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  1. My wife and son stopped Wednesday and saw some pike, walleye and the red fin Rudd’s. Sorry the video moves around. IMG_3133.mov
  2. 303 Fabric Guard. I also used it on my old Gander mountain rain gear and it worked great and didn’t stain. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I think these yearshave a limp mode when you have a bad temperature sensor that only lets it rev to a certain rpm. May be worth checking
  4. Big Jon Planer mast I'm looking for a Big Jon planer mast. Thanks, Chris
  5. I am looking for an adjustable bracket heavy duty enough for a 4 stroke. Please shoot me a PM if you have one to sell. Chris
  6. Do you know if it's the lower unit or upper gearbox? I have sold the lower unit but still have the upper gearbox off a 1988 alpha 1 from a 4.3L v6. The boat sat in the water all the time so it's not pretty but I'd take $250 for it. I can take a picture tonight if your interested. Chris
  7. I have a pair of Costas that I really like. Last year I broke a lens while on vacation. Costas warranty will not cover broken lenses unless it was some kind of defect and it was going to cost $100 to fix. Mine were the 400g lenses and I found a pair of 580p lenses someone had taken out of new pair and I had my local Costa dealer pop them in. So I would really watch the warranty on any glasses. I get a kick out of this video. I would still probably buy another pair. www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbDXvh947DI
  8. I have two 2 quart kits of interlux VC performance epoxy for sale. My intentions were to remove my bottom paint and paint it with this epoxy, but as I removed the bottom paint my hull was in better shape than I had anticipated. These were purchased through Atlantic boat supply on Amazon and they will not allow return shipping on chemicals. Brand new and unopened $100 for both. Thanks for looking, Chris
  9. Maybe try Back achers campground on the west side between severn and long point. They have a website.
  10. I'm not sure how old but a few years at least. The cable looks like new. The downrigger is in great shape but I really don't know much about the history. I bought three off a guy but can only run two on my 17' boat. Thanks.
  11. This is a used Scotty 1116 in good condition. It comes with the tilt/swivel base, ball retriever, male and female electrical disconnect. Located in Corning, NY. I am willing to ship if buyer pays shipping. $375 Chris
  12. Scott's guns in horseheads had a model 7 in 7mm-08 last week. It had a stainless barrel with wood stock. I can't remember the price. I also saw one in 260 on the southern tier facebook classifieds I think the post was about a month old.
  13. Ok I can't seem to post a screenshot of an email I received from John Gibbs the regional forester for region 8 about having a larger motor on Hemlock. My question to him was can I use my 17' boat with a 70 hp motor if I take the prop off and use my 7.5hp. His response was that removing the prop was a wise choice being that anyone could easily see that I wasn't using the motor. That was back in the fall of 2011. I put a copy of that in the glovebox of my boat just in case I was ever questioned. Chris
  14. This is what I got from the dec when I asked a few years ago.
  15. Moor sub troll in great condition $250. I had it serviced by Moor last year to fix a problem with the down temp and they changed the o ring and pressure tested the probe. It's complete and ready to go. Big Jon electric Downriggers $275 for the pair. These are older units but in good working order. They have slide in bases. One could use new cable, it only has about 80'. These are located in Corning but would be willing to ship.
  16. I use a 7.5hp older 2 stroke merc on my 17' and it will run 7mph on the GPS wide open. Probably anything in the six to ten horse range will work fine. Some people say to stick with a 2 cylinder kicker as opposed the the single 5 or 6hp because they have less vibration.
  17. Zimm, I have an old Grady made in 77 that I replaced the transom, stringers and floor on. The transom was fairly obvious as it flexed when applying pressure to the outboard. I was too far invested to just dump the boat at the time so I did some research and took on the job myself. If you wanted to check your stringers you could use a hole saw to cut though the fiberglass on your accessible stringers to check out the condition of the wood inside. The problem for me was that Grady butted the stringers to the transom and then glassed over them, so when the transom became wet it wicked through the rest of the boat. From the factory they only glassed the stringers 3/4s of the way to the top. The last inch or 2 was just bare wood coated with resin. The floor is setting on a thin layer of glass thats nailed or stapled to the stringer. Another consideration is that being older the flotation foam has had a long time to soak up water, mine was wet like a sponge. One thing just let to another. I'm not saying your boat will have any of these problems and certainly don't want to discourage you. Just letting you know what I found. It was time consuming but not all that expensive by doing it myself.
  18. Pretty sure I saw one for sale on great lakes angler for $75.
  19. It's on the right as you head down the hill on Severn rd. I've never stopped but I found their #607-243-5194
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