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  1. Never sure what to do when there's no mud line or color to the water early in the season for the Browns but I keep a pair of 5/0 Hammerhead spinners with a peanut tied to them, go out to 75 fow and put them on the bottom.
  2. Saturday nite at the end of the day on a tip that the walleye bite gets good soon on the river, I took two fat 20 inch walleye on three drifts around sunset bottom bouncing worm harness in 20 fow. Wind was perfect for the drift. Thanks to the person who put the picnic table near the flooded boat ramp.
  3. You were close, another 100fow was good friday. Bright colored flies and paddles 200 out. Gator and coyote spoons down 75 to 100. 2.5 at the ball. 75 ft had bigger fish, slightly out of temp.
  4. If I recall according to the program they were introduced. This may be the link-http://www.makingwavesdocumentary.com/ See this link for bait shop in Lewiston they may have some info. http://www.outdoorsniagara.com/downriver.htm
  5. I am also waiting for reports on smelt. PBS had an interesting documentary on the great lakes about invasive species anyway smelt was one topic and they run when the temperature gets to 42 degrees.
  6. How long do we have to get the Trophy can pic in? You may win with that one.
  7. Didn't you ever see Jurassic Park? You can't stop mother Nature.
  8. If you want a guarantee you'll catch fish,leave your net home.
  9. nygooseduster26 or anyone out there, what kind of temps are you finding? Thanks
  10. My brother came across a book called Lake Erie Smallmouth, this book published in 1999 is selling for almost $400 and people are buying it (some sites are sold out). http://www.addall.com/New/submitNew.cgi ... spCurr=USD and at Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Lake-Erie-Smallmo ... 0964330938 I know this is a Lake Ontario site but some of you might know whats up with it. Thanks
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply with some information, it's very helpful. I fish the river on occasion but not as much after the zebra mussels moved in. In those days I think I could catch fish on a bare hook anyway someone once told me about deep water trolling for pike in the river and you mentioned downriggers. I hope to try deep water trolling in the river for walleye and pike this year now that I have riggers. I would mainly drift fish in the past and would see fish stacked on the finder as the current took us out into the channel, now maybe I can target these deeper fish. Oh yea, the TI bait shop was our families first stop on every trip to the river. A good place to start. good luck
  12. Can you tell me your program for walleye and pike in the river for this time of the year? It sounds like downriggers play a big part in your river fishing
  13. On the Coast Guard web site in Buffalo at 1 Fuhrmann Blvd. there emergency number looks like 7168439527. check it out at http://homeport.uscg.mil/mycg/portal/ep ... &cotpId=18
  14. Hello Everyone , This is my first post on this forum and am interested in your response to the add a poll option that is hopefully on this page. I realize even a response of "not as good" doesn't mean the fishing experience is bad, my opinion is any place on lake Ontario is the best place in the world to fish. Thanks for viewing and if you take time to respond thanks again. How would you rate Sodus Bay on the overall fishing experience compared to other major ports on lake Ontario that you have fished? "better than", "as good as", or "not as good" Not sure how to use the add a poll option on the bottom
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