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  1. Ray, cant run downriggers or hold too much beer on one of those canoes :? ??
  2. I fish to get away from the stress and crowds ... and while I hear lot of good things about the river fishing .. once the lake shuts down its time to think hunting in the woods .. alone !!
  3. The mark of a good team is when they can win ugly ... this is theri year .. GO BILLS !!!
  4. I have the outback and this is my 4th year shooting it .. great bow. I've gone ultra-lite with the arrows and feels like I'm shooting darts, but my draw lenght is only 28" - they are darts compared to your arrows!! The key is to find the right person to set it up and keep it set up year to year depending on how many arrows you put thru it -- sounds like you did. Mathews hold up ... I shoot year round in 3D shoots and winter indoor leagues - and the bow just keep driving tacks and droping deer!!
  5. I would like to see a fishing report on your luck at the tavern ... bait, depth and speed ??
  6. Hi, someone mentioned Oneida ... save the gas for now - water temps are up, weeds and bait fish are thick. I think we need a few more weeks and some water temp drop before the fall bite starts ..
  7. I couldn’t agree more with what everyone has said. The sight has been a huge help in getting me to think about things to try out there and at least help me feel like I’m not floundering around totally blind. I felt the $20.00 was the least I could do to help keep the sight viable and going ... it’s a great sight … with great people on it -- Im certain that all of the info everyone shared over the winter helped put the first King (below) ever in my boat this year ... and the others that have followed ...
  8. Mountain G -- I would have thought so to - but it looked like it was binding against the top of the housing near the spool. I have Canon Mag 10's and I got nothing when I hit the up switch :? . Nemesis, that is a great idea and we had thought of that - but I chickend out it do to the fact that I also had an expensive Canon SnT dangling down there :shock:. I would have had to trust the knot I tied holding the cable on the spool and at that moment I was not trusting anything I had done :roll: !!! But as T_barb said I'm learing and it's real on the water experiance. Plus we caught fish too .. and added bonus~~
  9. Well it was the maiden voyage and Lake O shakedown cruise for all of my equipment and boat. We got on the water about 6:30 am. We ran into more then a few glitches and had to improvise. The big one is “your downrigger won’t work if you spool the SnT coated cable on backwardsâ€
  10. Thanks. You have a nice boat! I'll be in touch and hope to meet you some day! Mark.
  11. Ray .. yes I am :shock: -- but remember that boat behind you may just be me --- be afraid .. be very afraid !!!
  12. StormFront .. Great point ... and just think we need all of that’s tuff to go after a fish that has brain the size of pea :? . If you ever added the cost – we all could go out and buy beluga caviar cheaper then what those fish are costing us by the ounce – or at least that’s what my wife keeps telling me!!
  13. Ray, OMG :shock: I printed off your reply and will review it in year ot two after I get over the fear of having more then 4 rods in the water and making a turn :? . I'm interested in the slidders since I expect to do much of my fishing with only myself and one other person in the baot --- I've picked up other threads around using rubber bands to fix them a depth -- Jeykll - thank I completly forgot about the swivill I will be runnign and the the minor fact I need to land the fish !! This is all academic to me - when Im ont he water reality will hit - and so will the tangles and mishaps :x !! thanks for the info guys i do apprecaite it and hope someday i can repay the favore..
  14. Ray, thanks .. i planned even befor this thread of going off on my own .. if for no other reasons .. so there are no witnesses to my misshaps I'm asure I'll have !! FM ... thats good to know i can scot of by myself ... I'm not looking for derby winners ... I just want to keep the problems to a min, catch some fish and enjoy a day on the water and not being at work...
  15. On your sliders or fixed - do you stagger the length off the mainline on the slider- is there ratio of mainline length to slider length of the rigger cable if its fixed?? In oteh words .. isf your mainline is out 40 ft do you rund the free lsider 20 feet ?? Or is it more art then science? Ray, you mention covering diff temp .. are you then runnign a fixed so you knwo the depth?? i thought i recall in older threads you like the free slider - if so how do you knwo the depth if it free slidding?? thanks for the help and thougths ..
  16. i hope to start getting up to oswego starting the end of July after my Quebec trip and fishing slows down on oneida lake - I'm a pure rookie for lake O and this thread has not made me feel any better about going up there? I certainly don't want to go up and the cause any problems for anyone - whether they are making a living or just having fun . I'm sure I'll be dealing enough with my own issues :shock:.
  17. I know Landshark :? , for that comment - the next 5 trips the only thing I'll have to fillet is that sneaker! ! With that water temp. I keep waiting for the jiging season to slow down and end but not yet!!! For me at least it's been a great year. I'm new to trolling and just started to play around with it. The jigging has been so good I just can't fire up the down riggers to play with it!!. Any trolling I do is really just trial and error practicing for what I hope will be runs up to Lake Ontario - I do want to get up to Oswego later in July and start going after Kings. If oswego goes well maybe next year I'll try and branch out a few weekends into the oak and the bar (and take a second morgage out for gas). That's a whole new ball game and I have a lot to learn :roll:. This site has been great and at least given me a lot to think about -- now i just have to put it in practice on the water and see what happens. Anyway if your out on the water and see a yellow Scout with the "bite me" logo on the stern ... I'll be the one chewing on the sneaker and not catching anything :roll: !!
  18. Its been a great season so far -- jiging still lives on this season . I think I put together the best 3 days, I think ever. Sounds Like I was in the same area as you all were. The "fish Gods" will make me pay for this statement :roll: .. but I think I could have jiged with a shoe and they would have hit it . I'll now get skunked for that comment :?
  19. it sucks - the stafs personality is on par with a "rock" but its near by and the only other real option is bass pro ... thats a long drive for me and gas beign what it is .. Dicks no loger is even in my thoughts .. the Gander in new hartford is better and the service is at least somewhat apparent. the a re couple of small bait shops in the area I do try first - Cookies and Mickeys
  20. Wouldn't leave home with out a radio!! It's a safety net if you run into problems out there and we all know how quick that lake can turn... Fishing info can be helpfull and it helps if you get to know people out there. Landshark has the price right .. worth every penny !!
  21. there were a few guys out trolling --- I think I recall your boat -- Lund makes a great boat ... that stretch in pretty wide and I'll fish it anywhere from messager out to 111-113 depending on the wind direction. I have a yellow scout. I'm not to hard to miss with the "Bite Me" logo on the back of my boat. Im usually sitting on channel 14 if I think to turn it on. I sort of go brain dead when I'm by myself .. cast and jig ... cast and jig ... cast and jig .. dring some coffee then cast and jig :roll: Its been a great season so far but I think it's only a matter of time now when the jig is up ... then I start contributing to OPEC and troll!! The trolling game is all new to me so it should be interesting once I start :? good luck out there -- I'll look for the lund this weekend when I'm out on the water.
  22. John, I was out off Shackloton Point (the tower) in 35FOW Saturday evening with my wife and we did pretty well - she grabed 3 pretty quickly drifting worm rigs. This morning I was only out for a few hours early (5am) and was out around 111-113 and got some eye's while there was still a drift. When the lake laid down I had to scout more and got lucky and got on top of some off Messenger reef. Im still jigging and have not started trolling yet. mark
  23. Bill, my boat is only 22' so I can't comment on how it would handle a larger boat. But as for working with other GPS units - I have a Lowrance and it interfacesdwith it just fine. Its compatable with SeaTalk or any unit NEMA 0183 standards. The wirless contol is great and while I know that there needs to be someone at the helm for safety reasons I would think it would allow you to interact more with clients knowing you could make course correctiosn if needed from the back of the boat.
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