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  1. So with the duck you could run 2 more rods , right
  2. Dont you mean dogwood, thats the white stuff blowing around.
  3. If you dont get anything fishing , you can take him to the salmon river hatchery , theres a lot of fish there and I know that a 8 year old would love it .
  4. Get there before 7 am and there not at there post to charge , or buy the empire pass its good for all state parks.
  5. Went out on the 13th landed 5, lost 4, ones landed 3 salmon 2 lakers all around 20 inches. Went back out on the 14th took my son and grandson hes 6, ended up with 3 fish 2 salmon 1 rainbow, 1 dink samon 1 about 21inches and rainbow was 20 inches, had my granson reel in 2 of the fish, he had a blast . Wally
  6. I will be out both days if weather hold out,finally put my mast for planer boards on , red tracker boat, ch 68, good luck to all. Wally
  7. I will be out saturday and maybe sunday, will be on 68.
  8. Count me in, let me know where to send the donation, by the way what park is this happening at?
  9. Have you tryed ebay :?:,just my 2 cents you can find just about anything on there .
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