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  1. Owasco Marine in Auburn, NY is an authorized Yahama repair shop. http://www.owascomarine.net/owm/ Jim
  2. I use this technique: Take the end of the wire and double it back to form a loop on the end. Tie the doubled up wire loop with a overhand tie and then repeat with a second overhand tie. Make sure the double knots are tightly together and the loop formed at the end of the wire isn' too large. (maybe an inch loop). Then feed the loop though the eye of your snap swivel and then turn the swivel through the loop so that the loop catches the top of the swivel. You can put some super glue on the tag end of the wire if you like. This technique allow you to remove the snap swivel without untying the wire from the swivel. Jim
  3. Not too many public access points on this lake. Trout are out in deeper water. Bass fishing would be good off he points (5 mile PT). Unless he/she is at a home or camp on the water then a boat is the best option.
  4. Sean, Owasco Marine on the north end of Owasco Lk (Owasco Road). They are authorized Yahama repair shop I believe. Also, what about Hanafin Marine in Endicott? I purchased my Lund with a 115 4 stroke Yahama engine there. I think they are also a authorized Yamaha repair shop. Jim
  5. Happy birthday Bob...have a great day
  6. Checked the web site...not on their site yet...says available spring 2011...guess we'll have to wait till then...looks interesting
  7. My friend and I were out there on Tuesday afternoon till about 8:30 PM I lost one nice bow (bent the treble hook on my spoon), and a few minutes later my friend caught a nice bow.
  8. Nice post...good going on my home lake Sean...hope I can learn something from this post. Jim
  9. Do you have the part number from fish 307? I also need the cap that screws on the pin.
  10. Good going guys Thank God you had Joey there to catch (land) all those fish
  11. Fished Erie on Monday and Tuesday for "eyes". We launched out of Shades Beach launch south of North East on Tuesday. We were told they were catching lot of eyes out of the launch slightly to the west in 40 fow. We marked a lot of fish but had no luck. Bottom bounced with worm harnesses...had a few hits but didn't connect. We then trolled with reef runners and spoons on riggers down 40' hooked into a smallmouth. Had the dipseys out with worm harnesses with no luck. All we caught on Monday further to the west (in 4 footers) were sheepheads. We were told this was a hot spot in the early am and the early pm, but we had no luck. It was too nice on Tuesday for the eyes I guess.
  12. Great price on those Chamberlins June First. Thanks for the tip. I paid $ 18 + for them from fish307.com
  13. Blacks are great, but Chamberlins to me work better. You can set the vertical (to the rod) setting very tight, and the horizontal setting (to the lure) is adjustable from hevy to very light. With this horizontal setting you do not drag small fish on your line for hours. http://www.downriggerrelease.com/
  14. Went out of Fair Haven Wednesday and had a few Fleas on my 30# berkley. Not much, but they were definitely fleas.
  15. Went out of Fair Haven on Wednesday. Didn't mark many at all . Went out east of the shoot from 70 fow out to 120 fow. Back to the west and again nothing. The guy at screwie Lewie's said the kings show up around July. Didn't try in close since I think everything is out in deeper water. I'm new to this spring fishing too. Got a good number of browns and coho's in shallow about 3 or 4 weeks back.
  16. Owasco launch at Emerson Park on the North end is good. Levels are high, and the depth is at least 6 ' in the channel. Lots of boats out the past 3 days.
  17. Launched out of Mexico Point Wednesday. Docks aren't in yet, and yes lots of silt on the lake side launch area and only 1.5' deep. Other than that the fishing was good.
  18. Thanks Mike! I put an order in for 500 mugs! Yours is in the mail
  19. Had a great day out on Owasco. 7 lakers and a nice Bow.
  20. Bob, Good idea. That's what I do on my other rods...don't ask me why I didn't do it on my wire rods. Next time. Thanks for your help, Jim
  21. Bob, Nice fish Glad to see you're back and doing well. I WAS going up to Oswego on Tuesday, but changed my mind after speaking with Mike last night on-line. I'm not as good a fisherman as you guys, and I think I'd be wasting my time...so out to Owasco instead. Hope to see you up there sometime. Jim
  22. Wow, Very nice fish. You always seem to do very well on Owasco with the Bows! I fish Owasco all the time and only catch Lakers. Got one 30" bow last year, but that's it. I live a mile from Owasco. Was out there today at 11:30 am to about 3 pm and you are right; the weather sucked. Great time with your daughter Jim
  23. I just got my two "47's" loaded with wire today. What knots do you guys use to attach the snap swivels? Your help would be much appreciated. Jim
  24. Happy Birthday ... hope you guys have a great day also.
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