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  1. Heres Rick Joseph with the big fish of the day. Congrats on your first muskie! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. The NY MI-69 Chautauqua Tournament is in the books. Mostly sunny, mid 80s day brought out 52 entrants from four states. 25 legal muskies (30+ inches) were registered. Results are as follows: 1st place with 38 points: John Haffner of Blasdell NY (33 3/4, 35, 36, 37) 2nd place (tie) with 34 points: Mike Marzo of Pittstown NJ (30, 30.5, 36, 41) John Haffey of Rochester, NY (35.5, 36, 40) The Big Fish pot went to Rick Joseph of Milton PA, who's first career musky registered at 43.5. Big Thanks to member and local chapter representative Mike Sperry for hosting our Friday meeting at his Chautauqua Reel Outdoors store; also to member Bob Solley for coordinating the cookout and manning the grill and MI-22 member Mike Marzo for volunteering to man a second registration location. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Only 25 bucks a man. 5 extra if you want in on the biggest fish pot Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Dont even get me started... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. A couple of events/dates are still being finalized but the tiger tournament is set and its indeed on otisco, the saturday after the pike /tiger opener Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Oh well Chad, looks like they beat you to it! Bob and Darrell, congrats! Glad you found someone willing to put up the money to join IGFA, and on a good fish too.
  7. As posted on the website and in the tournament thread, the Muskies Inc tournament is being pushed out until next saturday the 16th. Just wanted to get this out there and make sure people see it before making a drive in the AM.
  8. Sorry all but the tournament is being postponed until next saturday the 16th for safety and legal reasons due to the small craft advisory, starting 10 AM tomorrow through sunday with SSW winds.
  9. Just a heads up that the forecast is questionable for tomorrow. We will be reassessing the forecast and making a final decision by 6 PM whether to postpone a week. Please check back here his evening for the final verdict
  10. NY M.I. Chapter 69 will be holding an Open Musky Tournament Saturday November 9th, 2013 on the Upper Niagara River (and Contiguous Waters). All participants are welcome at cookout after awards (to be held at CFC Fishing Club, 1192 E River Road, Grand Island, BYOB) *As an open tournament, it is open to the general public* Registration will be at the Sheridan Drive Launch located at the foot of Sheridan Drive (Rte 325), Town of Tonawanda. The tournament will begin at 8 AM and fishing will conclude at 3 PM. Registration will be at the launch on the day of the tournament, 30 minutes before the start until 15 minutes after the start. Check-in will be at 3:30 at the launch, with awards to follow immediately. Fishing will be allowed on any and all waters directly navigable from the Sheridan launch (e.g upper river, lake Erie and connected waterways to the first barrier to navigation - NOT the lower river). You may launch at from any launch site, but must report to Sheridan launch first to register and must return to the launch by 3:30 sharp to register any fish caught. Payouts will be 50% to first place, 30% to second place, and 20% to third place, after administration fees. No judge boats will be used; please be sure to have a measuring device and digital or cell phone camera on board to verify your catch. The Muskies Inc Points System (combination of number of fish and their length) will be used to determine the winner. There will also be an optional Big Fish pool. The entry fee is $30 per person; optional big fish pool: $5. For the complete list of details, be sure to read the open tournament tournament rules available here: http://www.nymusky.com/?p=254
  11. Glad it worked. The reason you changed the gear oil is that its cheap insurance. If bad seals had allowed water in there, freeze damage would have run many hundreds of dollars damage minimum (vs a $20 bottle of oil). (The high performance oil right?) Hopefully there is not water in the water separating fuel filter but no biggie. Worst case, it blows out the filter and you have a mess to clean and a filter to replace. You didn't mention either way but just make sure you also have marine stabil in the main tank too.
  12. I put new RADIALS (kuhmo trailer tires) on my trailer this spring. Nitro likely put bias ply on their new rigs purely out of cost savings; simple as that.
  13. Pap Not disputing your findings but just curious How big that boat of your uncles was? I mentioned that some bass boat guys will use car tires, but spreading that sized load across 4 tires generally leaves each tire well within normal operating capacity of a car tire...and believe me, many of these are guys who are fanatical about their rigs, not just some yahoos that dobt know any better. That said, There are much heavier boats that also have tandem axles with 4 tires that do still require the extra carrying capacity that a trailer tire offers. Wonder if the guy at the store really knew his $hit when recommending them for your uncles particular boat...or maybe he just got a bum tire?
