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  1. Yes, we definitely have some education to do... With respect to this particular incident, my initial thought was that an outdoors writer *should* be knowledgeable enough to know of the quality and longevity that repros offer, and the need to let the big girls swim, even in put and take lakes to help maintain the quality of the hatchery's genetic stock. That said, I know I have rushed to criticize in the past only to find that 'kept' fish were actually just ones that wouldn't revive for various reasons, even after heroic efforts. So I'm not in as big of a rush to judgement as in the past; though the story does suggest this was intentional. Unfortunately, in NYS waters (and elsewhere) people have a right to keep a 'legal' sized muskie and until we can get the regs changed, there will always be the amish meat hunters and trophy seekers of the world that are too naïve or just don't care. Education is a part of the puzzle, but in my opinion, its the regs that will have the greastest impact. [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  2. Record is right! Only 3 to sell it, another 5 to update the listing [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  3. That was quick! Even the topic listing on facebook said 'sold' [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  4. I thought I heard the intellitroll was discontinued also, but I see them listed as current products not legacy ones - with price on the cannon website?? [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  5. What? It covers conesus, not in HD but its there. None have conesus in HD...they haven't surveyed it yet [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  6. Yep. That's the one you want. Just make sure you get the chip for made for HB and not lowrance. They are not interchangable [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  7. Joe, PM me your email so that I can get you on the distribution list [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  8. Hey guys...GOOD NEWS! We have something to celebrate at our meeting/social event next week...Just received word from national that we have been added to the membership portion of the website. So now, anyone who joins can select us directly from the list of chapters. (I just need to work with them to get us listed on the chapter list link on the home page). Reminder that the next meeting/social event will be next wednesday Sept 26th. Believe it will still be at Nashvilles in Henrietta but will reconfirm. [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  9. Thanks for checking. Guess I will pull the trigger on the new kumhos now then. I run the GYs @ 60 but not sure that tire can handle it [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  10. I posted up some instructions somewhere on LOU a few years back. I did my accudepth 47LCs but same in principle for the sealines. Could do a search to find the post...very simple just pay attention to the orientation of the curved metal washers [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  11. When you add the shoot through, make sure you get the Y Cable rather than a transducer switch Love the updates Not only do they provide better performance and fix potential issues, but often they include additional functions that weren't even available on the units prior to the upgrade. A+ in by book. The gift that keeps on giving! PS: AC, glad you got it worked out, but kinda dissapointed too...I smelled a deal on that sweet 1198 :lol: [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  12. Hey joe, I can't comment too much on the XD maps because I have the older 788 with no DI, so I just have the base map, which is totally worthless. I'm sure that on some/ many? lakes there isn't a lot of difference between xd and navionics, since the basic navionics maps are little more than the DEC maps from the website overlaid. That said, I think there has only been one lake I've been on in the NE that I had no map at all for (cowanesque, if I recall), and the major Fingers (not conesus ) are in HD, 1 ft increments with all boueys marked as are Oneida Chaut and Kinzua. Those are sick! Black has boueys marked, but no HD. Net net, wherever I go In the NE, almost invariably not flying blind. Be curious to see em side by side tho.
  13. Thanks for the clarification, Yankee. I'd still potentially be interested in it assuming it a GY Marathon and its still servicable. I was about to pull the trigger on new tires as one of mine is down to the belts, as I just discovered. I was planning for new ones in the spring anyway (I'd rather have it sit around on old ones than start the dry rot process on new ones), so if I can get by with something for a couple months that's all I need. You think its ok, or is it really only good for an emergency spare (assuming its a Goodyear)? [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  14. What brand and how much tread left? [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  15. Ah ok, that's pretty easy then Steve....you can get into a really nice unit for under a grand. I'd be looking at the 700 series. The 788s to be exact. that will give you the largest color screen with the highest resolution for that size unit and still be a good bit below the budget, even after adding a mapping chip. Question is whether you want down imaging (788ci HD DI) or not (788ci HD), and honestly as advanced imaging seems to be the way the industry is going, and now that it's only an extra hundo, that's where I would be, to stay current with technology, but it's still a choice. Either way, the 788s are the best value for the money. I upgraded a few years back from a 595c color unit - which I thought was good at the time. Well, I recently put the 595 back on the bow, and it just pales in comparison. You won't know how you lived with the wide eye . If you have the right cannon riggers you can control them from the finder with these units, btw. Keep in mind that the DI unit has a better base map, which has come contours (called contour xd). I'm not sure how good it is but plan on dropping 125-150 on a navionics chip for the HD unit. You WILL NOT be disappointed with it, especially out on the fingers - 'Daigua, Cayuga and Seneca, which have high def contours. I'm almost certain it would be a vast enhancement over the xd base map too, so don't let that feature drive your decision. You don't need the current year navionics if you can one a couple years old for less...they haven't updated our local waters with new high def maps lately. Good luck. Let us know what you decide!
  16. How bigs the boat? You looking for a large chartplotter size or something smaller? [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  17. Nice, sounds like things are picking back up out there [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  18. Another guy right on 104 in Ontario. Can't remember the name tho, nor have I used him, but maybe another one to throw in the hopper? [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  19. If you've been keeping up, then you know where I stand on the issue and where my vote goes... [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  20. Hmm. No mine said something different, like unregonized file. Downloaded again, reformatted SD card, redownloaded...same deal 3 or 4 times. Have to call about that one I guess [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  21. Casting or trolling? [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  22. Yup. They have a great exchange program. If the ducer is unused, they will swap it for the quad. Think the difference was like 40 bucks if that. On a side note - Erabbit, were you able to do the software upgrade to 6.3? When I had tried it gave me an error msg each time. Thought maybe its DI applicable only. Might have to call HB one of these days... [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  23. LB...it sucks you had those issues, but I hope you didn't switch to Lowrance and if so, I certainly hope you don't have an issue. there are on the order of 10x+ more people switching to 'bird than the reverse due to cust svc issues. Not trying to be flip, but if you can believe it, they did a lot more to help you than would be expected from the competitor. Sucks the way it played out for you, but it impresses me that they recontacted you after the fact to try to resolve the issue when they determined there were indeed issues with the ducer. I have the quad beam and it has been great the past few years. If looking at a new ducer anyway, its a nice upgrade [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
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