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  1. salmon shop in oswego has them also [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  2. nice job mark and crew nice fish. and a little ball bustin at the weigh in haha [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. deb's slammin salmon fly, shredded hammer and sweet pea behind any white spin dr seems to be the trick. 150-300 fow 110-150 down just east of oswego harbor. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  4. for the money the torpedos are the best [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. worrior spoons are garanteed against paint falling off. i have'nt had a problem with nk, dw,contender,or yeck spoons. stinger are great sellers though. i tell people when they buy them that the paint is going to fall off. but they seem not to care. give the warrior spoons a try. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. 22.14 salmon from the harbor of oswego. among other salmon today 1/13/2012. browns are being taken also on smithwicks. crazy year. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. it does'nt sound to good out there today. most of the charter boats are in the harbor. the river is running at 11600 cfs with a ne wind. hope i saved you a trip 9/9/11 12:30 pm [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. channel 5 and 68 [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  9. yes you can jig the oswego river up to th utica street bridge 24 hours a day. after sept 1st from the utica st bridge to the varick st dam you can not jig. special regs apply from utica st bridge to the varick st dam. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  10. wrights landing on worms and leeches. best time is after 10 pm by the blue crane at the bottom of the hill
  11. fish fabricatons does beutifull work at $12.00 per inc ph 1-607-936-5363
  12. the salmon shop has nice rooms $69.99 per nite 4 pl. located at 357 west first st oswego about 3/4 mile from wrights landing phone 315-342-2778 three resturants within walking distance + bars
  13. the fleas wont attach to line with .027 dia. 40 lb test is .027 dia
  14. smiyhwick's-blk/slv/org, blue/slv/org, blk/slv/org wth blk stripes, spooons chicken wing, rosemary's baby,tuxedo, froggy glow, copper goby all stinger and 28 size. 40 ft back off the ball in 8 - 20 fow. sticks 100' back off of planers 5 - 12 fow
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