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  1. Got my answers! Thanks. Love this site. Time to spend some more money[emoji383][emoji383][emoji383]
  2. I would like to set up a cooper rod to run out the shoot. I've read a lot here about length of copper. I know the more copper the deeper you can fish. Looks like there are different opinions for the right length to use. If I'm setting up from scratch can I just go with 500 or 600 ft setup and then only put out 300 ft?
  3. Boat came with some old Cannon Mag 10's. Used them for couple years till they just plain wore out. I was in your place last spring. Did a lot of research and decided on Scooty. Purchased 2 Scotty 1106 online through Walmart (best price I found) with free shipping to local store. First time out dropped the set screw for the adjustable boom in the lake. Hadn't even registered them yet. Called Scotty (on the west coast) and they had the part to me in 2 days....no charge! Very happy with them.
  4. I found out to late I caught a pen rearing salmon yesterday. The fin on the back between the dorsal and tail fin is the adipose fin. See attached picture, it's missing.
  5. Yes, I had screaming dreams last night and I'm addicted! Can't stop telling friends about it. I think they think I'm going nuts. Bottom line is you have to experience it to understand it. I know the season is ending soon, it's going to be a long winter!
  6. Well it finally happened. I've read so many posts here about kings latching on and running out line "screaming reels." First year with any success on the big lake. I've caught over 25 fish this year, lakers, steelhead and kings. Replaced the manual downriggers with new Scotties, Amish trolling bags, some new reels and poles, hundreds spent on lures and attractors, bigger landing net, bigger cooler and a Fishhawk. Do I need anything else? Anyway, girlfriend and I dropped at 150 fow today outside of Genny. Had 2 hits on the way out, nobody home. Headed south at 450 fow. King hit a Mountain Dew flasher with an A-Tom-Ic fly down 95 ft at 2.8 down speed and at 51 degrees. Now I know what screaming is! He took out 500 plus feet of line. Thought I was going to run the spool out, we turned the boat to take up some line and about 20 minutes later landed a 22 pounder! Finished 1 for 3 had a hard time focusing after the screamer! Thanks to everyone here for your reports and the knowledge you've made available to us. I learn new things every time a come to this site. Can't wait to get out next weekend!
  7. Ran with the Hawk for the first time this weekend. Tough fishing with the rough waters both days. Boated a 16 lb king Saturday. Limited time on the water, got blown off early with the high winds. Learned a lot about temp and speed! Down speed vs top speed is what surprised me the most. Ran the rigger at 48 degrees and spread up and down. Not a great weekend to learn got bounced around a lot! Thanks for your responses.
  8. What do they hit on then? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Love the knowledge I've gathered here from everyone. Finally catching some fish. Stepped up on the Fishhawk and it's almost installed, should be ready to got his weekend. Can anyone give me guidance on the best process in using the the added information I'll have? Am I looking for certain temps or looking for breaks in temperature? Thanks in advance for any help! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. What length are you using on your leaders?
  12. Dark Sky is a great app. I've found it to be accurate up to the minute for precipitation. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Which transducer do you recommend on the elite 7?
  14. I have always heard of great jack perch fishing after the ice goes out on Canandaigua and Seneca but have never tried. Can anyone give me any recomendations on which lake is better and what type of tackle/bait works best. Thanks!
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