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  1. How about they guys walking up the stream right in front of where you're fishing looking to snag a salmon and disturbing everyone else in the river! There are a lot of "AH's" on the streams this time of year.
  2. Heard a report they were catching lakes on the northean of owasco. Not sure if they were jigging or trolling, they didn't say. I usually troll down the center of the lake from 80 fow down 60'. Raise or lower DR's as required. Check out the site here: http://www.fingerlakesanglingzone.com/ Click on reports; His site may be down now since the report page would not load. Jim
  3. I covered my boat last winter with it's mooring cover, and then covered it with a tarp which I bungee corded down. Worked out fine, but this fall I building a garage to store the boat.
  4. I was given some info from someone who knows: He said "troll in the harbor and around the edges of the pier heads draggin white flasher/fly combos and mag spoons, and j-plugs off inline planer boards away from the boat". Let me know how it works out for you. Jim
  5. Thanks. Hope I can learn from you guys! This site is a lot of help. Met some very nice people here. Jim
  6. My friend caught this bow on Owasco lake a few weeks back. Just learning how to post pics.
  7. Went out today out of Oswego for salmon. Saw a moderate amount of fish marked on the fish finder out front of the smoke stacks in 90 - 100 fow down 55 - 75 ft. All running on top of bait fish. A few more marked just east also. We did not get a single fish in the boat! Had only 2 knock-offs all day ( 6 am - 3 PM). Saw two separate boats bring in a salmon each; one around 7:30 am, and the other around 2:30 PM out front of the stacks. Used NBK spoon/flasher (green/green); green flasher/silver/red nose j-plus on the downriggers. Changed to flies (green) on the downriggers. Had 2 walker divers(fire tiger) with silver flasher/dwb; the other walker wonderbread/silver flasher/wonderbread spoon. Must be doing something wrong, but don't know what! Spoke with a few others on the water and they were not having much luck. They're still out there though. :?:
  8. Good luck Rick. Let me know how you do. I'm going on Wednesday with my co-worker from PA. We're new to this type of fishing for the big kings. Mostly troll on Owasco for lakers. Jim
  9. I'm planning on fishing on LO next Wednesday for salmon, browns, and steelies. Am I wasting my time on the lake, or should I be in the river?
  10. Someone told me a few weeks back that the DEC or some state unit was trying to control the weeds in one of the finger lakes with herbicide pellets. One fisherman caught a laker with these pellets in it's stomach. The pesticides will end up in the predator fish as well.
  11. Nice work, and thanks for the video! Gotta hit LO and Oneida soon for these great tasting fish. Jim
  12. Welcome to the forum. I did the same. Baught my first boat last August (2003 Lund 17') and learned how to use all of the equipment on Owasco. Went out the first time to LO for salmon. Caught my first in the lake two weeks ago. There is a lot of good people here with lots of great information. Everyone is very helpful. Jim
  13. I was hoping to troll in the lake; would the kings still be staging in the lake near the end of sept?
  14. Any particular pattern work best for you guys? I'm new to this. Jim
  15. Are the Kings still in the lake off Oswego around September 23rd, or is too late to fish them in the Lake? This is my first year to go for the Kings. I imagine the browns and steelheads will be in the lake then?
  16. Looks like an AS to me as well. Caught some that look like the pictured fish in Cayuga Lake this past spring.
  17. We caught this rainbow on a green and silver spoon with black dots on the green area. Shape was willow leaf and is about 4" long. Purchased at Walmart in Lockport. Caught many lakers with this as well. Use a silver flasher 20' off the weight. Leader is about 24". Troll 2.5 mph.
  18. We caught this on Monday night on the north end of Owasco in 80 - 100 ft trolling at 60 '. Was 30"er.
  19. I'm new to this forum, and new to boating/fishing. Baught a Lund Fisherman 17' w/115 Yamaha 4 stroke last August. Have been on my home lake (Owasco) a lot, and have been on Oneida twice fishing for walleye. I plan to go to Oswego and try my luck for Walleye, and maybe try trolling for Kings. Trol a lot for Lake trout on Owasco, and we caught a 30" rainbow last Monday evening. Does anyone have any suggestions for fishing for walleye and/or kings in the Oswego area? Thanks,
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