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  1. Thanks Trevor. We can work something out for extenuating circumstances like yours that are known in advance. The spirit of the 'no late registration' is that we wont have folks stationed at the launch after the start. We also need to prevent people from fishing outside the tournament and then registering only if/they have success. That would be unfair to the rest of the field I will shoot you a PM.
  2. Way to go guys, ya done NY Muskies Inc and LOU proud!
  3. Details for the Otisco Tiger Open Tournament are now on the website: http://www.nymusky.com/#!/open-tiger-muskie-tournament-on-otisco-may-11-2013/ General rules and regulations for the open tournaments are also posted: http://www.nymusky.com/#!/open-tournament-rules-and-regulations/
  4. Muskies Inc NY will be hosting an open tiger musky tournament on Saturday May 11th. Go fish your favored waters for the opener and then come out to Otisco the following weekend. All are welcome to participate. To help level the playing field for all, winners will be determined using a points system that awards a small number of points per fish, as well as an additional and escalating number of points based on each fish's length. Try to catch numbers of smaller fish or get lucky land a monster...either could potentially put you in the money! $30 entry fee per person, registration beginning at 6 AM, with a 7am start; fishing concludes at 3 PM. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. More details and a link to the full rules and points system explanation are on the MI-NY website. Click here for a link to the details: http://www.nymusky.com/#!/open-tiger-muskie-tournament-on-otisco-may-11-2013/
  5. Might be better off posting in the bass forum. Thats about all thats open on those lakes right now
  6. You're better off putting one more salmon rod in the water. Muskies are so uncommon in Lake Ontario that it's not even worth your time except for maybe up around the mouth of the st lawrence.
  7. Larry and i are going. Think sauke is too. Been meaning to ask zach too
  8. Tomorrow night we will have a guest speaker from the US Fish and Wildlife Service with a detailed presentation of invasive species affecting our region and the Great Lakes to start off the meeting at 7 PM. Should be an informative discussion! Also, board members please note this correction: 6 pm (not 6:30) sorry. General meeting start is still 7 pm for everyone else
  9. As i recall from the evolution in the original bill, this expiration was added as a means of making this a trial of sorts, rather than an intentionally short lived rule. I also believe it was done to quell opposition from those who believed 3 rods would result in overharvest from dramatically improved catch rates, maybe from the charter guys specifically, but dont quote me on that. Given this intent, unless there were indeed some unforeseen negative consequences that the naysayers predicted as a result of the 3 rods, i imagine it should be pretty easy to get the rule on the docket to be permanently instated. the impact of the rule should also pretty self evident based on catch rates per hour of effort year over year
  10. Joe- I have the list of speakers for the next couple of months written down at home but am in FL this week so I don't have it handy. If I can get ahold of Jim I will post it up
  11. Friendly reminder... Tomorrow is 'MI Monday': meeting at the Moose Lodge 7 PM. Lots of updates and a great guest speaker!
  12. Tim I am talking about the ADPs. Not nearly as good as the convectors IMHO. That's circa 2008-9 model ADPs and unless they changed the stock drag in the past couple years, they are a felt washer system that didn't have a smooth progression. I ended up updating mine to carbon fiber in fact.
  13. I have used both for a few years and personally like the convector better overall. Biggest differences i know of are Convector much better factory drag. Accudepth metal frame rather than plastic
  14. I'm indifferent, but then again I like living vicariously though the walleye guys when on the esox hunt and keeping tabs on when its time to think about a shift in gears. So no issue here with me on current format. Then again they are different enough to potentially warrant separate forums. I'd read em all either way [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  15. If u have 2 reels, start by setting one up in reverse with backer on top, spooling till full. Then wind that onto reel #2 and count levelwind passes while winding on the backer. Then just wind the same number of passes of backer to the other. Just make sure while loading, keep adequate tension the whole time. [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  16. What sizes are these? I'm game if the bigger ones are big enough for my purposes. [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  17. Hi all, just a reminder that the 3rd Monday of the month is just 10 days away: the 21st. Being the first meeting of the year, this will be our annual planning meeting and the events and agenda for the year will be determined. And for those of us looking forward to early season muskies, we also have Capt Ed Cragg providing a discussion of Cowanesque Lake - a PA water (where the muskies season is open year round) just south of Corning, stocked with both pure and tiger muskies. If you've been waiting for the 1st of the year to join Muskies Inc, now is the time to come on out (though new members are always welcome!) And if you're a member already this is one meeting not to miss! Moose lodge on W Henrietta Rd just S of the Thruway. 7PM start. Ck out nymusky.com for directions. PM me with any questions! Brad Chpt 69 VP [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  18. Sorry for the delay in updates, but in trying to finalize things with the Moose lodge i i learned late yesterday that our transition in venue still has one last unforeseen hurdle, so for this month we will be back at Nashvilles in Henrietta the Wednesday after thanksgiving: Nov 28th. We have a few orders of business related to planning for 2013 events, the DECs proposed muskie regs changes. Our prez, Jim will also be giving a talk on lure tuning. As always, new members always welcome. Any questions call email or PM me here.
  19. It will be this coming Monday the 19th at the Moose lodge. I will provide more details here and to the membership via email this week once we finalize details with the club, but should be around a 7 PM start again [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  20. I will take the lot with the savage gear. Its got some 'personalization' marks the I kinda like [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  21. I'd be casting. [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  22. Go shallow...really shallow [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  23. I will echo Chads comments about this afternoon...I said yesterday that I wished I could break free of work today as based on the weather, today looks like a 5-6 fish day. Good luck and report back! [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
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