting from shore??
  17. Well I was in the "top 10" being number 9. So far I've sent three letters and two e-mails ... would be nice for us two man teams.
  18. if you go with a rigger with S&T probe ... make sure you coil on the cable in the correct direction. Mine went down reall easy but sicne I put it on in the wrong direction it would not come up as it was binding against the housing. I could have let all of it out and then tried using the unit to recoil it and pull it up ... but I thought that if I was that much of an idiot to make the first mistake -- How could I trust my S&T at the bottom in that I had it solidly attached to the reel ....... sooooo ...... I put on my gloves and man hauled everything up from 90 feet ... then uncoiled it all then put it back on in the correct direction ... stupid - stupid - stupid ...
  19. Shawn, myself and the guys I teach with love doing the classes. Been in it since 1980 and I have loved every gun and bow class I have ever been involved with. I hope you don't mind me diverting this thread to put in a pitch for new instructors?? We always could use some help and new blood in the program. Its not as much time as you think. My team has 7 instructors for both Gun and Bow. So we can share the class load and cover for each other if we can't make a certain night. You don't have to be a great teacher or great in front of a group. Just love the sport and enjoy the interaction with others. Your "pay" is the look on the face of kid when you hand them thier cert or later when you bump into them somewhere and they babble on for an hour about thier first deer or turkey !! Its not that tough nor takes as much time as you would think ... if your interested contact your local DEC office and they will get you into contact with your regional DEC education coordinatore or local Master instructore. If your in Madison, Onondaga or Oneida county PM me ... you wont regret it ... Thanks Mark
  20. Bob, I forgot about Verona Beach State park (campground) at the east end of the lake. I was x-country skiing there yesterday. No boat lanch but your minutes from Marion Manner .. just a thought as you look at options .. Good Luck
  21. Skipper19, I have one on my boat. Its 22" with 200HP outboard. Once I got out and played with it to learn how to calibrate it has worked great. when I go from Oneida to Ontario I do put it back through its learning process. I have used it in solid 3-4" and it tracked very well. All the other comments are right on if you want to get down to less then 1.5. I don't use it as much here on Oneida, but I also don't troll very often for Walleye's. For me it came down to cost and use. I looked at it as an entry level unit and somthing to help me when I'm alone or with my wife. Teh belt remote unit is pretty slick and i do use it to keep my turns wide as you can go in incremental degrees. Its met my expectations. I googled mine and kept checking the prices. I ended getting mine last eyar for $850 and free shipping... good luck good luck
  22. FX ... this is Perfect and does not get any better!!! Congrats to you and your son not only a good ecperiance but alos a life long memory. It was a nice "jolt of energy" in my HS classes this past year with the influx new younger excited hunters. It was even nicer to see thier Dad's and Mom's (yup even some Mom's) sitting through the class with them. Only regret is that it took so long to get this through the state. Best of luck with future hunts and be safe. Mark B. NYS Master Sportsman Education Instructor Madison County
  23. Dam .... now everyones knows the secret ...
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