  14. Radials are definitely better handling than bias. As far a car tires go, there are a lot of guys that swear by them on their bass boat rigs, but ONLY tandem axles. Car tires cant carry the weight put on a single axle.
  15. Oh and on the gear oil, buy the pump with adaptor to to attach to your LU. You fill from the bottom hole till it runs out the top hole (preventing under filling from trapped air)
  16. Winterizing a merc opti is pretty straightforward. Yo bascially want to get all the water out... 1 drain and refill gear case with high perf merc gear oil to ensure no water in the oil. Remove both top and bottom plugs and let it drain (make sure you dont lose the o rjngs on the plugs - they may stay on the casing when removing) 2 remove and refill the water separating fuel filter, again to eliminate any water. Ideally replace filter too. Add some marine stabil in the process of refilling. (Best to add marine stabil to the main tank before your last trip of the season to ensure its made its way throughout the system, but if not, then add now). Prime the system via the bulb on the fuel line and run brielfly on the muffs (to ensure no trapped air that could cause water to form from the ethanol). I usually just do the filter drain and add stabil prior to my last trip and avoid this last step. 3 tilt motor all the way up and down 3+ times to remove all water from the cooling system. 4 store motor completely down (so that all water that might get in via the prop area drains out of the LU) - particularly if you're storing it outside over winter. Dont forget: 5 in the spring, not fall...replace the water pump impeller - every year. These are displacement pumps at idle speeds and after the impeller takes a set over winter it will be ineffective. Particularly important if you use it to troll, since optis are designed to run hotter near idle for emissions, and need to have a good pressure so as not to overheat. Lastly, not winter maintenance per se but since you use it to troll...always run merc quickleen or techron in your fuel to prevent carbon buildup on the pistons and plugs. I was going through plugs more than 1set/year bit since starting this, its been well over the recommended annual or 100 hours since i have replaced them. (Probably 3+ years). Pretty cheap insurance given plugs are about $15 apiece, times 6.
  17. Steve is right on about the difference betw c+r and closed season. And the law is the same for everyone...either you broke it or you didnt. No different than having to throw back a dead or dying undersized fish you know wont make it: at a macro level, it benefits the fishery, but it may not make a difference in a given situation. Either way the law is the law for everyone and judgement varies so judgement isnt part of the equation. Ivan, you asked me what i would have done...im not saying. In fact, in my initial post i specifically avoided passing any judgement, simply pointing out the law so people can make their own -informed- decisions. That said, targeting muskies out of season will get me fired up. People hide behind the "oh, i was targeting something else" routine all the time and the only way to curb it is to uniformly enforce the no picture rule because there is no way to know true intentions
  18. For those of you heading up to the St Lawrence outing the weekend of Oct 18th (or considering it), Solley has worked out a sweet deal with PJ's motel for MI members. See the email or PM me here for details.
  19. Early indications are that this should be a great meeting...Solgrande was up there passing out flyers this weekend and received a lot of interest...all 70 flyers were gone in 1 day!!
  20. I assume that if you frequent this board, then you know about NY Muskies Inc already but... We will be holding our October meeting up on the St Lawrence to provide information on the club, share a bit about our efforts on behalf of NY's muskie community, gain input from the local muskie fishing community and hopefully some new members: Saturday October 19th 2013 @ 7 PM O’Briens Restaurant - 226 Webb St, Clayton, NY The meeting is open to the public: Non-members and prospective members welcome, no registration necessary. Join us at O’Briens to learn more about Muskies Inc. and help guide our future efforts. Guest Speakers: Capt’s Bob Walters and Darryl Raate of WaterWolf Charters
  21. Hi John, Not to be flippant about it but i guess it depends on how you define benefit. I don't claim to be an expert on them, so just my opinion... i know Paddlefish are filter feeder, eating zooplankton. So as far as fishing goes, i dont personally see a direct benefit since even in an open season, im not sure how one would target these beasts. However in the long run, returning the waters to 'the way they were' before the collective 'we' caused their demise, for our kids and grandkids generations to somehow enjoy would be considered by many to be a benefit. I guess reestablishing the natural balance of the ecosystem is also a good thing fir the health of the fishery
  22. they are restocking to restore native fish that were wiped out from mans pollution of the river system, not expressly to provide sport fishing opportunities. I have no idea whether they will ultimately have an open season, but they are trying to establish a self sustaining population which is still a work in progress, thus closed season for at least the forseeable future.
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