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  1. Here's the pic of my sons catch...
  2. Great pictures. I was out on Wednesday and Friday with my son at Taughonnock. He's a bit older than your son. He hadn't fished in 20 years! I hooked up on a LLS and gave him the rod. He landed a 25" LLS. Friday we didn't land anything, but he did hook up on a northern. He's hooked now! Or I should say again. Can't remember how to post the pic. Maybe I'll figure it out later. Jim
  3. Was down there yesterday fishing off shore...really cold and windy. Caught a northern but no lls. Got one 25" lls on wednesday. Was looking at the launch area there...I plan to launch my boat in Tough Park in the next week or two. Water looked low. Jim
  4. The launch is closed with all the docks pulled up onto the pavement. Was up there yesterday. Water near the ramps still frozen.
  5. Mike, Nice fish...too bad you couldn't hook up on some "eyes", but you had some great eyes in the past few months! Jim
  6. Nice fish I just purchased a center pin a month ago, but I'm still trying to learn how to cast.
  7. Here's the pic of the steelhead... and this is the Brown I caught... Jim
  8. It'd be tough pulling it down through the old railroad bed in all that snow. There were two drift boats coming through the area. Those guys looked cold too! Jim
  9. Went up to the salmon river on Wednesday. Very cold, around 15 degrees. We each went 1 for 1, but landed two nice fish. My brown Franks steelhead
  10. this is my first attempt at trying to take a video of someone landing a fish. My friend Frank hooked up a 28" steelhead this past Wednesday in the Salmon River...
  11. I use Navionics Lake maps on my Hummingbird GPS/fish finder. Each SD card has various areas of the US. All the lake contours are on these maps, and some larger lakes have a "3D" option. B aught my map card @ the Basspro shop in Auburn. Check out their web site at www.navionics.com Jim
  12. Dave, Welcome to the site. You'll learn a lot here. I would like to thank you for your service to our country. We all appreciate all you guys and gals do! Hope to see you on Ontario this spring.
  13. slimjim


    What did they do? Take the floating docks out 3 weeks ago and then put them back ?
  14. slimjim


    the docks are out at the boat launch; took them out the day I launched about 2 weeks ago!
  15. Good job! Now I can check the reports while on the boat, in the streams, and at work driving down the raod! Thanks Jim [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  16. Nice fishs!!!!! Caught one just like it on your spot on Oneida last week...Sike! Went 0 for 0 on the eyes. Caught two smb on blade bait. I need to get you to teach me what I donin wrong! Jim
  17. Good job Mike! Best lookin "eye" I've ever seen! Jim
  18. I mean... I hate it when the fish is too big for the net.
  19. Nice fish ! Good lookin boat as well! I went out on Owasco today with my daughter to troll for lakers and such. Marked them, but no luck. We went out this afternoon. Tried the nbk spoon and flasher here, but I don't think my lake trout care much for them!
  20. Hope you catch some nice fish and have a better time the rest of the week to help you forget getting that hook out! That is very painful!
  21. Nice going Mike. I need to get this garage done soon. I need to get out with you so you can show me how to catch all those eyes!
  22. Fished Bert Dam on Tuesday. Salmon running up to the dam. There are a lot of fish at the dam, and people are catching them on egg sacks. Saw one guy with two male browns. As we left around 4 pm we saw a moderate number going up stream. No action on the piers later that evening.
  23. Anyone have any reports on the river fishing on Oak Orchard (18 mile creek?)
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