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  1. That fish was in a weed bed in 12'of water. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. We're in a shallow bay on the St Lawrence river. From what I have seen they tend to lay low in the weeds during the day then come out during low light. We see them off the dock semi regularly, then it's a race to get a pole from the house. The kids love it. If you can put a jig or worm right in front of them they snap at it out of aggression. It pretty wild to see up close. Then they fight like crazy up close. Here is a pic from when I would still pick them up. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Last spring was the first time I ever caught a pickerel in this part of the river. We caught two off the dock one day in May. That was it until today. We got in shallower then we ment to trolling for pike, and picked up this chunky guy. My son was super excited about the different color pattern than he sees on pike all the time.
  4. Wow, that was a fast response! Thanks!
  5. My daughter caught this off our dock. The fishes belly, and fins were neon green. Just curious if anyone knew why. We see them often this time of year, but this was the first time I had seen this.
  6. It's the same in front of our place, and unfortunately it's rarely out of ignorance. It's often the same boats week after week and season after season. Many in the area have had enough, and I don't blame them. I tell my 6 and 9 old to leave the bass alone and just enjoy watching them, then have to explain why all these adults keeping pulling up to the dock and catching them off the beds. I'm not that interested in bass fishing myself, but I am interested in teaching my children about being good sportsman. It's certainly not the end of the world, but I can't blame someone for deciding they are going to try and stop something they believe is wrong (and illegal). If our DEC wasn't so understaffed, people wouldn't be so brazen. Just my 2 cents.
  7. And you be correct in that belief. This subject comes up every year.
  8. Sad to see this thread go this way. An intelligent conversation turned into mud slinging. You despise unions. That's great. You heard stories of abuse from your friends. That's it then, huh? Done deal. As someone who has worked on both sides, I can promise you that there will always be people looking to take advantage of any situation. Are you going to ignore the great things unions did in this country? Safety, sanitary conditions, reasonable work weeks, weekends? It is always easy to point fingers and second guess others decisions. When dealing with the environment, nothing is black and white. Has the DEC made decisions they would like to have back? I'm sure. Who hasn't. Are you telling me if you were in charge the lake would be overflowing with salmon every year, and under budget on top of it? Let's try to find intelligent solutions to problems, rather than make blanket statements that are useless. I work hard, I'm proud of what I do, and pround of the union I belong to. I certainly don't appreciate comments about how unions are destroying the country I love. Michael McCoy Local 13 Plumbers and Pipefitter
  9. Judging by the photos in Kevin's posts, i would skip canada and just follow him around.
  10. Chart plotter yes. Boundary markers no. If you get license online you can print it out and be done.
  11. Go to: https://www.ontario.ca/travel-and-recreation/fishing You will need an outdoors card and nonresident license.
  12. We have a cottage in cape Vincent and fish Canadian waters. Call this number when your ready to leave the dock. 1 (800) 226-7277. Request permission to fish in ontario. They will ask you the same type of questions you normally get asked when crossing the border. I.E. Number in party, names, birthdates etc. They will also ask for boat info. You will then receive a conformation #. It takes a few minutes but it's worth it to fish canada.
  13. Thanks larry. That is exactly what i was looking for. I appreciate it.
  14. Just signed up. Two of my buddies new to musky fishing will be signing up shortly. I'm counting on their beginners luck. Were stoked. I have never fished chautauqua before. If anyone would like to share any info, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, and Ill see you there.
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